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        1. SOQ

          GOP poll watchers being thrown out as absentee ballot counting is happening

          An interview with a ballot counter claiming all sorts or irregularities.

          Windows being blocked out in Wayne county Michigan so people outside cannot see in and them then shouting ‘stop the vote’.

          This is Rudy Giuliani about an hour ago.


          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Trumpets want to stop counting votes in some districts, but demanding all votes must be counted in others… hmm, I wonder what the raison d’etre behind that is?

          2. SOQ

            According to Fox- Detroit Voter Roll Lawsuit is

            – 4788 duplicate registrations
            – 32519 more registered voters than eligible voters
            – 2503 dead people registered
            – One voter born in 1823

            If this is true then those figures came from somewhere.

            What is really odd is why people were allowed to post their votes on the same day as the election- the closing date for postal is always 3-4 days before the actual surely?

          3. SOQ

            Just because it doesn’t fit into your narrative does not make it a conspiracy Nigel- the US is divided like never before so of course there will be fraud- the question is how much and by who.

      1. Rosette of Sirius

        Whereas local GOPers on the ground from the outset reporting no such incidents. Clearly doesn’t work for President $h!t$torm O’Gasoline that.

      2. deluded

        Joe Biden
        Got the MOST votes!
        Of ANY president
        EVER! (—-it was this big—-)
        In the history of the United States.


        1. Cian

          And Trump is currently on 68,370,473 votes – which would put him in third place (after Biden 2020 and Obama 2008)

          Obama 2008 got 69,498,516 votes… so Trump may exceed that number this year.

    1. Junkface

      Yep, I think Biden will be the confirmed winner within the next few days. Trump being the whiniest bitch in the world of course threatens court action. That’s his modus operandi for his entire life, he must have a world record for disputes in court.

      This talk of voter fraud from Guiliani is also ridiculous. They will have to provide hard evidence, the numbers for this kind of thing are usually below 1%.

      1. Junkface

        I don’t think the USA will ever go back to exactly what it was before Trump. He will start his own TV channel after they manage to kick him out of the White House. Trumpism has already taken over the GOP. What we will have now are hordes of rude, idiotic Trump copycats running for office in every state.
        On the democrats side, Biden will be a middle of the road, normal President. He will struggle to get all of his plans through the senate, as it is still tied. If something happens to his health and he has to retire early, then Kamala Harris will be president, and quite a disaster too. She is a shameless careerist with no integrity, no vision, just latches onto the latest cultural trends. Thos laughing interviews of hers just look deranged.

        The future of America will look more like Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop.

        1. Len

          oh But it will
          Now the fuse has been lit
          You reap exactly what you sow
          Anyway time will tell and when black America in the ghettos see no change?

          Any way we have enough problems here

      1. goldenbrown

        thanks Janet
        Dav, it’s pretty much as Janet says there with me

        the only thing I’m anti is shovelling in some v1.0 of a vaccine into my bod (and everyone else’s) because a Govt. says so.

        I know enough about science and engineering to know that this “race to the vaccine” narrative is such a load of impractical and dangerous blx so I’ll make my own decision on whether to take something like a vaccine or not based on sound evidence, not because it’s pushed by ze authorities as a hopeful stab at something nobody fully understands yet

        I’m highlighting a story there about a well known scenario from our own recent past that demonstrates how the show rolls – they KNEW Pandemerix had issues yet they belligerently kept pushing it on us. I clearly remember the flurry of calls into the radio talk shows at the time, the likes of Joe and Kenny and the swathes of “expert” guests poo-poohing any of the complaints as basically being growing pains, normally occurring issues, statistically irrelevant, faaaar more important to get the herd immunity going (and keep GSK happy of course)

        There WILL be a massive EU and Govt push to “gerrit inta ya” with whatever half baked v1.0 C19 vaccine is coming – I will reject it – you go ahead and take your chances if you want but I hope you think critically about it whatever your decision

        …now then, where are those Iodine tabs gone?

          1. goldenbrown

            interesting comparison alright…although very different times with a far more complaint and far less knowledgeable population involved

            it will certainly be interesting to see what sort of construct is deployed to “encourage” us to take it

            by my own straw poll it’s only 2 in 10 – tho we all know how unreliable the polls are ;)

        1. E'Matty


          “after he received the Pandemrix vaccine at school in February 2010 during the swine flu pandemic.”

          “The British Medical Journal published an investigation last September which noted that serious safety concerns were raised in 2009, nearly two years before the vaccine’s use was stopped in Ireland.”

          Yet some want us all to just “trust the government” unquestioningly on this. It’s almost like they suffer from some sort of amnesia and the raft of State scandals never ever happened. The same happened back in the day with Thalidoimide when those raising the red flag (notably obstetrician William McBride) and warning about birth defects, babies dying just after birth and miscarriages resulting from use of the “morning sickness” drug were labelled as “cranks” and we were told “there was no causal link proven”.

          The political pressure and financial incentives to be first to market with a “viable” vaccine makes for exactly the wrong kind of environment for safe development. “Operation Warp Speed” doesn’t exactly fill one with confidence that shortcuts won’t be taken. Yet, those expressing such concerns are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-vaxxers”. When access to certain public areas, hospitals, maybe even schools, or modes of travel national and international, all move to requiring vaccination, as a pre-requisite, it becomes clear how much pressure will placed on citizens to receive whatever vaccine is decided upon by the goverment in coordination with Big Pharma. Hard to justify placing children at risk to a new vaccine when they are at next to no risk from Covid.

          1. goldenbrown

            well that’s just it E’Matty

            I predict there will also be a myriad of flavours available, some better than others, some misbehaving depending on the person’s make up like Pandemrix there…..imagine the State has spent millions on something that plays out like Pandemrix, how’s that gonna go? (hint: just like Pandemrix)
            sure you only have to look at the “race” itself to see there won’t be one definitive answer being sold so you can use whatever number that is to use as a risk multiplier for starters lol

            there is gonna to have to be a very hard sell for this hurry scurry version release of C19 juice to be willingly consumed by our citizens

            I have a fair suspicion it’s not going to be a passive affair

            what a crapshoot

          2. SOQ

            Actually the people I feel sorry for are the front line health workers who will become front line for another reason- as for them this vaccination will be mandatory.

            Just think about that for a minute- front line health workers- the most important people in our society- are going to be the mass guinea pigs for God knows what.

          3. Cian

            funny you feel bad for the front line workers.

            You keep pushing for a “herd immunity” route that would stretch the health care to maximum exposure.

            At least 20% of all + cases in Ireland have been healthcare workers.

            from back in August:

            A total of 329 healthcare staff, all aged between 34 and 54, have been hospitalised with the virus since March.
            At least 137 of these workers did not have an underlying condition.

            A further 53 of them, between the ages of 43 and 60, have been admitted to an ICU – accounting for 16% of Ireland critical coronavirus cases.
            The HPSC states that 11 of these did not have an underlying condition while the remaining 42 did.

            A total of eight healthcare workers in Ireland have died after contracting Covid-19, including one “probable” case.


          4. Nigel

            I was just thinking that. Biit late to start pretending to worry about front line workers’ health only when a vaccine becomes avauiable.

  1. scottser

    Well thank Xenu our beloved child murdering democrats are back in power. All we had to do was dress up authoritarianism as free speech and liberty and those suckers fell for it.
    Anyone for pizza?

  2. Clampers Outside

    Dont look Bodger, it’s just terrible. What a waste of a good pun… “Bye Don”.
    Tsk, Tsk, can do better…

    1. Charger Salmons

      It certainly looks Don and dusted at this stage.
      Wahaay !

      I’ll get me KKK hood and gown.

        1. Charlie

          Don’t “bet” Charger. You can’t afford any more losses after “lumping” on Donald *winks, smiles wryly & moonwalks from the room*

          1. Charger Salmons

            You know the golden rule of gambling.
            Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose.

            * winks while hiding Lady Charger’s Brown Thomas Loyalty Card *

  3. SOQ

    Cold-blooded revenge of a woman scorned: SIMON WALTERS watches Theresa May tear into ‘dodgy data’ PM used to justify the case for lockdown as 50 Tories stage revolt in Commons

    After Boris ran out of the chambers Theresa May said “The fugues are chosen to support the policy rather than the policy been based on the figures.“ She is right of course- the predicted 1000 deaths by end of October never happened- so why would you lockdown the country on the rest of it?


    1. Charger Salmons

      You should know better at this stage than to highlight an article in the dreaded Daily Mail.
      I can think of at least half a dozen posters on here who will already be on their second pair of jocks today.
      Incoming in 3-2-1 ….


      1. Joe F

        Well clown man, what about your prediction on the election?
        What about you going to the North of England a few weeks ago for a few pints, and spewing on about how unnecessary all this lockdown malarkey was?
        What are you saying about a Brexit deal?
        Leave the predictions to people who have some idea of what’s going on old boy.
        What a clown you are.

        1. Charger Salmons

          But it’s who that is reporting it that will have the usual suspects up on their hind feet.
          Unless it’s from a politically correct source it can’t be true.

    2. Cian

      It hit 492 yesterday – 4 days into November.
      The numbers of deaths across Europe are scary.

      The second wave is here.

      1. SOQ

        and are the overall fatalities anything out of the ordinary for this time of year Cian?

        We both know the answer to that.

        1. Cian

          I don’t. And you don’t. Nobody knows, because that information isn’t compiled yet.

          All across Europe the deaths and cases are going up – except Ireland. Why? We locked down a week earlier than the rest.

          Hell, even Sweden is locking down.

          1. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

            are they, when a heart attack in Scotland gives cause of death covid ( from a woman with a history of a bad heart ).
            SOQ you are supposed to be so afraid that you can’t have any critical thought or ask even reasonable questions without being classed as a loon.

          2. Cian

            Sweden’s lockdown-lite
            As of Tuesday, Swedes in seven of the country’s 21 regions — representing roughly 70% of the population — will be required to:
            – Avoid physical contact with people besides those with whom they share a home
            – Avoid indoor spaces in which crowds can form
            – Avoid parties, weddings, funerals and similar events
            – Employers should ensure that staff who can work from home do so


          3. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

            so just what they are already doing, it sounds like a few extra steps on their social distancing

          4. Cian

            And our Level 5 is just a few extra steps on Level 3.

            Some parts of Sweden ask:

            * Avoid public transport or other public means of transportation.
            * Refrain from being in indoor environments such as shops, shopping centres, museums, libraries, swimming pools and gyms, with the exception of necessary visits to grocery stores or pharmacies.
            * Refrain from attending, for example, meetings, concerts, performances, sports training, matches and competitions.
            * If possible avoid physical contact with people other than those you live with.

            So it’s like our Level 5, except it is a request rather than a law. We forced non-essential shops to close, they have told people not to go to non-essential shops. one other difference is that restaurants are still open there (8-person groups, similar to our Level 3.


          5. SOQ

            Agreed Janet- fear as a means of control

            Apart from a spike in April Cian- there was no extra fatalities when we had a pandemic so why would there be extra now?

            That is not lockdown lite in Sweden- that is common sense- bars, restaurants, shops and schools remain open.

            I notice you fail to mention that our hospital bed count has neither gone up nor down- its nearly like it does its own thing regardless.

          6. Cian

            The hospital and ICU numbers have been rising slowly in September and then more quickly into October..
            The whole country (joined Dublin and Donegal) into Level 3 on 6th Oct, and we all went to level 5 on 21st October.

            The hospital numbers broke 300 on 20th October and have fluctuated up to 350 and back to 307 today.
            The ICU numbers hit 37 on 20th October, fluctuated there for a week, then around the 44 mark for a week and back to 38 today.

            The both look like they have peaked, and considering that the daily cases has peaked, I’d expect these to slowly reduce over the next 3-4 weeks.
            My prediction: by 1st December: ICU low 20s; Hospitals 120s

            Now it might be a coincidence that these numbers all peaked and turned when we had a lockdown…. but the rest of Europe didn’t lock down as early and their numbers continued to rise.

          7. SOQ

            Sorry- is Sweden not in Europe anymore?

            I said hospital bed use not ICU- it has largely been consistent- zero impact from lockdown.

  4. ian-oh

    Interesting story on the front of the Sligo Weekender about the team being hit of Covid 19. Paul Taylor seems to have been on a bit of a break from the world these last few months:

    ”We can see now what can happen in relation to Covid” says Paul.

    Really? Missed March to now of this year Paul? FFS.

    He also tells how its ‘very stressful’ – not only for himself, but for the whole group.

    Em, you’re the manager, it sounds to me like the severity of this only occurred to you after it ripped through the team and now others, presumably those infected would be at least as stressed as you are by the whole thing?

    Jesus wept. He is the manager of the team, surely his comments suggest he did not take this as seriously and if so, how much culpability does he have for the infected players? Maybe none of course, outside the headline I have scant few details about what happened so its entirely possible it was just a lot of very bad luck, but when you express surprise about how quick it passed through the team you need to wonder how much precautions were taken leading up to the infection of the players.

    But no, Sligo Weekender think his ‘shock’ is the real story here? Some world class journalism there lads.

  5. Charger Salmons

    The Republicans’ road map to getting back into the Oval Office in 2024 is clear.
    Trump looks like winning the highest share of the non-white vote for the GOP since 1960.
    The Latinos didn’t migrate from socialist countries with chronic infrastructure and public disorder to want that in the US too.
    And with a Republican Senate and packed Supreme Court Sleepy Joe will struggle to get his mojo working.

    1. bisted

      …you seem to have spelt deported wrong there Charger…at least, in terms of the Cuban deplorables deported by Castro to Florida…

  6. Johnny

    Biden 1,469,341 50.5% (+2.4)
    Trump 1,400,951 48.1%

    2,910,053 votes counted. Estimated >99% in

    h/t decision desk.

  7. Charger Salmons

    Just watched another Downing Street press conference with Boris and the head of the NHS being questioned live on Zoom by hacks and yet again I ask myself why is this not happening here.
    Eight months into this pandemic and we’re still relying on George Lee’s interpretation of the information being given.
    Often it’s not the facts at these press conferences that matter but the manner in which they’re being delivered that’s important.
    A nation in lockdown and being asked to make huge sacrifices should be entitled to all HSE briefings being carried live on RTE.
    And Mehole should be there at every one of them being asked difficult questions.

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