Meanwhile, In Ebenezer Terrace


Last night.

Ebenezer Terrace, South Circular Road, Dublin 8.

Harry Warren writes:

Christmas comes earlier every year! A bit of movie magic at the filming of a Christmas commercial for Woodies [DIY chain]…

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18 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Ebenezer Terrace

    1. goldenbrown

      well this is interesting. I have some involvements in the building trade…I can tell yiz there’s a supply chain problem brewing at the moment…certain very ubiquitous and necessary both imported/manufactured at home stuff is becoming very strained…I know panicked trades people who have started to hoard materials

      I imagine toys could become an interesting problem in the lead up…

      1. italia'90

        It’s not anecdotal from my own experience.
        I was going to mention it yesterday but decided against it, glad you have though.
        I’m still waiting on materials I sourced last October/November to arrive in Port.
        Usually takes 6 months from order date to delivery.
        Logistics chains have broken, the bigger customers are the only priority atm.
        I’ve capital tied up and I’m away on Saturday to source materials for next year’s projects, if they go ahead as planned.
        I’m going to be in Hungary for a lot longer than planned these next few months.
        We’re building a house there at the moment with family/business partners so it’s not all bad.

        1. goldenbrown


          C19 has hit everything from bottom (raw material) right up to the top (retail)
          I had to run around last week trying to scrape some basics like OSB sheets and 4×2



          ps. best of luck with the build

          1. mucker no. 238

            would 4×2 not be milled here? Is the issue not an increased demand for raw timber materials thus leading to a shortage rather than a supply chain issue?

          2. italia'90

            Cheers GB.
            Roof going on next week as planned and on schedule.
            I can start wiring and cabling with the bit of copper and fibre optic
            I’ve managed to squirrel away this year ;)

            Underfloor heating system Janet, NZEB Thermohouse spec. from pV solar panels and battery storage, to the waste water and recycled air system which will heat the snow covered driveway in winter/spring. Mrs Italia has thought of everything.
            Now if only she could do something about it being pitch black before 6pm it would be great!

          3. goldenbrown

            underfloor is class, I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t go that way when building fresh, you won’t go wrong

            sounds like mrs Italia knows her onions

          4. goldenbrown

            that’s what I’m kinda getting at there
            was a bit of a shocker to me…like not being able to get a carton of milk

            there’s different problems going on at every point of the chain (and additionally for different products for different C19 related reasons) major headaches…lack of raw materials, manufacturing, staffing, delivery drivers… the case of the osb apparently foreign demand too (apparently it’s being prioritised for export and very large buyers)

          5. italia'90

            She does GB.
            Her father and grandfather were in the construction business when they were not busy smuggling between HU and UA :)
            She had her own construction company at age 21.

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