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  1. paul

    my only hope is that she understands what she’s done and that it haunts her for an appropriate amount of time.

  2. Toby

    Crone is the embodiment of evil, but there is an awful lot of misinformation being tossed around about the babies, the graveyard and the actual meaning of yesterday’s vote. So, bring her out for a kicking sure, but don’t think that kicking her is the only solution to the foggy outrage surrounding this.

    And pity poor Roderic, a few weeks ago he was wrapped in the protective embrace of the luvvies, and now their fickle dumbness has tossed him to the wolves.

  3. Brughahaha

    Just when you think the Golden circle might actually develop some smidgen of self awareness or modicum of dialling it back , you read stuff like this .

    They’ll never change unless we force them to.

  4. Ger

    She has been a Shill for every vested interest in this country her entire professional career spinning the indefensibly explaining the criminal in pursuit of personal enrichment.

    Judge her by her actions

  5. Vanessanelle

    This person is a business woman

    All she cares about is the business
    and she will work for anyone who signs her engagement letter,
    and pays the upfront
    and doesn’t make her have to chase them for the stage payments

    the fact that she still does this
    at this hour of her life
    tells ye what a money hungry, grubby, self indulgent self worshipping
    used ice loll stick sticking out of a piece of doggie poo equivalent of a human

    Start up yere Bank Holiday weekend by knowing that her legacy, after she dies, will be weeweed on, pooed on, danced on, spat on
    Her Son will never recover from the onslaught
    No amount of money
    Or Plastic Surgery will be able to clean up after her

    She will never rest in peace
    and the thundering thing some of ye have called me
    won’t be able to dig yerself out of her grave to say

    And she needs to know now
    that all those friends in high places won’t be around to speak highly of her in her death, or at her graveside
    there’ll be no Late Late send off

    1. ian-oh

      This is some turn of phrase:

      ”tells ye what a money hungry, grubby, self indulgent self worshipping
      used ice loll stick sticking out of a piece of doggie poo equivalent of a human”

      Erudite, concise and lyrically pleasing.

      Its a yes from me Simon.

    2. Lilly

      ‘the fact that she still does this
      at this hour of her life
      tells ye what a money hungry, grubby, self indulgent self worshipping
      used ice loll stick sticking out of a piece of doggie poo equivalent of a human’

      I have no time for her either V, but she might just enjoy work, being at large in the world instead of at home doing the crossword. I’m all for people, especially women, working for as long as they feel like it. I wouldn’t consider myself money-hungry but I have no plans to hang up my boots at 65. Of course, when the time comes, I might feel differently the principle remains.

      1. V AKA Frilly Keane

        That’s a very fair point Lil
        And very well made

        Terrible shame that there are no other “go to” crisis managers and PR people out there
        Coming up like
        For the various media, lobby and interest groups to resort to and engage for Professional Services and representations
        Or for general talking head gigs
        All the same

  6. Joe

    She must be on Roderic O’Gorman’s speed dial. I knew the Greenwash party were owned by FFFG but is there not anyone amongst them with a shred of moral integrity?
    I wonder how many cycle lanes they will pave over the babies graves in Tuam?

  7. Ivory Coaster

    IBEC have raised some excellent points on mental health recently to be fair. They are the real left.

  8. White Dove

    I remember Ms Prone featuring in the Kate Fitzgerald story back in 2011.

    Broadsheet has been ahead of the Irish media on so many issues for years, doughtily fighting to remedy the injustices others close their eyes to.

    Being in the vanguard sounds great in hindsight but often forgotten are the snide remarks and bullying that those in the vanguard suffer at the time.

    The true worth and integrity of Broadsheet has not been acknowledged to date but I know that it will be in the future.

    1. Toby

      True. But what actually happened to the Kate Fitzgerald story? BS were trying to spin something quite sinister about the Prone gang, but they never proved anything except throw shade. As you will see, im no fan of cruella, but besides accuse people of heinous crimes with no evidence, what did BS do?

      Your right about being ahead of the media though, they were the first to se the genius of Gemma O Doherty.

      1. Bodger

        Toby, Kate was betrayed by Terry Prone, her son Anton Savage and the Irish Times in a manner that still stuns after all these years. We let the family down because we couldn’t even get that paper to reinstate her words, despite a lot of effort, or get anyone to cover her story. The following outlines what happened. It contains no spin and is largely based on Kate’s own records and diary

        1. Toby

          I think its more cowardly to make accusations you cant back up and smear peoples names in the process. Especially with the severity of what was inferred.

          What about the other unsubstantiated inferences and accusations? Did they apologise to those involved for those?

          1. Lilly

            I don’t recall a single unsubstantiated accusation being made. Kate Fitzgerald was bullied at work and treated horrendously. The Irish Times all but made her look like a liar when she was no longer around to defend herself. And BS was the only publication with the gumption and integrity to stand up for her.

          2. Bodger

            The very week Kate died, Anton was in the Labour Court fighting a case of bullying by another young female employee against the Communications Clinic. Remember, this is a very small PR company.

            They settled, of course after Kate, but the employee was restrained with a gagging order and she was unaware of what had happened to Kate when she signed it. This woman would lose her next job over what she claims was FG-related interference from Terry Prone.

          3. Toby

            Well you should read back. It was pretty horrific and if there was a scintilla of truth in it, the Prone family would be in jail for life.

          4. Toby

            This is all very mild compared to what you were accusing them of back then. And you know it. Which is why Ruille was under the impression that Tom Savage had done what he accused him of. Mud sticks lads, so if you actually believe the compassion, integrity and kindness guff you promote on here, perhaps you could lead by example.

          5. Bodger

            Toby, do you mean when Tom Savage was chairman of the RTÉ authority and helping oversee the station’s response to the Mission to Prey debacle (involving a rapid 1 million settlement) he failed to let it be known that his wife was representing Fr Reynolds? Or when he covered up for his old ‘wounded healer’ pal Sean Brady?

          6. ian-oh

            Jesus Bodger that’s shocking, completely passed me by!

            FFS what is wrong with these people.

            I truly despair.

          7. Bodger

            The thing is we were asking journalists with larger circulations to look into what we were learning. Lovely people and sympathetic, but their hands were tied. We even wrote to Samantha Power, then in the White House, as Kate had served as chair of Democrats Abroad and had met Clinton and Obama. She said she would look into it. It got to a stage where we were doing the parent’s case more harm I think because, being the only ones detailing this stuff and doing so every week, it looked like we were obsessed and wouldn’t shut up. Both true tbf.

          8. Bodger

            We never accused anyone of murder. One post that was removed after scary threats was re-posted intact within 24 hours. Kate’s parents raised the fact that their daughter’s hyoid bone was broken, which can point to suspected foul play in reported suicides (most recently Jeffrey Epstein). They were rightly impatient with our focus on aspects of the story that must have seemed irrelevant to them at the time (the media’s response, the Clinic’s reach, etc.). Their experience with the authorities here was like something out of John B Keane btw, The Field specifically.

          9. Toby

            What Tom Savage being on the Board of RTE has to do with the death of Kate Fitzgerald or the accusations that surroundied it, I don’t know. But it seems to be a case of throw enough mud and people will come up with their own bat plop theories. Which is exactly what happened,. and is continuing to happen.

          10. Bodger

            Nothing to do with Kate other than demonstrating the power Terry and Tom wielded across the Irish media landscape and a clue to why Kate’s story got so little airtime.

          11. Vanessanelle

            Well then
            Under proper Governance obligations
            Demanded by State Boards (they say) and others with Oversight obligations
            ie External Auditors, Comptroller & Auditor General
            And indeed the Government Department that made the appointment
            And particularly of a Chair
            Who has a second deciding vote
            there was a very dangerous Conflict of Interest present

            The appointment brought the risk of Influence and Bias into the Board Room
            and it came with Zero Independence
            And whoever was the Minister that signed off the appointment needs to be called out for introducing such a Risk to the organisation

            If the then Chair of RTÉ also had a financial interest in the other organisation he also Chaired, like a share holding and entitled to receive Dividends
            Then it is very murky – and I won’t say here,
            Until it is confirmed anyway

            Ideally, as Chair, he should have absented himself from any Board discussions on the matter
            as well as recorded the Conflict in both the Conflict of Interest Register in RTÉ (which must be a scream in fairness)
            And into the Minutes of every meeting where any matters involving the Communications Clinic or any of its employees, connections & clients were an agenda item

            The Chair of any organisation has to be a lot more than good at progressing through an Agenda in a timely efficient manner
            And ensuring all Directors are well prepared in advance, and they all contribute in a healthy organised manner
            They need to lead the entire Board – and for such a prestigious appointment,
            I would suggest the very least any stakeholder in RTÉ during his tenure was entitled to expect was transparency in his own actions
            So lets all assume his respective Conflicts were declared and recorded as described above whenever they presented themselves in a decision reserved for its Board

            Its also worth mentioning again, since we’re chatting about Governance
            Absolutely no way, nor should there be any cause, for a member of the Board of any organisation to involved in operational decisions, Senior Management/ Executive only.

          12. Cian

            Savage was appointed Chairman of the RTÉ Board on 23 February 2009.
            Cowen was Taoiseach, Eamon Ryan was Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.

          13. Bodger

            Tom looked after FF and Tess looked after FG. Sometimes, as with Seán Doherty’s takedown of Haughey, choreographed by Terry, their stars aligned, as it allowed Albert to become taoiseach bringing Tom in as press secretary. Good times.

      2. Toby

        Glad you correctly removed the post about Tom Savage. But the unsubstantiated rumours you spread back then have done their work. “Betrayed” is a long way from what you accused them of. Do you now accept that you were wrong with your accusations?

        And if your accusations were true, why did the police not give a fupp?

        Not your finest hour.

        1. Bodger

          They’ve had ten years to challenge anything we’ve written. Not even a solicitor’s letter. Betrayal is a euphemism for their sleaziness.

        2. Toby

          Betrayal is not what you inferred they were guilty of, and well you know it. Your reporting at the time was hysterical and shoddy. I thought you believed in integrity etc. You know well what you accused them of with your Nancy Drew theories. No harm to admit when you got it wrong. You’ve been right on a few other things in fairness. Like Gemma.

  9. d

    vile woman. PR people like her have no conscience. to quote her longtime best friend Dr. John O’Connell, there is no such thing as right and wrong, only interests.

  10. eamonn

    Quick post some of those pictures of Trees/Rivers/Nature.
    My eyes hurt – Not a fan of that person at all.
    Roderick chooses his friends like he has something to hide.
    Maybe he does feel shame?

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