Checkpoint Charlies


This morning.

The N1 near Bray, County Wicklow.

Rona-busting Operation Fanacht in full effect.

The motorways are a little safer today.

Name that jammer, anyone?






Level 3 garda checkpoints in place across country (RTÉ)

Earlier: Mask Cheaters Cheat Us All


He loves it when a plan comes together.

39 thoughts on “Checkpoint Charlies

    1. Formerly known as

      They are doing the same on the roads leaving Melbourne. It is a deterrent in itself. Not ideal for those doing important work.

    1. Orla

      Garda have NO general power to conduct traffic stops. They are permitted to check if an offence has been committed. Traveling outside county is not an offence and causing delays to travel within county is not an acceptable use of Garda power.

        1. Barry the Hatchet

          The Gardaí have a common law power to stop motorists at random in order to detect and prevent crime. Given the status of the guidelines, it is a little questionable what crime the Gardaí are seeking to detect /prevent here.

          The Gardaí are also entitled to stop motorists under S109 Road Traffic Act 1961 for the purpose of inspecting tax and insurance discs, driving licenses and vehicle road worthiness. This power is confined to road traffic offences.

          1. ReproBertie

            Thanks for that. Every day’s a school day and all.

            Which one covers the drink driving checkpoints?

        2. Orla

          Not having insurance/tax is an offence, so they can check for that. Stopping someone to “advise them of guidelines” is not a permissible use of Garda power

    2. Formerly known as

      In Melbourne, the police have emergency powers. So, they have been fining people for not wearing masks, driving more than 5kms from home without a valid reason, being out during the curfew (when the curfew was in place). At least there is some point to it when they have the authority to do something.

  1. Joe

    The Gardai without powers of enforcement are as use as a chocolate fireguard. Secondly if stopping commuters going to work achieved anything it would be worthwhile but in this instance it is totally idiotic, endangers employment and is a waste of taxpayers money..

  2. Sure Jaysus You Know Yourself

    Exactly. Talk about making enemies. This thing is 6 months on and this is where we are. Sorry, No. PUP payments aint gonna cut it with impending business loan payments, VAT bills, insurance renewals and other day to day running costs that are coming. Stephen – which party today – Donnelly telling me he “feels sorry for us” is of no use whatsoever. Blocking the road is a pile of shipe

    1. MME

      Lol. “Get on twitter”. A. Most people are still working and really don’t have the time; B. Being on Twitter and BS is not a job; C. Get a job.

      1. SOQ

        Plenty of time while sitting in traffic jams now I think.

        Also, my employment status is none of your damned business.

      2. E'Matty

        @MME – somebody clearly doesn’t recognise the power of social media and its influence over public opinion, and thereby government policy. Hearts and minds as they say.

  3. Bob

    Is anybody being turned back if their reason for travel is sub-standard or its more a policy of government mind control?

      1. Bob

        So everyone is just saying they need to do shopping for their elderly relative in order to circumnavigate the states advice.

        Unfortunately for those he really do need to do that task it’s gonna take them an extra four hours as that’s the main effect of the Gardaí checks.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        I think Jim McDaid produced a book a while back – ‘How to drive up the wrong side of a dual carriageway for dummies’. Most of it would apply to motorways.

  4. wearnicehats

    RTE news states:

    Even though they do not have the legal power to stop people breaking the Level 3 restrictions, traffic will be delayed as gardaí question motorists and assess whose journey is essential and who is to be asked to turn back

    So what happens when you refuse to turn back? I’m guessing nothing?

  5. ce

    3rd or 4th picture – the car with the two bikes mounted on the back – what do you reckon, off for a bit of a cycling holiday?

  6. SOQ

    Actually that tweet from Eimear #RipOffNUIG @mitsuko045 nails it.

    “Garda Commissioner Drew Harris… [was] hopeful the delays would prove so long it would discourage people leaving their home county and encourage them to work from home.”

    Again, why does the state assume indivs get to make these choices for themselves??

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