Supreme Ultimatum


Chief Justice Frank Clarke has criticised Mr Justice Seamus Woulfe for his third postponement of a meeting about his role in Golfgate

This morning.

Further to yesterday’s postponement….

Via Irish Independent.

The Chief Justice and fellow Supreme Court judge Donal O’Donnell had been due to attend the meeting about Golfgate with Mr Justice Woulfe…Mr Justice Woulfe was to have been accompanied by “a judicial colleague of his choice”.

Instead this judge, who was not identified in the statement, met Mr Justice Clarke and Mr Justice O’Donnell and requested a further postponement on Mr Justice Woulfe’s behalf.

A statement from the Chief Justice’s office:

“As a result of what was said at that meeting, the Chief Justice has indicated that, very reluctantly, he is prepared to make one final postponement of the proposed meeting until Thursday,”

“The Chief Justice has indicated his very serious concern as to the damage which the continuation of this process is causing.

“The Chief Justice has made it clear that, should the meeting not go ahead as scheduled on Thursday, he will make alternative arrangements to convey his final views on the process to Mr Justice Woulfe.”

Seamus Woulfe given ultimatum after postponing ‘Golfgate’ meeting for a third time (


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9 thoughts on “Supreme Ultimatum

  1. GiggidyGoo

    I had a little respect for the judiciary. I have none now. Woulfe is a disgrace as far as I can see.

  2. dav

    The thing is, nothing can be done to remove him. And seeing as he’s a blushirt pick, I doubt hell do the right thing.

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