Tough On Craic, Tough On The Causes Of Craic


From top: Galway City Mayor Mike Cuibbard; NUI Galway

This morning.

Further to Fresher’s week shenanigans….

…the Gardai has agreed to supply college authorities at NUI Galway with the addresses of house parties they break up in an effort to curtail large gatherings, The irish Times reports…

City mayor Mike Cubbard said an enhanced degree of communication between gardaí and the college was one step agreed at a meeting held in the wake of the gatherings around the city.

The gardaí have agreed to work with the college and give them addresses of houses where they have been called because of parties, and then the college will make contact with landlords,” Mr Cubbard said.

…In a statement the college authorities said it would not “hesitate in dealing with any breaches of public health guidelines in line with our Student Code of Conduct (which has penalties up to and including expulsion)”.


Gardaí to share locations of student house parties with NUI Galway authorities (Irish Times)

Pics: Galway City Council/ NUI Galway


22 thoughts on “Tough On Craic, Tough On The Causes Of Craic

  1. NobleLocks

    In fairness, expulsion is probably the only thing they might listen to. They’ve already decided that their wants exceed the public health needs so when you’re that galactically selfish, only something that directly affects their future may be seen as a deterrent.

    Mind you, we are talking about the “never has been told no” & “can’t sort anything out themselves without resorting to an authority figure” generation here so… interesting times ahead.

        1. scottser

          i’d say the jokes you tell about expelled students are simply hilarious, and your witty stereotypes of young people are an absolute hoot.

    1. John Smith

      Thank goodness I went to university twenty years ago and never had to sign away my life with a Student Code of Conduct like that. Clause 4, The Wider Community, for example, could be abused by the University to outlaw and punish a student for almost any activity. The amount of detail and control evident in the document is quite horrendous and goes way beyond fair treatment. Imagine a job contract that contolled your life to that extent!

      I cannot see how the Gardai can justify providing the information, even if the guidelines were legally enforceable and the behaviour (ie, having a party) could be considered a crime. This is another example of how rights are being over-ridden at the present time.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        If the Gardai did do so, and the college did expel or suspend someone, the ensuing court cases (with Gardai having to appear as witnesses in a case against the college, as well as a GDPR case against themselves) would be popcorn stuff.
        It’s just another fear-mongering attempt. The Government has both the schools and colleges open, where they readily admit that the virus will spread regardless. So by opening their doors, NUIG is in fact doing as much as partying students to spread it.
        Has the College a Code Of Conduct for itself?

      2. d

        the Gardaí don’t decide if you have committed a crime. a judge in a courtroom can only decide that.

        The Student guidelines are nothing more than a private contract between the college and student.

        this news is so ridiculous that its not true and only being reported to caution students.

  2. d

    does anyone in the Gardai have brain cells. feel sorry for the data protection commisser having to ring the garda to explain that they cant do that. i can picture it now, like a mother having to tell her 5 year old son that they can play with matches.

  3. d

    just reading into the stories some more, “college will then contact landlords” this is the most obsecure news story i have ever read. have the irish times lost the plot, reporting this made up nonsence.

    whats next – gardai will be living in the sitting room of student homes to ensure there are no parties and social distancing will be enforced.

    gardai to put all students on a vacant cruise ship to stop them infecting the rest of us.

    gardai to write to all student’s future employers to advise if they have been good or not.

  4. Termagant

    What the situation needs is an Untouchables-type secret Gardaí gang to go around after hours breaking heads to put an end to the tyranny of these illicit gaffs and seshes

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