Win Nick’s Voucher [Extended]


Thank Fred it’s Friday.

That means it’s time for another music competition. This week the question is: What in your opinion is the greatest moment in heavy metal?

A song we can dedicate to all the moshpit-missing, devil-horn handed headbangers caged in by Lockdown.

Reply below to be in with a chance of bagging a hair-tangled €25 Golden Discs voucher.

Here’s mine.

Please include video links if possible.

The winner will be chosen by my tattooist.

Lines close at 5.45pm EXTENDED until 11pm.

Nick says: Good luck!

Golden Discs

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123 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Voucher [Extended]

    1. Bodger

      axelf, Nick is teasing out some runners-up on the site before the announcement. Winner declared next Tuesday.

    1. johnny


      …really loud,with LA fading into the haze and background on a friday eve,dessert waiting,pack marlboro red, a cold bud,the dog and gf riding shotgun in the truck, just a great track which still sounds amazing today,track 2 off their debut album deepest purple, Tarantino used it in his film “Once Upon a Time..

      fighting irish my ass.

      1. Micko


        I was always quite partial to the more uptempo Kula Shaker version too

        But ya can’t beat the tone of the original

        1. johnny

          thanks and have a great weekend,another highlight has be,Run The Jewels – Close Your Eyes (And Count To F**k) feat. Zack de la Rocha-frontman- Rage Against The Machine.

          run them jewels fast,run them jewels…

          but for me the Linkin Park – Jay Z- Numb/Encore is where hip hop meets metal,grounbeaking and still sounding fresh.

          …you are far to kind,can i get,can i get an encore…do you want more….:)

          1. Clampers Outside

            Not a big fan of either Linkin Park or Jay Z in general, and the only music I ever did purchase, as far as I can recall, of either artists was that live album DVD, Collision Course :)

          2. Clampers Outside

            Holy crap… That ‘Run The Jewels’ track is deadly, and the video too with blurb behind it in the link is a good read :) Never heard it before… Giving it a second spin with a bit of welly now… Ta for sharin’ that!

          3. johnny

            agreed clampers, Jay Z is a neighborhood icon in my hood in Brooklyn,Nipsy Hussle in my part LA.
            back in the day when there was live music Run The Jewels played one the piers on west side ny late night-was one the best live shows id seen in a long time.
            enjoyed your Deafhaven link, listened last album a lot,Ordinary Corrupt Human Love with Canary Yellow a fav,fantastic album.


  1. Me

    The caged idea reminded me of watching this on a Friday night in the 90s, stuck home as a teen with nowhere to go out to. It has all the contemporary references we need; a literal cage, lots of human contact, lyrics about disorder and Max’s anti-Nazi t-shirt.
    Sepultura on The Word:

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Oh yeah! I can’t remember her name but her brother was called Buster.
        Amanda De Cadenet?!? Just came to me.

  2. johnny

    3 stoner burnout kids from San Jose, guitarist Matt Pike, bassist Al Cisneros, and drummer Chris Hakius recorded one the greatest moments in heavy metal.

    Its a one hour song,a one song album,which was released 16 years after it was recorded,its often considered the essential stoner recording.

    The story behind “dopesmoker” has been retold many times,written about,discussed in interviews,but without question its influence on substance ,style and ambition in heavy metal long outlived the band.

  3. Nicorigo

    Led Zeppelin -Achille’s last stand-

    I’ll cite one of the genre pionniers (with Black Sabbath and Deep purple) and a song that boasts the typical thick, massive sound of Led Zep: the galloping bass of John Paul Jones and the clattering drum of John Bonham.
    Achille’s is one their more underrated song too and a bloody ride from start to finish.

    1. Ben Madigan

      If you were to hand pick 4 guys to make the ultimate rock band you would probably just end up with Led Zep

        1. Ghost of Yep

          Well I hope you enjoy yourself

          Oh and don’t forget to fight the break of dawn cause we all know come tomorrow….well tomorrow you’ll be gone.

  4. scottser

    clive burr’s snare intro to iron maiden’s ‘murders in the rue morgue’. things like this are the reason that scottser has 2 gigging drum kits, a rake of snares and cymbals, an electronic kit for home practice and another kit in bits in the shed waiting to be restored. all because the mammy would never let me have a drum kit when i was young. denial – it’s not just a river in egypt you know.

    1. Charger Salmons

      They’re not the sort of skins I imagined you beating on a regular basis to be honest …

      1. Joe F

        You still drinking the wine old boy. Quite disgusting your “joke” about Mrs Schumacher last night. And none of us believe who you say you are Tommy, I mean old boy. And the imaginary Mrs Charger?? That actually is a bit funny in fairness! You’ve a very vivid imagination. Anyway the rest of us are here in the real world. dealing with real people. Marvellous.

  5. Barton

    The greatest moment in heavy metal was the formation of Black Sabbath in 1968. They went on to influence almost every heavy metal band to come. War Pigs is from their second album. It is just a powerhouse of monster riffs, bass lines and excellent drumming. This, along with Ozzy straining his voice to reach those notes makes for a top headbanger tune. A masterpiece.

  6. Tarfton Clax

    As the Ace of Spades has already been picked, as has Sabbath the other Great God of metal, the golden throated Wizard of Rock himself Ronnie James Dio’s EPIC pronunciation of the word Rising…….. In the song Stargazer from the album Rainbow Rising is Metal personified.

  7. eamonn

    Therapy – Potato Junkie
    Local Talent and all that
    Metal is not a genre that has ever made me that curious, some great musicians involved all the same.
    John Bonham was nearly as good as Keith Moon in fairness.
    Who doesn’t like a song about Odin skanking his cotton socks off in valhalla !

    1. Ben Madigan

      Been listening back to Babyteeth, Pleasure Death and Nurse lately… 3 cracking albums, love the raw industrial sound, Fyfe’s drumming… started to lose interest in them after Troublegum… Like most bands I find the early stuff is the best

  8. Rosette of Sirius

    As a moment in history, it’s hard to beat what’s already been mentioned…. Especially Lemmy and Ace of Spades But the most seminal moment was when Tommy Iommi has the tips of his fingers chopped off by a machine he was working in some factory. He fashioned some prosthetic fingertips MacGyver style and found his could play more powerful chords, push strings and slide the fret bar faster and after a fashion. In short, that’s pretty the seminal moment in Metal.

    However, for me my teenage years were spend obsessing on Led Zeppelin and today remain my favorite band should I ever be forced to name one.

    Here’s Dazed and Confused from 1969. Imagine seeing these kids play this for the first time back then. It’s remains heavily blues influenced however you can really see and hear their part in the foundations metal.

    Oh, and to close the circle in the birth of metal, Richie Blackmore closes that loop. Great metal needs great guitarists. Iommi, Blackmore and Page is its legacy.

      1. H

        The crowd at a Rammstein concert is like no other I’ve experienced, that is worth seeing on its own! As for the show, that is utterly brilliant!

  9. Micko

    Some great answers there to be sure. Zep, Sabbath Motörhead, AC/DC.

    But, everyone always forgets about AC/DC’s original frontman. The late great, Bon Scott

    A man who, just exudes charisma through every pore. Look into his eyes – he’s hypnotic.

    A man TRULY enjoying himself. Pure joy.

    Here he is in one of his best performances in AC/DC’s “Let there be rock” while also dressed as a priest.

    It doesn’t get better than that. :)


    PS: Even if you don’t like AC/DC, it’s worth watching for his performance alone and for the massive 10 FOOT JUMP over the rest of the band he makes at 4:15sec.

      1. Micko

        Ah he was great alright. Total legend.

        Actually watching all these videos is REALLY making me miss live music even more. :-(

        May normal service resume soon…
        Or I’m gonna go crackers

    1. Itchysays

      It appears there’s a few here partial to Motorhead…’Never was a big fan but crossed their paths many times for various reasons and I wouldn’t disagree with them as a choice either, they were committed to the lifestyle, not just the music …with a capital C.
      For those who’ve never heard this one, a collaboration with friends, some long since passed away… check it out, it’s fast, thrilling and NWOBHM personified…fun times and memories !

      Please Don’t Touch….1980.
      Apologies for the DLT TOTPs intro…:P

    1. Clampers Outside

      A cracker of an album too :)

      Maiden were knocking it out of the park through the 80s with many great albums.

  10. Gorugeen

    Not a musical moment per se but this affected the way heavy metal was made available to kids for many years hence. Dee Snider testified in Congress defending freedom of speech and expression. He turned up in persona elliciting snickers and smug low expectations. Oh boy did he disappoint the haters?! He demolished their arguments with wit and logic and honesty. Zappa and Denver had an impact but Dee shook the house. His testimony contributed considerably to the dilution of Tipper Gore’s conservative crusade.

    1. Micko

      That’s mental. I was gonna post that, but went with Bon Scott instead.

      Truly a moment where common sense prevailed.

  11. Shayna

    I’d be a great fan of Led Zep – but Heavy Metal? I just think of them as a rock band. Proper metallers speak of Nine Inch Nails (Shayna roadied for them in London, back in the day), Metallica and what have you.., but, any time someone mentions, “Heavy Metal”, I think of this…

      1. Shayna

        Shayna hopes link werky this time – also, gutted I didn’t win.

  12. Clampers Outside

    Amidst the sound of rain and eerie guitar feedback on the opening track to Slayer’s 1983 album Reign in Blood comes three quick taps of the drum…

    dut, dut, dut…

    Repeating a little louder each time, like a clock ticking down, building on atmospheric tension tighter and tighter…

    dut, dut, dut….
    dut, dut, dut…
    dut, dut, dut…

    A sound so distinctive the entire song is recognisable from those first three beats alone.

    [ I know.
    An excitable tipsy friend was hollering “Slayer” at the bluegrass band Eirdini when they played my wedding.
    To my surprise, the drummer went
    ‘dut, dut, dut’ on his kit…
    It turned heads, more than just myself and my tipsy friend, who roared with delight.
    “He can play it too, ya know” said Jim, the singer… But alas, as much as I’d love to have heard it, its not really the sound for a wedding, not mine anyway :) But, that’s an aside. ]

    dut, dut, dut…

    … And then a clack of thunder, the 3 tap drum, now louder, adding a snarling guitar riff, before taking off at break neck speed. The now rampant drumming punching through that tension. It’s all hell let loose in those opening 40 odd seconds to ‘Raining Blood’.

    Once heard, never forgotten. It is that 3 tap sound that can so minimally get one’s pulse racing that is nothing short of iconic…. :)

    Raining Blood –

    But its not just that song, its the entire album that is iconic, paving the way for a new sound in metal.
    Always a favourite of mine for the release of tension too :)

  13. Rugbyfan

    While there are great metal albums, the people behind the songs and the stories behind the people, the greatest moment in metal for me was in 1996 when Metallica played the MTV Europe music awards in England. I remember watching it live. When the band came on they diverted from the scheduled set list and went full throttle into a couple of non tv/ radio friendly songs including the expletive laden So What! It was pretty jaw dropping and I remember thinking won’t be shown on TV again. It was edited out from any future broadcasts. It later transpired that the powers that be laid down some ground rules in relation to their performance. So in the most metal way possible, Metallica said no!

    1. Clampers Outside

      I’m in stitches laughing here… I’d forgotten about the lyrics to that track :) Super cover!
      Garage Inc Re-revisited was and still is a fav of mine with Last Caress/Green Hell on top :)

      “Well, I’ve f__ked the queen, I’ve f__ked Bach
      I’ve even sucked an old man’s cock
      So what, so what
      And I’ve f__ked a sheep, I’ve f__ked a goat
      I rammed my cock right down its throat
      So what, so what
      So what, so what, you boring little f__k”

      Lol… Wtf!?

      So What! –

  14. Clampers Outside

    Orion – Master of Puppets album version –
    Orion – Through The Never movie closing credits version –

    Metallica’s Orion is an epic, heavy melody instrumental with not one but four solos all grounded by a hard solid riff that seemlessly slips in and out of the track, pulling you in for the those head banging moments and backing off to make room for melody.
    Its at 4 minutes in the track truly takes a life of its own as Cliff Burton’s bass leads the band into progressive thrash… It’s Cliff’s time to shine :)

    Apparently he never did get to play it live before he died, in a bus crash on tour, and the track was rarely played live in full. I included the second link for Orion as it was meant as a tribute to the man.

    It is beyond doubt an iconic piece in Metal history (as is the album)

      1. Clampers Outside

        Maybe I should’ve gone with this one For Whom The Bell Tolls from Ride The Lightening…
        This is a live version so yiz get to see Cliff doing what Cliff does best \m/

        Damn! he’s a bass playing god for sure :)

  15. Clampers Outside

    Greatest “moment” in heavy metal history…. Not necessarily a song then…

    Ronnie James Dio invented this – – – > \m/

    1. Clampers Outside

      Iron Maiden’s mascot ‘Eddie’…. Not an iconic moment nor a song, but an icon of metal :)

      And not without his own string of controversies from images of him standing over the corpse of Margaret Thatcher for the single ‘Sanctuary’ to his image being adopted by the UVF for murals in Belfast from the single ‘The Trooper’

      Sanctuary – (shows artwork)

      The Trooper – (shows artwork)

    2. Clampers Outside

      … Oh, and Ozzy biting the head off a bat, wtf… lol
      (did that actually happen, dunno, but the story is legendary)

  16. Clampers Outside

    1989, Napalm Death debuts their album ‘Scum’ with 28 tracks in 33 mins and the heavy metal subgenre ‘grindcore’ is born :)

    It took me a long time to get my head around the guttural vocal style and this was the band I first listened to that had that…. All these years later, its practically soothing as memories of fun times flood in.
    What a f___ing monster of an album :)

    1. Gorugeen

      Best use of music in an Ad ever. G’wan Daley Thompson. When I was listening to Maiden Phantom of the Opera was the only song my non metal mates knew.

  17. Clampers Outside

    This is a re-post from lockdown/underrated Irish comp a couple of weeks back :)

    Because, like… \m/ yeah!! :)

    It has to be the last May release of Living For The Lockdown by Gama Bomb :)

    Recorded by the band members in lockdown in Dublin and London. This is a fun, energetic, topical ride!
    Explosive from the start with a proper deadly old skool thrash metal sound that Gama Bomb do so well it will have you bouncing off the walls of your living room, kitchen or wherever you are bound to in the confines of your own house.

    This sound really takes me back to my early days of thrash metal and having a proper laugh without a care in the world.
    And lord knows we all need to shut off for a bit and let loose now and again… Put away all the delicate ornaments, whack it up to eleven and go mental :0)

    (proceeds went to Dublin Simon Community for this too… Great bunch o’ lads, they’re the bomb!)

    Lyrics… GAMA BOMB, Living for the Lockdown!

    Nowhere to go
    Nothing to do
    Drinking in the daytime
    Living in a curfew

    Watching the news
    How long can it last?
    My personal hygiene Is a thing of the past

    I don’t know when I can get out
    But when I do we’re gonna paint the town
    Drinking, dancing, and messing around
    ‘Till then we are Living for the lockdown

    I am on Zoom
    You are on Zoom
    Asleep on the bog
    Eating in the bedroom
    You’ve run out of hash
    Fifteen viewings of Tango And Cash

    The hardest thing
    Is usually the right thing
    I’d go insane
    If it wasn’t for The Tiger King

    Dreaming of a pint
    On the other side
    A small price to pay
    For saving a life

  18. Clampers Outside

    Deafheaven’s Dream House is a track like no other… Epic use of scale adds a near orchestral feel to the sound achieved on this track… Its a defo hat tip to the producer for that achievement. For me, never has a death metal(?) track sounded so melodic and yet the drumming so lightening fast… Not for the faint hearted, but if you stick with it, once this gets going it is a dark and beautiful sound.

    Is it iconic? I dunno, but I do love it :)

  19. H

    My son has made several suggestions including Alice Cooper’s appearance in Wayne’s World and Rage Against The Machine getting the Christmas number 1.

      1. Gorugeen

        It was a campaign against Simon Cowel and xfactor. Cowel was so impressed at being kept off the number 1 spot he offered the 2 organisers lucrative jobs.

  20. H

    My husband has come in with Black Sabbath’s first album, and I think he’s right in fairness

    I would like to give these an honourable mention

    AC/DC – Back In Black –

    Motorhead – Motorhead

    Ram Jam – Black Betty –

    I really enjoyed this week’s competition, it made me look up some songs I hadn’t heard in a while :-)

      1. H

        I only caught this yesterday so we had a metal session afternoon, thanks for these two, there’s so much good stuff out there :)

  21. bemblack

    Was going to post a link to the site but then remembered some incredible musical highlights from my youth.

    Partying on a US airforce base in Germany, in the very early nineties, listening to an incredibly new and intoxicating aural and physical experience, Alice in Chains did it for me.
    I have to include two tracks:

    Alice in Chains – Rooster.


    Alice in Chains – Them Bones.

    1. Clampers Outside

      Alice in Chains would be of the old school metal variety, pre all the “new wave” stuff from Maiden to Thrash, Speed Metal etc.

      1. Clampers Outside

        But at the same time, they are mostly grunge.

        Great when a band can’t be pigeon holed :)

      2. benblack

        Cheers, Clampers!

        Thanks for ignoring superfluous posts!

        Many good memories from back then. Everything was so fresh and new, albeit, a little naïve.

        *Edit* just saw your post about Grunge.

        Eddie Vedder(Pearl Jam) and Chris Cornell(Soundgarden) were the soundtrack to my life, at the time.

        Good times.

        Music is great!

        1. benblack

          Wikipedia, however, classifies both bands(Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins) as Heavy Metal among others.

          So, both, legal entries.

          ; )

  22. benblack

    Ah, Shoot!

    A bit of overkill there!

    Any chance the mods could clean that up please.


    Posts just kept disappearing, and I kept posting.


  23. The Masked Raider

    If Clampers doesn’t win, that would be a sin.
    She (or he) should get a prize for participation.

  24. Clampers Outside

    One last throw of the die…

    Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalised

    If ever a track summed up the rebellion of youth and the feelings of being misunderstood by one’s parents, to put it mildly. An anthem of my youth, not that I felt misunderstood, I just loved the energy :)

    “… All I wanted was a Pepsi,
    And she wouldn’t give it to me!
    I’m not crazy,

    You’re the one that’s crazy,

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