Summit Of The Gods


When snug jeans were snug.

Location and date unknown (1979?).

Name those rockers, anyone?

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A Limerick A Day

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16 thoughts on “Summit Of The Gods

    1. missred

      I’m more thinking about the strong whiff of chlamydia emanating from that black and white picture….

          1. Vanessanelle

            I can’t even look at it now
            without seeing a cluster of those things
            crabbing across the screen

            You should have thrown up a spoiler alert with your original post Missi

  1. scottser

    tony iommi, eddie van halen, alex van halen, michael anthony, scott gorham, gary moore, philo, dunno the two on the right, bill ward and ozzy in front, before he was sacked. don’t know where lee roth or geezer butler are in that pic though

    1. scottser

      geoff nicholls and craig gruber the two on the right, maybe? also, no clue who the lad at the back is

    1. SOQ

      Ah those were the days- men in tight trousers- you could tell what you were getting before acquiring the product.

    1. Tarfton Clax

      Gorham was the model for Jim Fitzpatricks Celtic heroes, especially breas the Beautiful, apparently.

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