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  1. Johnny Green

    very droll by the 3 paddies,8 out 10 UK nursing homes are now in private equity hands,so much for the find them,fix them, flip them plan!

    “Robots are to be deployed at care homes across the UK after an international trial discovered they can have a profound effect on mental health and loneliness.’

    apparently the inmates, sorry residents of these PE owned, operated on a shoestring “homes”, have now nicknamed the bots Borris,as its short and thick, but quite cunning.

    “They found that the culturally independent machines could start rudimentary conversations, play favourite music and offer practical help like medicine reminders after a little programming.
    “.. some participants in the study noted the conversations were more superficial than they would have liked”

    bring in the robots.

    “Having enough staff to perform all the vital roles in care homes, as well as those to entertain and support residents’ emotional needs is a constant challenge. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak in the UK, there were 120,000 vacancies in the care industry and this has only been exacerbated by the pandemic.”


    -anyone know where i’d find metadata on covid and irish private equity,UK based nursing home chain Barchester,proud owner and operator of 12,000 beds?

    the corporate logo/mantra is wait for it…..

    Barchester Celebrating Life !

    1. Johnny Green

      -the 3 notoriously litigious paddies, who have overseen a staggering amount of deaths in the UK appear a little sensitive to any coverage,NOT one piece in Irish media about it.
      -can’t provide ANY real data as I cant F…find any,i mean c’mon irish media you dont want find find out how many people died under these guys care-why?

      “Following an article on July 18 about Britain’s biggest privately run care homes, we are happy to clarify that Dermot Desmond, JP McManus and John Magnier, Barchester Healthcare’s long-term investors for over 20 years, have at all times acted in good faith in respect of Barchester’s business. We have also been asked to point out that, since the Company’s debt has been provided predominantly by its major shareholders rather than banks, the future of Barchester Healthcare is not ‘uncertain’ as our article may have implied. We apologise for any contrary impression given.”


      -the question is how many died under the care of these 3 irish operators-thousands ?

    2. Hornet

      Why laugh
      The vision of the future
      It costs thousands a week to care for those in nursing homes fact
      As the population ages and costs rocket it’s the only solution unless of course our society reverts to the past when families cared for their aged parents

      All over the third world or developing world families care for their own and the old are revered not thrown on a scrap heap and in the way as the children nurtured by their parents dump theirs as there is little time for them then expect the proceeds of what their parents worked hard for before they die

      Maybe we need to examine these cultures or maybe just employ robots

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        My gran moved into a home in her early 90s after a fall (which she fully recovered from) because the three sons who lived near her, one of whom was a pensioner himself, one who was recovering from cancer and one who had a heart problem were no longer able to give her the care and supervision she needed. She was visited at least once a day by family and was well looked after until the day she died. There’s more to looking after an elderly person than feeding them and brushing their hair.

        1. bisted

          …my mother died today…she was 96…spent her last days in a home where she was very content-much to everyones surprise. She was spared Covid-19 because the home closed down early in the pandemic…I am very grateful to the legion of people whose kindness seemed boundless…I really despise those herd immunity advocates who would happily sacrifice human life…

          1. millie madonna

            Oh bisted, I am sorry to hear that. You have my sincere condolences.

            It sounds as though she lived to a great age and was well loved and cared for up to her end.

            Take care of yourself in the days and weeks to come x

          2. SOQ

            96 is indeed a great age Bisted- sheltered from the seasonal viral wind long before this current hysteria I think.

            Anyways- the longer you have them the more you will miss so glad you had the time to come onto Broadsheet to announce this bereavement while also denouncing those who think the CoVid-19 propaganda is horse manure.

      2. Johnny Green

        i’m looking at it from a data perspective, its too lazy and easy to blame the govt’s,private equity has a significant role is these deaths.

        The Centre for Health and the Public Interest (CHPI) estimates that :

        -Out of a total annual income of £15bn, an estimated £1.5bn (10%) leaks out of the care home industry annually in the form of rent, dividend payments, net interest payments out, directors’ fees, and profits before tax, money not going to front line care. This is equivalent to the £1.5bn of additional funding for social care promised by the government in the September 2019 Spending Review-

        – 4 out of the 5 largest private equity owned or backed providers have owners based in a tax haven.

        regarding the 3 ‘irish’ owners well…

        “the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has begun a consultation relating to alleged past conduct by Barchester in charging an upfront once-off fee and the alleged charging of fees following the death of a resident.”

        -It was reported yesterday that a company which leases property to Barchester — a UK nursing home chain in which McManus and fellow Irish billionaires Dermot Desmond and John Magnier are shareholders — has made £80m (€93.8m) in charitable donations in the past two years, which have allowed it to legally cut tax bills.-

        meanwhile possibly thousands of residents are dead in care homes owned and operated by Dermot Desmond, JP McManus and John Magnier,will we ever know how many ?
        don’t rely on the irish media thats for sure to report the number of dead,who’s care was entrusted to these paddies with absolutely zero qualifications,to own and operate 12,000 nursing care beds,one is/was a bookie !

        -sorry hear about you loss bisted,ar dheis dé go raibh a anam.

      3. Truth in the News

        The Sate has wide powers some even dating back to before the Establishment of the
        State to close any facilities or premises to prevent the spread of contagious diseases
        or infections and who fed the spin published on the front page of the MoS is
        somewhat ignorant of Public Health Legislation.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          curiously, our mutual pal Dom once told me that the first sign of an emerging banana republic (“the red flag that should set off alarm bells”) is a “shifty disregard” for international laws and agreements

          1. V AKA Frilly Keane

            But all in all lads

            You still have to ask where it all went wrong for the Brits
            They were all going ho to paint the global map pink one time
            Using brute force & massacres in all sorts of places to earn more British Subjects for the Royal Family

            And now they don’t want to know them

    1. Charger Salmons

      2nd May 2024.
      And no, that’s not the date when the first signs of human intelligence will be discovered in Australia.

      1. Charlie

        That’s the date when China officially becomes the worlds largest economy, Trump is playing golf with the fish, Boris spends his first night in ‘Im a celebrity…’ and fresh running water in Britain is no longer

    2. Alexander the Great

      50 thousand people do not arrive here every day
      Where are you getting that number from you spoofer?

    1. V AKA Frilly Keane

      Saw that
      And when the lad tries to do the right thing
      Record the approach
      They get all righteous and uppitty with him

      He’s now resigned, so they can get Simon Harris now to stitch one of their own in

      As you were folks

      While some out there try to work independently, with integrity and transparency
      Fine Gael will still feic it up

  2. Sam

    “State hasn’t got power to shut meat factories” has the whiff of crony politics hiding behind ‘undisclosed legal advice’.

          1. Charger Salmons

            I’m solidly right wing.
            There are currently 90 hotels housing illegal immigrants in the UK.
            Where Blighty leads Ireland will inevitably follow.

          2. V AKA Frilly Keane

            I meant let’s start a fight to provide the distraction
            Or cover
            If you like

            And let Government get on with what they’re at without anyone paying attention

            Oh look ╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )➝
            There’s a Shinner not wearing a mask
            Let’s video them and send it into @CampaignForLeo
            Oh look ←(>▽<)ノ another protest with no social distancing
            Let's get really angry and call them names
            And get Jedward to retweet

            Ah here (☞ ಠ_ಠ)☞ there’s a Doctor on the same footpath as a ProLife Alt White Fundamentalist
            Let’s call him a racist antivaxxer

            But tis ok, leaving cert students can wait another year

          3. Nigel

            I guess the left just don’t see a pandemic as an opportunity to drive fear, division and distrust to further fracture and confuse society and drive people to further extremes, focusing instead on preserving lives and health across classes and other social divides.

            In the Uk and the US the anti-masker movements serve those in power, who were slow and reluctant to respond to the pandemic and would prefer to ignore it or let it run its course and not distract them from their various agendas of consolidating right wing control of politics and channeling taxpayer monies to their cronies and supporters while appointing other cronies to positions of power and influence – not that the pandemic hasn’t presented pemty of such opportuinities for both to Trump and Johnson.

            Of course the weight of evidence and scientific consensus is that the pandemic is dangerous and requires a response, but the right-wing/libertarian/confused-other anti-masker response undermines trust in such scientific opinion, muddying the waters, flooding the zone with bull, providing cover for the likes of Johnson and Trump both in this and in future events where scientific advice threatens the status quo and interrupts the important business of the rich getting richer. Climate change is here, and they don’t want to have to do anything about that, either.

            (Of course some rich people have gotten richer during the pandemic because these people are ravenous, opportunistic predators. Some rich people love these economic shocks because they make out like bandits. Others prefer stability. Our health and welfare don’t matter to either.)

          4. V AKA Frilly Keane

            I see your point about the antimaskers in the UK and US, and true for ya

            But one thing Dr Marcus De Brun said that I can’t ignore
            The left are supposed to be all about putting it up to the Man
            The establishment
            Big business Warbucks

            Yet here they’ve folded
            And are pooling up like spent betting slips in a windy Leopardstown Bookies enclosure

            Useless and a nuisance

            Clare Daly and Mick Wallace knew exactly what they were doing effing off out of Dublin politics

            If Budget 2021 passes the house
            This Government are going to ride us into a nuclear winter that’s going to make the austerity years look like the good old days

          5. Q Celt

            The left is as authoritarian as the right, you are thinking of liberals and populists who occupy the centre of the political spectrum.
            Fascists are to Communists, as trade unionist are to owners of capital, all entrenched authoritarians

          6. Nigel

            How To Respond Ideologically To A Pandemic – A Course In Political Ethics.

            It’s the anti-maskers who desperately want the status quo restored – anyone who’s taking the pandemic seriously and is looking ahead wants a teachable moment where we learn to make our scoiety and economy more resilient to shocks while protecting the vulnerable.

            Of course, the responsible way to behave if you’re a politician in a crisis is support the government you loathe when they do the right thing and criticise them for their failings, which is a tough spot for anyone sensible in opposition, because you’re either folding to those in power or capitalising on tragedy.

          7. Nigel

            Q Celt, I am certainly worried about the sorts of people on the left who seem to like Putin and Assad, but outside of that most people who talk about the authoritarian left are engaging in a risible moral panic about cancel culture, which has given a pretext for Trump and the Tories to politically interfere with teaching and academia in the US and UK. Trump going after ‘anti-patriotic’ Critical Race Theory and the Troeies going after ‘anti-British’ and ‘divisive’ so-called ‘victim narratives.’ Nor is it the left imposing LGBTQ-free areas in Poland.

          8. f_lawless

            These are strawman arguments Nigel. You’re being intellectually dishonest.

            “Of course the weight of evidence and scientific consensus is that the pandemic is dangerous and requires a response”

            The core of the movement that is protesting against government responses to the pandemic is very much science-based. It hasn’t been saying there should be no response. It’s been saying that the current responses are wrong-headed and not based on sound science.

            The idea of mass quarantining healtyh people during a pandemic was promoted by Bush-era Neocons about 15 years ago which in turn provoked a backlash by leading experts in the field – including Dr. D.A. Henderson who had headed the international effort to eradicate smallpox., They authored a paper roundly rejecting the idea as unscientific.
            “There are no historical observations or scientific studies that support the confinement by quarantine of groups of possibly infected people for extended periods in order to slow the spread of influenza..It is difficult to identify circumstances in the past half-century when large-scale quarantine has been effectively used in the control of any disease… The negative consequences of large-scale quarantine are so extreme ..that this mitigation measure should be eliminated from serious consideration”.

            Cut to 2020 and suddenly governments around the world are adopting the discredited lockdown policies once promoted by members of the Bush administration.

            Regarding masks, the “weight of evidence”, as you say, indicates that they are not effective at reducing community spread of a respiratory virus during a pandemic. That’s what the numerous randomised control trials which have been conducted over the years have concluded up until now. Observational studies are more prone to bias and do not have more scientific weight that RCTs.

          9. Nigel

            The core of the anti-mask movement are right-wing conspiracy theorists trying to cover the failings of right-wing governments.
            The pandemic response was a response based on best practice to a new threat with all the uncertainty and gaps in knowledge that go with it. We won’t know what we got right or wrong for some time yet, definitive pronouncements like your should be met with skepticism and treated as post hoc and therefore unsound.
            Covid 19 is not influenza.
            Masks may be effective with other measures such as handwashing and social distancing and therefore worth doing in conjunction with them. Isolating masks as a single element as a threat to freedom is utterly ridiculous.

          10. italia'90

            Fact of the day: you can take the virus seriously and at the same time be sceptical towards the lockdown measures.

          11. SOQ

            The pandemic response was a response based on best practice to a new threat with all the uncertainty and gaps in knowledge that go with it.

            But it wasn’t best practice Nigel, Sweden was best scientific practice. The rest set about doing something that had never been done before- which was to quarantine the healthy majority.

            Further more, it was based on projections which have now been widely discredited and were as far from best practice as it is possible to get.

          12. V AKA Frilly Keane

            The Irish Pandemic Response had as much to do with optics as it had to do with science
            And I’m being generous here

            Private Beds + Stadiums repurposed as drive thru test centers + thousands of volunteers (where did they end up btw?) + virtual Paddys day + Army track n’ tracers + photo ops of Leo doing a shift + whatever acting you’re having yerselves + banana bread & sourdough starters

            The first pandemic appointment was a PR lad
            Not a specialist renowned Pandemologist
            A PR

            There’s eff all science about rearranging school desks, classrooms, timetables, and hiring idle function rooms and events halls to get the Leaving Certs over the line
            And there was eff all risk distributing exam scripts to correctors as they’ve done for decades – by couriers

            They’d since the 13th March to figure it out

            By May they knew all their mistakes ie the Nursing Homes, PPE and testing

            I won’t ruin yere Sunday by mentioning the carry on in Dublin Airport

            So for the love of gawd
            Stop dragging me into left v right, maskers v antimaskers theatrics

            Incompetence, Politics and Self Interest is responsible for the state of the Irish Pandemic Response
            Now it’s all about saving face and seeing what they can get away with

            If I’m the only one on this rock
            Then leave me to it

            Wait’ll you need a medical card
            Get ready for College Fees plus 000s of other new levies and charges
            And don’t plan on retiring before you’re 76

            Oh. But look. Heather Humphreys can retire now on the full Ministerial

          13. f_lawless

            “The core of the anti-mask movement are right-wing conspiracy theorists trying to cover the failings of right-wing governments.”
            No. You’re just repeating a meme spread by corporate media and through social media. Using the phrase “anti-mask movement” is again another strawman argument. As if enforced mask-wearing is the only issue that motivates people to protest against government policies regarding the pandemic.

            When you paint everyone you disagree with as anti-scientific fringe extremists it’s much easier to dismiss them and claim moral superiority but it’s not intellectually honest.

        1. Nigel

          They had ten times the deaths of their neighbours and their GDP took the same hit. It might have been a lot of things, but it it’ll only turn out to be best practice if things take some odd swerves.

          If you can’t handle uncertanty and decisions based on the best available information that will almost ertainly be subject to change, then the future is going to be tougher for you to than most.

      1. Charger Salmons

        It’s the EU who are laughing at you all the way to the bank.
        You did,after all,helpfully pick up their tab.
        Heh x Gazillions.

    1. Q Celt

      IF there’s going to be a United Ireland Irish Gov better start funding the Defense Force.
      Wonder if UK will continue to provide air and sea intercept services to RoI gratis Post BREXIT.
      The defense force is currently totally run down and is in no position to provide the same service as seen during the troubles, or any magnified future Unionist insurgency

      1. Q Celt

        I would think that there would be no reparations as its not the end of a war. If there were reparations, then is the new Irish state on the hook for the costs associated with Army widow pensions, Canary Wharf, Arndale, Warrington, etc?
        It is doubtful that the British state would pay anything other than military and civil service (not local government as this belong to NI) pensions, as the case in transfers of sovereignty elsewhere. Lets not mention the other entitlements that would disappear in NI, NHS, hit school meals, school books, etc, etc.

          1. Q Celt

            I wrote ‘new Irish state’ as the new u ited Ireland would include nationalist actors. There was no declared war between states, but it is also disingenuous to consider that the Republic of Ireland was not an actor in the troubles, a internal UK matter from a international law perspective

          2. Nigel

            I’m not sure how you can get a non-state actor to pay reparations to a state actor, or how you can get even a new state to pay for the actions of a non-state actor. I suspect of reperations TO the Brirish state is a factor in reunification, then reunification might not happen.

          3. Rob_G

            Most (not all) of the people who were in the IRA were British subjects at the time they carried out their atrocities; how on earth you think that the Irish state would somehow be on the hook for actions carried out by UK nationals in the UK is beyond me.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Nah mate, you get the whole squalid swamp.
        If you’re really keen you can have Scotland too.
        Both regions are simply a drain on England, the beating heart of Blighty.
        You could call the three countries the Confederation of Celtic Culchies.
        Your national flag would be the green figure of a person bending over with arms outstretched and hands clasping a begging bowl.
        Set against purest white of course.
        October 2nd would be a national holiday when the sitting EU president would be borne on a throne through the streets of Dublin throwing glass beads and penny sweets to the whey-faced populace.
        Your national currency will be an IOU note.
        Your national anthem ?

        1. bisted

          …who knew Charger…it would eventually be Blightey that gave the North her freedom…but not yet…it’s payback time…payback from the English who held on with Teresa May and history going back centuries…payback from the Yanks…payback from the EU…payback from the Free Staters and who sold her out…revenge for Beal na Blath…

          1. Charger Salmons

            I always thought Beal na Blath was one Irishman killing another.
            Didn’t think we were to blame for that as well.
            Cracking place for an ambush though.I paid my respects but I thought the commemoration there was a little underwhelming considering its importance in the history of the state.Not a single T-Shirt on sale.

  3. Cú Chulainn

    The Van the Slapper link and comments seem to be gone as well.. your ‘toe’ comment will live long in the memory.. yes: definite shift..

  4. SOQ

    “Five deaths and 248 more ‘cases’ reported” screams The Irish Times but when you drill down, the figures look quite different.

    New ICU admissions = 2
    6 hospitalisations and 4 discharges = nett gain of 2
    Sadly 5 fatalities but I assume all to ill to be admitted into ICU in the first place.

    And these type of low single figures are not just for today- it is every day. Stephen Donnely said well over two weeks ago that a rise in cases would result in a rise in illness- where is it Stephen?

    Ireland is behaving exactly the same as the rest of Europe- marginal numbers getting sick because it has already swept through most communities, just like a normal cold or flu- which does not get this sort of slanted hysterical media coverage.

    1. Cian

      And these type of low single figures are not just for today- it is every day. Stephen Donnely said well over two weeks ago that a rise in cases would result in a rise in illness- where is it Stephen?

      The numbers in hospital are climbing day-by-day. They have doubled in the last fortnight [54…108]. The numbers in ICU have (almost) doubled in a fortnight [10…18].

      Confirmed Covid Cases in Hospital is 108 (+6). The highest since 9th June.

      1 week ago: 90
      2 weeks ago: 54
      3 weeks ago: 49
      4 weeks ago: 33
      5 weeks ago: 21

      ICU cases is at 18 (=). this is the highest since 18th June.

      *at 12.30

      Sorry Janet, but as long as SOQ downplays the numbers I will keep posting the truth.

      1. SOQ

        I am NOT playing anything down- I am simply asking for some perspective in the reporting.

        There is currently 11 142 confirmed cases of flu and 154 admitted into ICU. These numbers in hospital are ALSO climbing day-by-day. During the 2019/2020 season to date, 110 deaths have been reported to HPSC in notified influenza cases.

        Why is the media not reporting on this? Why is the focus solely on CoVid-19?


        1. Cian

          You’re moving the goalposts.
          You said that Donnelly was wrong. The numbers say he was right.

          When presented with the facts you move to flu a d sprout number out of context. You are counting figures year-to-date. Mist of which are from January and February.

          From your link:
          • Hospitalisations and Critical Care admissions: During week 38 2020, the HPSC received no notifications for confirmed influenza hospitalisations or admissions to ICU . For the 2019/2020 season to date, 4332
          confirmed influenza hospitalised cases have been notified and 154 confirmed influenza cases have been reported as admitted to ICU.
          • Influenza notifications: During week 38, the HPSC received no notifications for confirmed influenza cases.
          For the 2019/2020 season to date, 11,142 confirmed influenza cases have been notified to HPSC.
          • Mortality During week 38, no deaths in notified influenza cases were reported to HPSC. During the 2019/2020 season to date, 110 deaths have been reported to HPSC in notified influenza cases.
          • Outbreaks: No outbreaks of influenza were reported to the HPSC during week 38 2020. During the 2019/2020 season to date, 107 influenza outbreaks were reported to HPSC.

        2. SOQ

          I am not moving the goal posts at all- just asking a common sense question as to why the focus has exclusively been on one virus and not others. And yes I am saying Donnely is wrong because the hospitalisations and ICU admissions are nowhere near what could be considered an epidemic let alone a pandemic.

          Assuming both are categorised in the same way so without underlying clinical conditions, there was 110 deaths from Flu and 100 from CoVid-19 in the past season. BOTH kill people with commodities so that is a another issue.

          The flu season has not started yet but when it does- will there be the same level of fear mongering as with CoVid-19? In fact I will go further and ask why the draconian lock downs for one and not the other?

          1. Nigel

            Why aren’t they reporting about stuff from Januray and why aren’t they reporting about stuff that hasn’t happened yet. Good questions.

          2. Cian

            Assuming both are categorised in the same way so without underlying clinical conditions, there was 110 deaths from Flu and 100 from CoVid-19 in the past season. BOTH kill people with commodities so that is a another issue.

            Haha. You are assuming that zero of the flu deaths had underlying clinical conditions. Do you have evidence for this or are you just changing your arm.

          3. SOQ

            We are back to the ‘with’ and ‘from’ issue so.

            I am assuming they are calculating fatalities across all illnesses using the same classification coding system yes, which means fatalities with commodities are separate groups

            Otherwise, CoVid-19 numbers are being skewed because without an above average marked increase in overall fatalities YTD- how else can they have such high numbers?

    1. Cian

      Hmmm. All of Russia becomes habitual.
      China becomes a desert.

      I can’t see the Russians worrying aboit global warming too much.

      1. Nigel

        Massive movements of people across the continental land mass and likely conflicts over resources suggest that would be a particularly near-sighted attitude.

        1. Q Celt

          It absolutely is now with what is happening to the tundra in the Arctic and the ice sheets in Antarctica. Those are irreversible events with strong feedbacks to increase global warming. We are well past the tipping point. I’m teaching my grandkids field survival skills, because this is what their children will need

          1. Nigel

            We are certainly past the point of recovery for all sort of areas, but not others, and not the very worst. We have the capacity to both prepare for the impacts of the locked-in changes and take steps to prevent further damage.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            you’ll need to teach your children to kill – ideally with their bare hands – and feed on the raw flesh of the fallen. and how to start a fire with sticks (assuming there are any sticks to be found)

          3. Brother Barnabas

            yeah, but step 1 is extracting the bacteria from behind the eyelids of their (former, now dead) friends

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Interesting you bring that up Nigel. https://www.rte.ie/news/coronavirus/2020/0320/1124295-air-pollution-is-down-will-we-take-heed-of-lessons/
      There’s a video there of before and after lockdown. Massive differences in air pollution. But what actually grabbed my attention was the sequence showing Ireland. The levels of our air pollution hardly register at all in the grand scheme of things, regardless of lockdown situation, yet we seem to be getting rightly fupped over by the application of taxes.

  5. Anyone

    I have a PhD student who volunteered in Bosnia a time ago, helping locate, remove and rebury unmarked graves. During her first week there, she was physically sick (and questioning her initial charitable mood) at unearthing a bone here, a bone there, dismally learning more detail of local atrocities, hearing stories in the evenings over Rakija. By the end of week two however, she was happily drumming tibias over bits of skull sat on upturned buckets. This was the way. In hard times, we need hard laughs to compensate. In working with a minister here, he told me of his STB interrogation methods during the ’80s, and his junior minister who had gone to California in ’68 after the Prague Spring, returning to suspicion and ‘one who left us’ in ’91 as he imported his old ’67 Lincoln Continental with him into the country. He was forever being stopped by police, “why don’t you drive a Czech car?” they asked. “Because, it’s, clearly, it’s a Lincoln!” Anyway, none of which is relevant here but has more chance of not being removed as a comment because it offers nothing in the way of critical thinking nor asks questions of media transparency on this manor. Don’t ever change BS, you bewildered ten-year-old you.

  6. Hornet

    So the state has not the power to shut meat factories?

    The health authorities have and they are run by the state

    Who ever is it that are writing these stories

    Oh sorry the daily mail A publication of as much Cred as a village idiot

  7. Alexander the Great

    This pandemic is something I’ve recently come
    to understand can make otherwise sensible people go nuts while also accurately pointing out the people within society with more fundamental issues

    1. Charger Salmons

      I discovered a streak of altruism during the pandemic which I never thought existed.
      Rather than sling my East European tenants out during the lockdown I let them stay rent free until the summer when most were able to return to work.
      There didn’t seem any point in kicking them out as I couldn’t replace them and anyway they’ve been with me a long time and we’re good chums.
      However, being the proud and reliable folk they are, we agreed on a programme of refurbishment which they carried out for free which mainly consisted of painting anything and everything and replacing bits and bobs here and there.
      And when lockdown ended we had an almighty BBQ and piss-up where I threw on the booze and they cooked East European stylee.
      What a day and night that was.
      Funnily enough not one of them bitched about what the Irish government was doing for them during these difficult times.
      Probably because they knew how lucky they were compared to the folks back home.
      We agreed that Irish people needed a dose of reality …

        1. Charger Salmons

          Thanks Bro.
          I hate cats though.

          ( You watch the female pile-on now. It will make every single post about Brexit, Boris and Farage I’ve ever made look like fluffy pink marshmallows. )

        2. Charger Salmons

          I say female pile-on but obviously GiggidyGoo will fly in studs showing.
          He always strikes me as a cat kind of guy.

      1. Alexander the Great

        Your comments are very amusing
        You think you are a great wit, and you know what, you are halfway there!

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