4 thoughts on “4 To The Floor

    1. Vanessanelle

      Tell ye what

      and optional social activities, like dining out

      Make it about 1000s of small independent business’ all over the country
      Stuck in leases, rates, licences, insurances and all the other overheads
      with eff all activity permitted to allow a cent towards just keeping the sign above the door

      Make it about the 000,000s with no idea what their next job is going to be
      or how they make rent/ mortgage
      or manage a bottle of gas

      Make it about kids with no playgrounds, organised sports & games, art, music and dancing lessons or naturally occurring events, like birthdays, communions,
      Make it about households where there is addiction, DV, abuse, neglect and all the horrors we can’t bare to think about now

      Make it about citizens in desperate need of a hip replacement & other surgeries on the public waiting lists, The citizens in need of counselling, screening, treatments, just to give them some hope and some chance of a future they can be optimistic about

      Make it about elderly parents whose children are not within 100km
      Make it about all the lost opportunities
      Make it about Us, the majority US, that don’t have guaranteed incomes no matter what Government decides on any given minute of the day

      for the love’ah gawd

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