Meanwhile, At The High Court [Updated]


Ian Bailey leaving the High Court this afternoon


Former journalist Ian Bailey cannot be extradited to France in connection with the murder of filmmaker Sophie Toscan du Plantier, the High Court has ruled.

Mr Justice Paul Burns ruled in a 61-page judgment that a recent change in the law in Ireland on extraterritorial jurisdiction to include persons ordinarily resident in Ireland did not create a situation where Ireland and France had reciprocal laws that would allow Mr Bailey’s extradition.

Ian Bailey cannot be extradited to France in connection with Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s murder – High Court (


This afternoon.

Central Criminal Courts, Dublin.

Ian Bailey arrives to hear the High Court deliver its ruling on a bid to have him surrendered to French authorities in relation to the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier.

More as we get it.


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26 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The High Court [Updated]

    1. The rock

      Left alone about what.?

      Only two people know the truth and one of them are dead

      We are supposed to have a legal system that is to a EU standard

      What makes ours so exceptional ?

      1. Masked

        There was not enough evidence to even try this man. If there was enough evidence he should have been charged but there wasn’t so he wasn’t and it should be left at that. The family obviously want justice but locking up the wrong man would be further injustice.

        1. Masked

          Exactly. The DDP decided there was(is) not enough evidence to prosecute but of course that means he hasn’t faced trial and therefore he has not been acquitted so in a perverse way Mr Bailey has been prejudiced by not having had to face trial. If the DPP had decided there was sufficient evidence then he would have been charged. If effect the DPPs decision is an expression of their view that a jury presented with the currently available “evidence” would have acquitted.

      2. Hank

        @The Rock
        Try doing some research before you post moronic comments. There was no evidence against him. Gardai decided he did it and then went about trying to build a case against him. What he has been put through is absolutely shameful

      3. Cian

        Only two people know the truth and one of them are dead
        You presume that Ian Bailey killed her.

        If he did, you are correct.

        If he didn’t, then three people know the truth. The victim, the real killer, and the third being Bailey, where his “truth” is that he didn’t kill her.

    1. Masked

      Under our law we are all innocent unless and until proven otherwise. That’s the way it should be.

        1. Masked

 may very well doubt his innocence. However in order to have him locked up for the rest of his life the state has to prove his guilt by convincing a jury with the available evidence, which is lacking. So yes I do say. This was a dreadful crime but no evidence has been produced to have Mr Bailey charged for this. Under our common law system the onus is on the state to prove guilt. The state hasn’t even been able to even bring a charge against him. You are not sure he didn’t do it so does that somehow mean you are sure he did. If so how do you reach such a conclusion.

  1. Gabby

    Frank Buttimer as a lawyer has done trojan work on behalf of his client. His client Ian Bailey has been dragged through the muck by misjudged police and media actions. The state should reward the lawyer and compensate the client. The Phoenix magazine distinguished itself by highlighting the damage done to Bailey.

  2. Kate.

    This is every bit as bad as Professor Harbison losing the head of a part skeleton female washed ashore in Wexford in 1995 who remains unidentified. Losing a blood splattered gate at this awful crime is horrendous.

      1. Truth in the News

        Ian Bailey wàs awarded a degree from UCC for thesis on certain aspects of the
        Irish legal system concerning the Guards anyone have a link to it, in respect of
        the States involvement in this and indeed certain sections of the media who
        expounded in many column inches on Bailey left a lot to be desired, irrespective
        of France, in this jurisdiction you are innocent until proven guilty, given the French
        pruccupation with Justice, did they ever try their State Agent’s who blew up
        the Rainbow Warrior…….?

  3. Brian

    Unfortunately the Guards messed up the investigation and then tried to concoct evidence to prosecute Bailey with. Ideally, if a proper investigation had been carried out, he would have faced trial in Ireland. I’d agree that he shouldn’t be extradited to France but he is clearly a nasty piece of work.
    He severely beat his partner a number of times and made a pass at his partner’s 18 year old daughter. His attitude to women is fairly clear. I feel no sympathy for him or the fact that his name will forever be linked to Sophie’s murder.

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