Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe (right) and Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Michael McGrath at the Convention Centre, Dublin on Tuesday

TDs have been given a “severe rebuke” for failing to comply with Covid-19 guidelines and rules and, in some instances, abusing compliance staff in Leinster House and the Convention Centre.

The official specifically cited a picture published in Wednesday’s newspapers of Ministers Paschal Donohoe and Michael McGrath ascending the Convention Centre escalator ahead of their Budget day speeches without wearing face coverings.

A private meeting of the Dáil’s business committee heard what was described as a “damning” briefing from an Oireachtas’s director of compliance on Thursday on the poor level of adherence to rules like social distancing and wearing masks in parliament.

TDs given ‘severe rebuke’ over failing to comply with Covid rules (


President of the High Court Justice Mary irvine

Last night.

In a strongly worded letter, Ms Justice Mary Irvine says she has received several complaints about lawyers not adhering to guidelines.

…Justice Irvine has taken “odd as it may sound” to walking the corridors of the Four Courts each day this week to see for herself what is happening.

“Regrettably, on almost every occasion I have come across pockets of practitioners talking/consulting in very close proximity to each other. I would even go so far as to say that there are more practitioners offending than complying with their social distancing obligations,” the judge said.

Lawyers failing to social distance get ‘public scandal’ warning from senior judge (


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  1. An older man

    The brightest minds in the land not playing the game. Do you all remember the financial experts at the soft landing times 2006 +. I do. Do you remember the financial models I do. As for poor old Johnny Giles at 80 he is on the train leaving town that’s just the way of life. it’s not xbox 360 with continuous respawns. He’s doing better than Elvis, Prince etc. I’m sure big Jack is keeping his seat warm. As for the nut jobs in the past forecasting this current vista well they were mad wernt they. As always enjoying the contributions in particular the clever ones.

      1. An older man

        Sorry to disapoint but no. I’m just a retired widower that likes to pop in here once n a while. Kids tell me not to bother. Maybe they have it sussed. My best wishes to you and those that contribute here.

  2. broadbag

    I don’t know who’s worse, yer wan skulking around the corridors spying on her underlings or the ‘guidelines aren’t for us’ barristers flouting the protocols, the phrase ‘drain the swamp’ springs to mind, the judiciary really do come across as a bunch of out of touch oddballs, reform needed, won’t happen.

  3. Madam X

    Sure they have all been listening to the big beast Mc Dowell . an he’s looking so well. can’t be anything serious so

  4. An older man

    Why do we need a judicial branch if not to settle the madness of men. God forbid if the rabble ever found things out. I’m so grateful to Broadsheet for such insights, it confirms my own observations on the conveyor belt of life. I inter alia like Ivor Cummins work in this space. I fell over him in my cancer research. I would invite you all to parse his latest YouTube interviews. Is he correct? An interesting fellow.

  5. An older man

    Tnx SOQ, I did not know this. go team Broadsheet ha! Back to our friends in silk. I see they are in good company with the 94 yrs UK Queen out n about sans mask. Like wtf is really going on. Who let her out and why. As a monarch she cant twitch without supervision and oversight.

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