This morning.

Phoenix Park, Dublin.





Oh dear.

Garda operation begins to support Covid restrictions (RTÉ)


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22 thoughts on “I Got 5 On It

  1. Johnnythree

    Well now. Scarves are as good as masks. Who knew there was-an immunity specialist in the ranks. Maybe he is just chilly.

  2. Dr.Fart

    glad to see the gardai finally masking up. they were goin around like they were immune til now. around stephens green was jammed this morning. lots of traffic, lots of people walking around in suits holding coffees. didnt know we had so many essential workers.

  3. Johnnythree

    Yeah. Dopes. Further slowing down the economy and making people more sick of the inept govt we have.

  4. SOQ

    Just followed through to the Dundalk News account where they had retweeted this from a Dr Martin Daly @DrMartinDaly

    #COVID19ireland Just received a phone call from Nursing Home . 26 out 28 residents #COVID + . Only one Nurse and Carer available in last 72 hrs as all other staff positive . 1 person has died and another very ill. Nursing Home Say no help available from @HSELive

    The same thing happening all over again.

    1. E'Matty

      They abandon the nursing homes telling them “You’re a private business. Sort it yourself” and then use the inevitable deaths to pump up their mass hysteria campaign of fear. 80% of Ireland’s deaths in nursing and care homes. It’s scandalous.

      1. SOQ

        The comments below that tweet are absolutely scathing.

        We’ve learnt absolutely nothing. The Resources of state are being employed making sure we don’t travel 5km from our home or visit a neighbour for a cup of coffee when they should be focused 100% on these highly vulnerable groups.

        Shocking. The one place we need to protect above all others and we are failing miserably.

        Why has it come to this that this Dr had to go to the media to get someone to listen?

        The Government cannot be allowed to get away with this negligence. Where is the urgency?? Have we learned nothing?

        There is no excuse for this !! It was known in MARCH that nursing homes were the most at risk. They should have been ring-fenced and managed by the HSE. Just because they are private & don’t fall under the HSE they were/are forgotten.

        Criminal. All preventable. Criminal investigations are required of those in charge of Ireland’s pandemic response in the same manner that is happening in France.

        This is appalling. The government have learned nothing. This isn’t a mistake from government, this is a choice.

        And we in Ireland accuse Sweden’s government of euthanasia? Yes Sweden screwed up at the start but learnt their lesson and it hasn’t happened again, Ireland though either are incompetent or are letting this happen.

        1. Oro

          “ Regional health agencies were using a Clinical Frailty Scale, an assessment tool designed to predict the need for care in a nursing home or hospital, and the life expectancy of older people by estimating their fragility, to determine whether someone should receive hospital care and was applied to decisions regarding all sorts of treatment, not only for COVID-19. These guidelines led to many people with health care needs unrelated to COVID-19 not getting the care they need, with some even dying as a result—collateral damage of Sweden’s COVID-19 strategy.”

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Have those Gardai all got a letter from their employer saying they can travel outside 5km, to go to work?

  6. Harry

    I don’t understand what they are hoping to achieve. Delaying workers coming and going to work will remove what little good will is left for the pizz poor Garda enforcement of the Covid regulations.

    1. Oro

      I’m not sure if they would say it out loud but it’s probably to create a situation where it’s unattractive as possible to people making unnecessary trips so that they’re dissuaded from doing so. Think of it like the huge taxes on cigarettes which are designed in part to dissuade people from smoking.

  7. GiggidyGoo

    This was never about a pandemic as far as I can see. It’s about control. All countries getting their ducks in a row at the same time.

  8. scottser

    i’m not looking forward to tomorrow. the da is terminal with cancer and is being looked after at home in Carlow so i’ve been going down to help out every friday for the past few months. i just know if i’m turned around or not let go down i’m going to give the garda a face full.

    1. Cian

      scottser, sorry to hear about your da.
      You are fully entitled to travel to see him. If you are stopped, explain your situation (try to stay calm), and there shouldn’t be a problem.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Tell them you’re in his Support Bubble and also you’re allowed under compassionate circumstances and essential care. It would be a cold heart that wouldn’t let you through if you got stopped.

  9. SOQ

    Here is a question- why is a 5km limit so important in ROI yet no travel restrictions in the north?

    Is there a catholic and a protestant version of it now or something?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      If you’d read a history book, you’d know the North is a different juristiction with different elected officials making different rules.

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