In Ballinteer [Updated]


This morning.

The bodies of a woman and two children have been discovered in a house in the Llewellyn estate in Ballinteer, Dublin.

Gardaí forced their way into the house and found a woman, believed to be a mother, and two children, a boy and a girl aged between six and 11.

Via Irish Times:

“Gardaí are currently at the scene of an incident at a residential property in south Dublin where the bodies of two children and an adult have been discovered. There is no further information available at this time,” Garda Headquarters said in a statement.

Mother and two children found dead at south Dublin house (irish Times)

Bodies of woman and two children found in Dublin house (RTÉ)

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28 thoughts on “In Ballinteer [Updated]

      1. Ron

        I personally know of 3 suicide funerals . 2 during lockdown 1 and another young man just the weekend gone. All lockdown related. All 3 were males aged between 30 and 35.

        NPHET take note

          1. Ron

            In your rush to put your foot in your mouth you forgot to read the part where I said the suicides I’m talking about were all COVID related. I suppose the easy thing would be to mock your stupidity, but that doesn’t help you. My main advice to you would be to really start to think before you speak. Work things out in your head first before you commit to words even if it slows you down. Practice that and I definitely think you have the potential to say something relevant in the near future. Good luck on your journey

            NPHET take note

          2. Charlie

            Just because suicides occur during the Covid period doesn’t mean it’s as a direct result of Covid. More importantly, this thread is nothing to do with suicide but somehow you’ve managed to turn this tragedy to emphasise your selfish moany personal agenda. Shame on you.

          3. Ron

            COVID related suicides I said you idiot lol. I’m not offering my opinion. When someone writes a letter that says their suicide is related to what’s happened their life with lockdown that’s a pretty clear indication it’s COVID related.

          4. Charlie

            Yea sure. Keep digging that hole spoofer. Zero respect for what’s happened today. Welcome to the Ronnie agenda show. Open the pubs, leave your mask at the door and raise your tricolor. Pints of persecution all round.

        1. Vanessanelle

          Given that well over 50% of NPHETs composition is Dept of Health / HSE employees
          employees that have overseen the savaging of our Health Care System, and our Mental Health Services over the last 20 years – I think getting them to bother to notice now is like expecting you’ll have every chance of winning the lotto tonight

          1. Cian

            Are you suggesting that the Regional Health Boards (as they were) in 2000 were better than the HSE is today?

  1. Joe

    It’s wrong to speculate on what happened to these poor people. Suffice to say its is a terrible tragedy and heaven help their relatives.
    We definitely do not need idiotic tweets from the likes of a hypocrite like Regina Doherty. Hard to believe that she would stoop so low to abuse a tragedy like this to further her own profit before people agenda.She dares to mention mental health when Fine Gael and their underlings the FF/GP shower have done their utmost to undermine mental health provision in Ireland.

  2. jockey

    It’s so weird, it’s like there has never been a carbon monoxide tragedy, for example, in this country. People just let their brains wander without keeping it in check. With zero facts, we can make zero assumptions. How can something that simple be misunderstood?

  3. ian-oh

    Dear God, that’s unbearably tragic.

    Apparently looking for a man in relation to this, although that could mean anything, maybe they just want to inform him for all we know, but yes, agree with you Joe about Doherty, she should can it until the facts are established, people might misconstrue that to think this was suicide – it might have been but its crass to use this to try score a political point.

    Leave this alone, let the Gardai investigate this and let their loved ones mourn without being subjected to unwarranted speculation.

  4. Rosette of Sirius

    Look. This sorts of incidents are not new. Just ask the people of Cavan, Wexford, Howth and countless other communities across the country. Attempting to tie these terrible events to a specific narrative other than the dreadful state of mental health supports in this country is perverse. There’s no other word for it.

  5. Gabby

    There is a rush to place the latest announced, apparently involuntary, homicide into a pattern. Until the Gardai reveal more details about how the deaths happened it would be better for the internet commentariat to withold comment.

    1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      Indeed. Which is why investigation and reporting needs to be accurate, timely and informative, to prevent idle speculation. It seems a lot of people would rather no reporting at all of tragic mortalities, given the complaints over the Kanturk incident reporting.

      RIP, to the victims.

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