‘Corrosive Forces’


From top: Village magazine website; Tanaiste Leo Varadkar arriving at the Dáil in the Convention Cerntre


“There is more to this story than the sharing of a confidential document. I wish to speak about that for a moment.

“Our democracy is strong but we are not immune from the corrosive forces being experienced in other established democracies. I refer to fake news, conspiracy theories, the far right, the far left, unregulated fringe publications and unverified social media grievances, score-settling and smears masquerading as journalism, activism or some sort of anti-corruption crusade.

…I wish to put on the record that many of the claims made about me were trumped-up or simply made-up. Monday’s [Village] article was just one example of this. It alleged ten encounters, many of which simply did not and could not have happened, particularly as I was in Brussels on two occasions, Barcelona on one, out of Dublin on another or demonstrably doing Government business. It claimed four meetings with the Ministers, Deputies Donohoe and Harris, which also never happened. All could have been easily verified and checked if the truth mattered. Truth did not matter, however, and was not the objective.”

Tanaiste Leo Varadkar during his no-confidence debate yesterday.


At least 10 times not 2 or 3 (Village)


54 thoughts on “‘Corrosive Forces’

  1. Anti Bots

    Come on in Goo and your army of friends. BTW where do you get paid? Ireland or the UK? Are you not embarrassed that your leader got owned by Pat Kenny?

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Wasn’t it a great interview?
      Miriam Lord reports on similar humorous back-firings from the no-confidence motion last night.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      MLAL is back ROFL.

      Sure aren’t assumptions great eh?

      In the real world, Confidence Tricksters trick us all.

      1. Anti Bots

        What does MLAL mean? Ah go on answer the questions posed above. Go on, grow a pair, and stop being a shrill. You have been crowing all week about SF, and nothing happened, but you can’t answer a simple question. Are you not embarrassed at this stage, so much so to change your name? And oh the irony, the shinners complaining about tricksters.

          1. MME

            From anyone else GiggidyGoo! You’re on here day, morning, noon and night flinging toys out of your pram and failing to land one hit. Wired and sleep-deprived does not a proficient Shinnerbot make. And you claim to be on the A-team?

            And then we are supposed to believe you, by your own words, “keep the country running” while we all sleep?!


          2. GiggidyGoo

            Great to be in your head all the same. Nighty night. Tuck your pal MLAL in. ROFL !(Not too loud in case you wake it)

      2. Anti Bots

        Ah go one Goo. Answer a question. Holier then thou, but cannot answer a question. Trump type tactics. Where do you get paid? Go on….? Or does Mary and Gerry have to clear this?

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Heee heee. Missed your rantings. They’re getting less coherent mind you. Ease up on the old sauce there.

  2. RuilleBuille

    Lest we forget Leo the Leak admitted passing on confidential documents to an unauthorised person.

    He has refused to admit what he did was wrong and was given a free pass by MM.

    1. v AKA Frilly Keane

      you know what
      If everyone in and on whatever type of media
      fringe or not
      Social or mainstream

      Stuck to that
      Leo admitting he shared the document

      Instead of the tweets, texts whatsapps emojis
      and all the rest of the giddy bootycall’ish nonsense

      This would have had a very different ending
      Very different

      1. seanydelight

        Provided an unauthorized person, friend or not with confidential documents to gain advantage in negotiations with rival organisation.

        He’s minister for trade. Brexit will never truly finish, given the only physical border is with us.

        The should have been confidence in our trustworthiness with partners at a crucial time, and the willingness of coalition to sponsor that message.

        I’m not a shinner, and won’t be after how they failed to land a proper punch here. Perhaps opposition suits them for time being.

        1. v AKA Frilly Keane

          If they all focused on the deed that was done by Leo
          and not the mess of messages etc around it
          and the character of the characters involved

          Leo would be at home now watching Truth Seekers
          ateing swiss roll straight from the box, holding it like a breakfast roll
          checking his phone
          and gasping for a smoothie (✿◡‿◡)

          really really disappointed nobody stuck to the Probity element
          and the seal of confidence
          At the very least he would have be Denis Naughten’ed and then Albert Reynold’ed

          give me enough time
          Maria Baiey’ed as well

  3. Liam Deliverance

    If those texts/whatsapps are genuine then these two had planned to meet on these occasions but did not for whatever reason. So yes, friends

    1. f_lawless

      I’m not aware of any attempt to discredit the texts as being fake, so for one to believe Varadkar’s line of defence, one would also have to believe that Ó Tuathail is a fantasist, I guess

    2. axelf

      of course we’ll neverknow because leo has admitted to deleting the texts from his own phone. if its his governmental phone then theyre FOIable

  4. Toby

    The MSM have been caught rotten here. RTE and Irish Times totally lost credibility. Karma will repay them in spades.

    And the naked loathing of Sinn Fein is alarming at this stage. It says something about us that the only true Republican Party that stands for anti-imperialism and independence is the most hated in mainstream media and establishment Ireland. two words.- Water Protests.

        1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

          Your west brits have a transparent leadership hierarchy.
          Voters understand what they’re electing.

          1. Bruncvik

            In 2017, the west brits elected Varadkar as their party leader despite Coveney getting nearly twice as many votes. While there are known rules of leadership election, I wouldn’t consider 73 people overruling the next ten thousand transparent.

          2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

            Published rules, followed correctly with scrutiny are always transparent.
            However, I was referring General Elections. Irish citizens elected your west brits knowing what the top of the party looks like.
            Its less transparent who sits upstairs at Parnell Sq W, or to whom the hot-line on MLMcD’s desk connects.

          3. Toby

            Your west brits have a history of colonialism, slavery, empire, persecution and global theft. And then you ask about Sinn Feins record. Give me a break.

            The British are the cancer of history.

          4. theo kretschmar schuldorff

            Jesus – we’re still talking about Fine Gael, yes?
            They don’t have that history.

          5. Toby

            They just wish they had. They only tried to introduce racism here and fought independence with every pulse of their poppy shaped hearts.

          6. Cian

            explain how Mary Lou was made leader of SF?
            Was there a vote? What were the details of the vote?
            How democratic are Sinn Fein?

            Pot, kettle, black.

        2. Cian

          Isn’t the IRA Army Council primarily based in NI – all of them are (technically) British citizens.
          Has the IRA Army Council stopped controlling Sinn Fein?

          => SF is a northern brit cult.

          1. MME

            No GiggidyGoo and I think I speak for most people here, we just want you to get a bit of kip.

            Mary-Lou won’t mind.

            Go on. Bobby Storey wouldn’t have minded either.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Hee hee hee. Great living in your head, with the option of holidaying in Cians and MLAL’s too. Who needs foreign holidays. ROFL

          3. GiggidyGoo

            That’s a question you need to put to SF Cian. Somehow you perceive anyone who outs FFG as SF. Pretty lame. Your posting has gone piddle poor this last month. Late nights, double shifts must be catching up. The SCU Members won’t be happy with you.
            Keep that confidential now won’t ya?

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Ha haaaa. MME’s training isn’t going well. Nightly night. There there. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. ROFL+

          5. MME

            Maybe a cold compress will help you GiggidyGoo?

            I’m just trying to help.

            Have you perhaps considered Melatonin?

            I mean, I want to you be your best when you’re “keeping the country going” in the wee hours.

            You need to be, cough, at your “best”.


  5. frank

    So hold on there… Varadkar didn’t send a confidential agreement to a private individual and even if he did which he didn’t because he wasn’t in the pub that night it was Sinn Fein pulling the strings with their secret council in Belfast. The mask slips. Tell us where they’re buried. Look over there!!! a squirrel wearing a top hat. etc.

    This is really shameful stuff by FFG & Co. and by their media sillies

  6. Madam X

    SF motion in the Dail was never going to sink Leo. It was for effect only. The fact is MM could not remove Leo or the coalition would have collapsed. If it was a FG Minister that would be entirely different a la Barry Cowan etc. Sadly political expediency took presidence over ethics

  7. goldenbrown

    Varadker whilst Taoiseach got caught playing at snakey dishonest Machiavellian games.

    Furthermore he received unmerited protection and was shielded from any meaningful accountability not just from those within his own party (bad enough but sure what’s new) but incredibly from FF and the Greens who’s own ends justified the means, certainly nothing to do with giving us ordinary citizenry fair vocational transparent politics anyway. all aided and abetted by the usual suspects.

    that’s all there is to know here

    regarding accountability however Varadker may yet not have escaped that entirely however, I predict whatever comes of this into the future Varadker has fully demonstrated in public that he is unfit to be Taoiseach and I don’t believe he will get to play that role ever again, furthermore he will always be known as Leo the Leak now no matter what kind of spin he tries to play from this point onwards he will be watched like a hawk for further “character flaws”

    and when a GE is eventually upon us either naturally occurring or forced, this stinking dirty business won’t be forgotten by the voters when FF turn up at the doorsteps and on the debates and try to excuse away the failure to demonstrate any commitment to real change that the country supposedly voted for most recently

    1. MME

      Wishful thinking alas. Barring a few ultras nobody currently cares about this nor will anyone care at the next GE. Stuff of fantasy to claim otherwise.

      Economy, housing and health. That will be it.

      1. goldenbrown

        sure, but it’s not business as usual anymore, is it? I believe Economy, Housing and Health will be a disaster zone 3 years from now, practically speaking we are facing into a nuclear winter of a depression no matter what spin is put on it with magic gerrit inta ya -80deg F vaccines by xmas and whatever other nonsense….smashed business, massive unemployment and catastrophic debt is what I see ahead

        and given that future vision this incident with Varadker will only add to the advantage that the likes of SF will enjoy when that GE arrives and we will have Varadker, FF and the Greens to thank for that little booster

        1. MME

          Something tells me FG will do alright next GE.

          The Shinners might do ok also but they will likely do this at the expense of other leftwingers as they’ll run two Shinners in some constituencies.

          FF and the Greens, well that I cannot foretell.

          1. v AKA Frilly Keane

            How about I tell you so

            Fine Gael will do very well in the next General

            And unless the Shinners manage to get some popular left and green and the odd eFFer to join their Tickets

            Then they may well out seat them

          2. MME

            Reasonable analysis V.

            Although some Shinner seats might not be as secure as they think. Serious issues in Clare with Violet Anne Wynne. Although Shinners could pick up in other constituencies – Dun Laoghaire one to watch.

          3. v AKA Frilly Keane

            Absolutely there in Clare
            and a few other odd ball shock results
            Also doubt Chris Andrews will return in DBS

            But they’ll gain in some
            like say if Snoddy will allow someone on his ticket there in DSC, and he plays nice
            Plus who ever gets onto Mary Lou’s, Dessie’s, Mattie’s, and Louise’s will have no bother
            so that brings an additional four in Dublin alone

          4. Cian

            I imagine SF will have a very clear vote #1 vote #2 to avoid splitting their vote.
            They can do this next time because (a)the incumbent is relatively fresh and (b) the party is in charge of the candidates.

            If/when FF or FG try to do this there is unholy war because all candidates want to be the #1. See how much hastle there is with selecting (only) 3 candidates.. and those not selected go off in a huff and try instead as “independents” (see https://www.irishtimes.com/news/fg-member-challenges-selection-of-candidates-1.717002).

            SF will sidestep this (next election or two… but that will wear thin if they remain a large party)

  8. Bruncvik

    There’s a lot to unpack in this scandal. I think it’s good that articles focus on separate issues. I have lots of misgivings about the leak and its fallout, but right now I’d like to be outraged that Mr. Varadkar complains about unregulated media. There are few things more dangerous for a well functioning democracy than media regulation, and I don’t like it at all that he insinuates the need for it.

  9. Jimmy TwoShoes

    It’s hilarious that because 6 of these messages might be being the Doctor pulling a Walter Mitty, that it some how means the 3 legitimate ones don’t count. We’re about to fire a Supreme Court judge for attending a Golf do. I know which one I think is worse.

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