Flying Elephant In The Room


From top: Elephant and Rabbit toy shelves available from Flying Elephant; founders Max Fox (left) and Michael Keelan and Milo (foreground)

This afternoon.

Irish event industry supplier Flying Elephant Productions was one of the first to be hit by Covid-19. Sixty commissions for stages and sets for exhibitions and concerts were cancelled overnight, and all of their employees were sent home…

…Helen O’Dwyer writes:

Founders Michael Keelan and Max Fox took a breath, reimagined their whole business and pivoted quickly to launch the first Flying Elephant desk as a solution to remote working.

A desk that could be assembled in a minute or less, easy to store, well made, stylish, affordable from €149 and ideal for people working from home. An idea was born and the business, along with 17 jobs, was saved.

Now Flying Elephant is ready to take off again with an exciting NEW range of Christmas toys, gifts and an extended ‘Work from Home’ range which have been 100% Irish made with their signature finish, creative flair and distinctive Flying Elephant motif.

The Flying Elephant Online Christmas Shop is now OPEN

In fairness.

Flying Elephant Online Christmas Shop

Irish-made stocking fillers toto marked ‘Irish-Made Xmas Stocking Fillers’. No fee.

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11 thoughts on “Flying Elephant In The Room

        1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

          how odd my Avatar name seems to be jumping back to it’s original by default,
          that could be enlightening if the glitch happens to other posters !

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      Stuff arrived yesterday
      Pics on twitter -just click there on the V aka etc
      (Monitor stands)

      The wine rack can wait until I clear out the spot for it

      Absolutely delighted – so far
      The assembly took less time than the Nespresso did with the half decaff just now
      And the design is so brilliant, you know you’ve done it properly the moment you lift it up

      Well done lads
      Would love to have you on a Covid Diversified SME special we’ve been kinda brewing

      And btw, folks, it was online sure
      But the delivery was so personal and chatty
      It was as good as any local shop front experience

  1. Rambleer

    Got one of these desks a few weeks ago, excellent quality and easily packed away if we do ever get back to the office

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