In This Together


Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Defence Simon Coveney

This morning.

Further to last night’s cabinet decision to order nationwide ban on household visits and move three border counties to Level 4 restrictions amid warning that things won’t return to normal until a vaccine is found.

…via RTÉ:

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Defence Simon Coveney said there needs to be collective action in terms of adhering to the new regulations “to turn this around”.

Mr Coveney described the “enormous numbers” in Northern Ireland is very worrying, and said that while there is a lot of cooperation between the two jurisdictions, the Government is anxious to do more and have a collective approach both North and South.

….Minister Coveney said there are a number of things happening, including discussions to trace cases across the border and the use of a Covid app that works in both jurisdictions.

He said the NI Executive gets its scientific advice from a different source to NPHET and there is not always consistency, but both governments are taking action to try and reduce the infections.


Mr Coveney also said he had worries for the GAA ahead of the resumption of inter-county action this weekend.

Collective action needed to ‘turn this around’ – Coveney (RTÉ)


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11 thoughts on “In This Together

  1. The rock

    People do not get it

    If these measures do not work the next step is far more draconian measures

    Maybe we will have a world a dystopian future if people fail to follow what we see as harsh

        1. Cian

          Wow, their rush hour has half-empty trams?

          Is this what their tram system is always like? Or is this due to Covid and are people avoiding public transport?

          1. f_lawless

            This article is from August. Things haven’t changed since then


            “No lockdown, no masks, no hysteria… NO PROBLEM: Sweden didn’t go into a corona coma – and it’s living in glorious normality. Now DOMINIC SANDBROOK asks: Is this proof we got it all terribly wrong?

            A few days ago, I took a stroll to the shops. It was a glorious morning and the parks and cafés were full of families enjoying the sunshine.

            Perhaps the shops were a little quieter than they would have been a year ago; but they were busy enough.

            The restaurants were preparing for lunch; the mood was relaxed and happy. And nobody — yes, nobody — was wearing a mask.

            That, of course, is the giveaway.

            I wasn’t in Britain but in Sweden, a nation which stood alone in Europe in refusing to institute lockdown.

            And as I queued to buy my son an ice cream, I was struck by the contrast with the situation back home. Like most people, I never imagined that the lockdown would last so long, or that the consequences would be so calamitous. ..

            ..So what did I make of it? Well, that’s easy. After the negativity, paranoia, moaning and squabbling of Britain, Sweden was paradise.”

      1. Tim

        You are pretty naive when you think that it ends at stage five if These measures do not work
        Well society must be protected
        Look at eight cities in France now under marshal law
        9 pm to 6am no one is allowed out except those enforcing it or essential staff needed to run hospitals etc

  2. Bruncvik

    I wonder whether he is also worried about unsafe working conditions in his department, where non-essential workers are supposed to be in the office every day. See a bunch of messages from DFA workers on the Irish subreddit for info.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Not to mention how immune he and Varadkar and Micheal Martin and Daffy are as they travel in and out of the country, meeting all sorts in their travels.

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