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From top: A  new memorial in honour of children who died in the Clare County Nursery in Kilrush; Dr John Treacy of Burial Grounds Unit at Clare Co Co.


Old Shanakyle Graveyard, county Clare.

A sculpture was unveiled  by Clare County Council in honour of the children who died at the Kilrush Nursery.

As many as 168 babies may have died at the site when it was in operation between 1923 and 1932

Breeda Murphy, PRO of the The Tuam Mother and Baby Home Alliance, writes:

We attended this memorial event invited by CEO of Clare Co Co Pat Dowling, the Cathaoirleach PJ Ryan and historian Dr John Treacy of Burial Grounds Unit at Clare Co Co.

Over the past eighteen months Clare county council have engaged specialists in an effort to locate the burial site of remains of infants and children from the Kilrush Nursery which operated from 1922-1932 as a Mother and Baby Home for the county.

An excellent booklet was produced for the event of the extensive work largely undertaken by Dr John Treacy of Clare Co Co.

Chapter 16 of Mother and Baby Home Commission’s report dealt with the Kilrush Nursery.

In 1928 the Sisters of Mercy withdrew their services due to ‘the reluctance of the Local Government board to sanction the appointment of nuns other than trained nurses – the County is now in the hands of secular nurses’ (Mercy Archives 1928)

West Clare Historian Hails Significance Of New County Nursery Memorial In Kilrush (Clare FM)

Pics: Breeda Murphy



Last night.

Mother and Baby Home survivor Marie Arbuckle (top in 2021) joined campaigners Eunan Duffy and Frank Brehany (Breeda Murphy was away this week) to share her remarkable story of ‘cross-border child trafficking’.

After years of abusive foster care, Derry-born Marie, also known as Maria, was in St Joseph’s training school in Middletown, county Armagh when she got pregnant at 17 and brought to St Patrick’s Guild Mother and Baby home in Dublin to have her son, Paul. She was then taken taken back to Northern Ireland without Paul. The year was 1981 and they would not reunite for another 40 years.

Sasko Lazarov.RollingNews

Last night.

Mother and baby Home activists Breeda Murphy, Eunan Duffy and Frank Brehany discuss new developments on the burials bill and redress scheme for survivors of the Mother and Baby Home system in Ireland.

Breeda notes that 83 amendments to the Birth Information and Tracing Bill 2022 were denied by the government.

The trio’s alternative birth and tracing bill here

Note: Forgive the ramshackle start, entirely host’s fault.


Via Gov.ie:

The Joint Committee on Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth invites written submissions from interested individuals or groups on the general scheme of a Mother and Baby Institutions Payment Scheme Bill.

Details here


Marianvale Mother and Baby Home, county Newry


The home where Eunan was born.

Via Abandoned Northern Ireland.

I never like to see a building demolished, however, with the history thats associated with this building I’m glad that’s finally been razed.

Reports say that more than 14,000 girls and women went through baby homes and other institutions throughout Ireland from 1922-1900.

Expectant girls from as young as 14 years old were sent here by their family or church to have their babies against their will. They were even stripped of their names as soon as they crossed the doors and were not allowed to talk. They endured all sorts of physical and mental abuse from those in charge. Once the baby was born it was taken away and adopted out against their wishes.

I visited this home on several occasions and the atmosphere was always heavy and thick, I never stayed in this location long.

Abandoned N.I

This morning/afternoon.

Government Buildings, Dublin2.

Minister for Children Roderic O’Gorman (above) received cabinet approval to publish the Institutional Burials Bill that will provide a ‘legal basis’ to allow recovery and identification of the children interred at the site of the former Mother and Baby Home in Tuam.

Survivor groups say a legal basis already exists with the lawful obligation of a coroner to perform an inquest into any death within their district.

The legislation will ‘allow the Government, by order, to direct an intervention at a site and to approve the appointment of a Director to oversee and manage a phased, step-by-step approach’ comprising:

Excavation of the site
Recovery of human remains
Post recovery analysis of remains to support, where possible, establishing circumstances and cause of death
Identification of remains through DNA familial matching
Return of remains to family members or respectful re-interment.


This afternoon.

Tuam, county Galway.

Minister O’Gorman publishes Institutional Burials Bill (Gov.ie)



Blackrock, county Dublin.

ESB writes:

‘Passed this place in Blackrock yesterday. I saw it in the Missing Children documentary and never realised it was in Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown. Not many people are aware of the history of Neptune House and how it ended up, Irish style, including those that can now afford to live there.’

Meanwhile, via Youwho:

‘Between 1947 and 1975, 572 children are reported as being “exported” to America from Temple Hill House. Babies were sent to St Patrick’s Infant Hospital, Temple Hill before being adopted. Mothers did not live at Temple Hill and from the death register it would appear that these woman were in the main domestic servants, their children registered in large numbers before they reached 6 months as dying from gastroenteritis or similar. In the late 1980’s the house was purported to have been used by Sinn Féin and the Irish government for secret meetings in the lead up to the peace talks.​’

Temple Hill House (Youwho)

Last night.

Mother and Baby Home activists Breeda Murphy, Eunan Duffy and Frank Brehany discuss the redress scheme for survivors announced yesterday by Minister for Children Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth Roderic O’Gorman (top).

Mother and baby home redress scheme described as ‘paltry and insulting’ (Irish Examiner)


Yesterday: Terms Of Redress


This afternoon.

Frank Brehany, on his own podcast, explores Ireland’s resistance to redress.

This morning’s Irish Times

This morning.

Despite assurances following the leak of the Mother and Baby Home Commission of Investigation’s final report last January that survivor groups would be the first to know about proposals for a new redress scheme, details appear to have been leaked at cabinet level.

Mother and Baby Home Scheme Widened (Irish Times)

This morning.

Via Minister for Children Roderic O’Gorman:

To survivors and former residents of Mother and Baby Institutions, their families and advocates,

In July, I contacted you all to let you know that I hoped to bring proposals for a redress scheme to Government early in the autumn session. I want to now update you on my intention to bring proposals to Government for approval early in October and to publish them on the same day that they are approved.

I know that there is ongoing media speculation regarding the scheme, however, I can confirm that Government has not yet approved proposals for the scheme. I plan to bring detailed and costed proposals to Government early in October and publish them immediately once approved. As soon as this happens, they will be shared directly with you.


Last night.

Mother and Baby Home activists Breeda Murphy, Eunan Duffy and Frank Brehany discuss recent issues affecting the survivor community, including, further redress delays and Katherine Zappone’s ‘reward’.

The panel are asked, is there any political opposition to the ‘General Scheme of a Certain Institutional Burials (Authorised Interventions) Bill’, which will remove the coroner’s role in the investigations of deaths at institutions?

Breeda, Eunan and Frank are behind Separation, Appropriation and Loss Initiative (SALI) and have drafted an alternative bill, The Institutions Recognised or Suspected Burial Grounds Bill 2021, which incorporates ‘the vital role Irish Coroners must play’.

This is the 22nd episode in a series of shows looking at the final report of the Mother and Baby Home Commission of Investigation.

Tonight: historian Catherine Corless and Sarah Anne Buckley of NUIG Oral History project will be on The Late Late Show on RTÉ One starting at 9.35pm.


Yesterday evening.

Tuam, county Galway.

Catholic activists Eugene Jordan and Brian Nugent applaud the findings of the Mother and Baby Home Commission of Investigation while standing on a burial ground at the former Tuam Mother and Baby Home, where the remains of 796 dead babies and children were left in a sewage tank underneath and still await exhumation.


Thanks Breeda

Last night.

Legal academics Mariead Enright and Aoife O’Donoghue joined Mother and Baby Home activists Breeda Murphy and Frank Brehany to discuss a new alternative Mother and Baby Home ‘Executive Summary’.

Maiiread, Aoife and 23 other scholars last week published a detailed draft based on evidence given to the Mother and Baby Home Commission of Investigation. It posits starkly different conclusions using the same evidence, while remaining within the original Terms of Reference.

This is the 20th in a series of showing look at all aspects of the Mother and baby Home Report. They can be viewed here.

Rewritten ‘Executive Summary’ available here

Original ‘Executive Summary’ here

Rights and the Mother and Baby Homes Report Launch (TU Dublin)

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