“I’m Not Sure They’ll Quell Discontent” [Updated]


This morning.


Minister for Children, Disabilty, Equality and Integration Roderic O’Gorman

Proposed amendments by the Minister to the Commission of Investigation (Mother and Baby Homes and certain related Matters) Records and another matter, Bill 2020

This morning.

Children’s minister Roderic O’Gorman has proposed two amendments to legislation which would seal all records of the Mother and baby Home Commission for 30 years.

Via The Irish Examiner:

The first amendment will provide for the commission to remain in existence beyond the submission of its final report to engage with the survivors, to confirm which of them want their story to be made public and those who request anonymity, in order for all those involved to be accommodated and without it delaying the submission of its final report on October 30.

The second would see a copy of the database and related records deposited with the minister as part of the archive so that the records of the commission would be held as a singular, complete archive.

This will maintain a single sealed archive, while still ensuring that the database and related records can transfer to Tusla and remain available for use in accordance with existing and future statute.

One TD, who has seen the amendments, said: “I have never gotten so many phone calls in my time as a TD as I have about this, and the public think you can open the whole thing and they won’t be able to do that. I don’t know that this will satisfy people. They do deal with some of the major issues, but I’m not sure they’ll quell discontent.”

Anger grows over sealing of mother and baby home records for 30 years (Irish Examiner)


In  fairness.

The bill will be debated in the Dáil tonight.

Previously: No Justification Has Been Given For Why This Material Needs To Be Sealed’


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8 thoughts on ““I’m Not Sure They’ll Quell Discontent” [Updated]

  1. Vanessanelle

    Not there yet
    But as Scottie says, this Bill needs an extension

    Push it back to Spring, let the debates take place

    BTW, I’ve every confidence in the Minister here
    Always had

    He’ll do right by the mothers, and their children, and their wider families here
    and tbh
    I think the Oireachtas do too

  2. Daniel

    It seems like the communication and pressure helped bring about these amendments and they can really see this is not going to be brushed under any carpet as there is going to be constant public scrutiny on all aspects of this commission and its records. we have to start doing it right for the survivors and make genuine attempts to learn from our past.

    I don’t understand all the consequences of the proposed amendments so i’m waiting for the opinion and guidance of the survivor support groups on how far this goes and how much further it needs to go. My initial thoughts is they seem like significant amendments but don’t meet the orginal requests
    and they have left themselves the ability to block access to these records if they so wish.


  3. H

    Glad to see that they are not being allowed to just push ahead with this, hopefully a solution that satisfies all concerned will be found.

  4. Rob

    I’ve found myself agreeing with a lot more of what the government eventually does in various issues, than I had expected. I just wish they would think things through in advance rather than needing 3 or 4 U-turns per issue.

  5. Kingfisher

    You have to be joking.
    These records have to be open for people to consult in exactly the same way I can walk in, present my ID and get my birth or other certs, with no forelock-tugging or please ma’am can I have permission, kindly, ma’am.
    Who’s protected by sealing them?

  6. Steph Pinker

    ‘Agency and autonomy’: dead or alive none of those women had either, and they still don’t – and they certainly won’t in 30 years nor will some of their children or grandchildren.

    The nuns were good shephards when it came to herding the weak and wounded sheep in flocks to work for free in factories though.

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