Zip Up Your Cockatoo



This afternoon.

SuperValu Knocklyon manager Owen Doyle told the Irish Sun that unfortunately, Twink’s cockatoo Timerberlake, affectionately known as Timby, isn’t welcome in his Dublin store.


‘Like stopping the Queen of England with her corgis’ – Panto legend Twink banned from bringing pet parrot into local supermarket (

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60 thoughts on “Zip Up Your Cockatoo

  1. TypeONegative

    There’s no reason to be bringing a cockatoo along on your weekly shop other than to make a scene, doing it reeks of desperation to get noticed.

  2. goldenbrown

    celtic tigre 1.0 timeframe I had the misfortune to be involved in a niche luxury foods gaff. herself was a regular but not the worst of them by any means (if you could believe that) unfortunately we seemed to attract a certain monied clientele, female 30-50, usually the arrival commenced with the bouncing of some form of Range Rover up on the footpath outside and dragging/carrying what I would term a “Cat Rat Dog accessory” into the shop. staff pointedly and repeatedly explained policy both verbally and with plentiful signage to no avail. just horrible rude ignorants.

    people working in the service industry have my respect and sympathy

    1. dhaughton99

      I carried a bichon up to the top floor of Marks in Mary st last year and was unceremoniously escorted off the premises by 3 security guards.

  3. RidersOnTheStorm

    Pet cockatoo banned……………………….from bringing cantankerous old bird into supermarket.

  4. Shitferbrains

    Why do the Irish make a fetish of refusing to allow animals in shops and eating houses ? Certainly not copying Europeans, who’ve had good food and a tourist industry for a century and more.

  5. Brother Barnabas

    strange hand

    you’ll understand the sense of abject waste when one’s finest comments get hacked down by bodger et al, so I’m looking for an assurance that itll be allowed stand

  6. James M.Chimney

    I’ve heard the same story, the poor stagehand had to steady himself at the bar after the incident.

  7. Bodger

    Actually, Brother. I’ve just heard the story. Not sure we can use it. Certainly not without hard evidence.

    1. Bodger

      Charger, I wasn’t responsible for the moderation on this thread. I’m sorry it got out of hand. You did leave a comment earlier about our reasons for doing the site and it being a ‘vanity project’ which I deleted as it was some distance from the truth.

      1. Charger Salmons

        I appreciate your response Bodger old chap and I’m aware of the differing levels of moderation in operation throughout the day.
        But my original point stands.
        Once you start censoring posts because they contain mild criticism of this site you lose your credibility.
        Especially when you pride yourself on demanding accountability and honesty in others.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          in fairness, charger, there are plenty of comments criticising BS for various stances or actions – and these criticism are allowed remain. theres a difference between criticising and throwing aspersions. BS also (rightly) deletes aspersions, insults etc that commenters make toward one another. so fair enough- and entirely consistent – that it removes insults or below-the-belt remarks towards itself too.

          1. Charger Salmons

            There’s a difference between removing remarks because you disagree with them and removing them because they’re offensive or inaccurate.
            It’s called censorship.
            There’s also a marked difference in how moderators treat insults and name-calling depending on who is doing it and to whom.
            Both happen regularly on here.
            So climb down off your high horses next time you’re lecturing Denis O’Brien on trying to censor criticism.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Oh,I agree entirely.
            That’s why I called it a vanity project and it upset the poor dears so much they had to remove the comment.
            But let’s not kid ourselves it is anything else.
            Liberal intolerance is a hallmark of forums like this.

          2. Johnny Green

            it cant seriously be a viable business – is it ?
            I mean I just cant wait for the next song and twitter repost, old photos of nowhere Ireland….

          3. Bodger

            The sad thing about your comment there, Johnny, is we keep this platform going partly for people like you. Folk who wouldn’t normally be given a proper forum to express their views on cannabis legislation, Brexit, masks or whatever. It’s not profitable and demonstrably ego-bruising but most visitors to the ‘sheet are well worth it.

          4. Charger Salmons

            Don’t get all upset and hurt Bodger.
            You’re a big boy … so they say.
            I still love you.
            Warts and all.
            Wahaay !

          5. Johnny Green

            its simply not my fight-cannabis legislation in Irl.

            closest I got weed and Irl was pitching Paisley on littering the NI side border with 24 hour drive tru weed dispensaries/vending machines wall to wall for miles…he was in.

            express my views what between sad songs and twitter reposts:)

            last morning/day in NYC-wow -driving up now to farm for two years beside Berkshires in Mass-got my dog,my girl and my dreams, its like there Great Depression here in states, pickup trucks loaded up, shoeless unwashed people fleeing NY….

            actually no-but I am heading up farming and out NY city-i don’t have much say on Ireland and cannabis-i grow and sell cannabis in states.

          6. Charger Salmons

            V lovey.
            Vanity-wise there’s only one of us who goes on Broadsheet on the telly …
            I kick off occasionally on here depending on how early I start on the gin but basically I think BS are a sound bunch.
            They do stuff the MSM should be doing and that’s fine in my book.
            I just wish they had a bigger audience.

          7. Lilly

            ‘got my dog,my girl and my dreams‘

            Shame Kenny Rogers is no longer around. He’d definitely pen you a song.

          8. Vanessanelle

            Charage bhoy
            whether you choose to believe this or not
            I was the most reluctant of the early regulars

            and only eventually got talked ’round 20 ish shows in, and on the promise it was a one off
            on Housing

            On the life of the teenager, if I had that decision in front of me again, I wouldn’t have given in at all
            And it remains my biggest mistake around here

            But there was no going back
            And I do like working with the lads

          9. Lilly

            Why do you see it as a mistake, V? It’s good exposure, gives you a voice and may well broaden your business horizons in time. Well done for having the guts to do it.

          10. Vanessanelle

            Given the choice of Vanessa off the Telly
            or the FK Column
            Frilly every time

            In truth I enjoy it enormously – most of the time
            and never thought I would take to it tbh
            You’ll not even find a pic of me – like that wasn’t a work id one, anywhere up to that point

            I always kept myself behind the door

          11. Johnny Green

            We have a little too much Kenny round here,not enough ASAP Rocky-I left out the Purdey guns bit…..charger will get it-the fields and foul are calling – think more gentleman / hobby farmer – WTF am I going wear,the struggle is real:)
            My Story.
            My Struggle.
            My Bittersweet Symphony.


          12. Lilly

            @V – The tendency to hide behind the door is a weakness of Irish women of our vintage and we’re all poorer for it.

          13. Charger Salmons

            I’ve yet to meet anyone dragged reluctantly into the spotlight.
            But all power to Ms V’s elbow if she enjoys BS on the telly.

            ( Someone has to … heh,heh,heh. )

          14. Lilly

            ‘I’ve yet to meet anyone dragged reluctantly into the spotlight.’

            You need to get out more, Charger. Blowhards of a feather flock together.

        2. Lilly

          This thread was well moderated IMO if the misogynistic comment from Frank that got binned is anything to go by.

          1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

            I love Broadsheet so it pains me to say it but sometimes the inconsistency in moderation is tootle-pipkins.

      2. Toby

        Is this the bit where the last remaining passengers on the good ship Broadsheet turn on each other with the same virulence they dump on the rest of the world outside their incenstuvous and preening little bubble? Popcorn!

  8. Sure Jaysus You Know Yourself

    Ah Twink. Living metaphor for why you should always apply for that job you think you wont get.

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