Silent But Deadly



This morning.

The haul from a search of a house in County Meath last night where Gardai seized approximately €958,800 of suspected drugs, €489,120 in cash and three firearms with ammunition and silencers. One man was arrested and is currently detained at Ashbourne Garda Station.

Name those ‘pieces’, anyone?


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10 thoughts on “Silent But Deadly

  1. Pee Pee..

    Nice guns in fairness. Least they’re not those rusty old fashioned yokes. Makes us a laughing stock to international crims.

  2. James M.Chimney

    They look virtually unused. The suppressors are a bit banged up. I could have used them at a funeral last week. I looked very John Wick (or so I thought) till I looked in the mirror and the fit of the suit was more Alexi Sayle circa his ‘ello John got a new motor? ‘ello John got an new motor, ello John got a new motor?’ period.

    The corona stone is real people!

  3. alickdouglas

    This is really pretty interesting, cos the two on the left are Grand Powers, presumably the same version as in last week’s seizure. And indeed they look new. The one on the right is a glock, hard to tell which one with the slide back presumably a Glock 17. It also appears to be in its original case, and pretty sure you can see the instruction manual peeking out from under the foam. None of them look like they are threaded for suppressors, so I wonder how they are supposed to be combined.

    I wonder what the story behind these getting into the hands of ‘gang members’ in Ireland is. Grand Power are a Slovenian outfit, and to be frank, they have a focus on low price rather than quality. It’s strikes me as odd that there have been 3 seized in Ireland in the last week (at least, those are the ones that have been featured on broadsheet). Presumably someone has acquiread a job-lot. The fact that the Glock is in a box strikes me as strange too. Was it smuggled into Ireland in the proprietary box, or was it bought legally in Ireland (and presumably subsequently stolen).

    Incidentally, the ‘Luger’ bit is the calibre of the cartridge; usually these days it’s referred to as 9 mm parabellum, but the purpose is to distinguish it (9×19) from the other relatively common cartridges such as 9 mm Makarov or that weird 9×21 that civilians in Italy are restricted to.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Bought off the shelf in Lithuania. There is a huge surplus of supply there. Don’t get the suppressers either, they look used, unlike the handguns. Possibly part of a different batch. Looks like the Guards have cracked one of the gangs, which is great news. Legalise and help reduce this further. Be interesting to test some of the gear for quality. For a friend obviously.

  4. Charger Salmons

    Bit of a palaver bundling up all those 20 spots.
    And we all shed a tear when they starting phasing out 500s.It was such a doddle getting 20k through an airport.
    Even a 200 gets you funny looks these days.
    Sad times.

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