“Fraying Around The Edges”


Dr Mary Favier, former President of the Irish College of General Practitioners

This morning.

Dr Mary Favier, a former president of the Irish College of General Practitioners, said support for rona restrictions is “fraying around the edges” and rising cases of Covid-19 are due to “complacency and fatigue” among the public.

Via RTÉ:

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Dr Favier said there would be problems with pubs reopening based on the current case numbers.

She said while NPHET will look very carefully at how this might be done for Christmas, caution is needed as the virus spreads when people let down their guard

Dr Favier also said restrictions on travel are appropriate now and will remain appropriate in five or six weeks’ time.

Support for Covid restrictions ‘fraying’ amid concern over rising cases (RTÉ)



GPO, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.

A protest against rona restrictions and lockdowns.


64 thoughts on ““Fraying Around The Edges”

  1. Kdoc

    The same crowd, organised by the evil shrew, who protest at everything. Their aim is not to stop mask wearing or end the Lockdown, their real agenda is to promote their far-right beliefs and groups. I think you’ll find they are also anti immigrants.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Dee Wall has taken over from Gemmtrails as racist in chief, grooming kids at 3 in the morning to follow her poisonous beliefs. The handful of ratlicking malcontents must have been such a disappointment.

        1. SOQ

          And as per usual the same ‘left wingers’ sniping at what you perceive to be the opposition but you are not left wing now are you? Not really- because if you were- you would be the biggest lock down sceptics on this site.

          Lockdowns hurt the poorest and most vulnerable at a disproportionate rate but sure none of that matters to you now does it? As long as you can sneer at ‘other other crowd’ like some school yard gang?

          Well maybe it will matter when the cancer time bomb arrives at your door or someone you love takes their own life- and all because of a stupid strategy which has been proved not to work work, time and time again.

          NOBODY will be telling me who I can and cannot see this Christmas.

          1. ReproBertie

            “proved not to work work, time and time again.”

            That depends on what the goal of the lockdown was. In Ireland, for example, it was never about eliminating the virus.

          2. ReproBertie

            Yes, it was about flattening the curve and it did exactly that.

            To put that another way, it worked.

          3. johnny

            …having a laissez-faire attitude towards containing the virus,is it not contrary to your rather alarmist,emotive,teary eyed plea’s regarding mental health,cancer,is that not inconsist with your libertarian position on covid ,survival of the fittest and all that,Ayn Rand:)
            -they let it RIP here,not working out,too oh my god….

          4. SOQ

            Flattening a curve in October- what curve was that then? The thing was already tapering off before a lockdown could have possibly had an impact. Do you ever even look at the data?

          5. ReproBertie

            Let me be clear. I am referring to the March lockdown which had a clear goal and achieved that goal, i.e. it worked.

            The October lockdown was less clearly introduced and, as a result, the goal of this lockdown is less clear.

          6. SOQ

            It definitely is not leftie to sit in your nice comfortable work from home office piling up savings arguing that lockdowns are for the common good- while others have no work and no food and soon, no place to live- that is most definitely me not we.

            Lockdowns are not communitarian, they are individualistic.

          7. Nigel

            ‘I don’t wanna awear a mask I wanna go down the pub I wanna have parties I wanna put my low-paid front-line workers at serious risk to their life and health so I can keep making money” isn’t hyper-individualist death-cult capitalism gone mad?

          8. SOQ

            And have you asked those low paid front workers what they think eh? Or is it just the usual high handed waving?

            One thing I am certain of Nigel- you are not trying to exist on €300 a week.

          9. Nigel

            As it happens, yes, I have talked to some, and none of them are happy but recognise the need to do it.
            Also as it happens, I have to get by on a lot less. You seem to have formed an entirely erroneous idea about me and used it to reinforce your covid preconceptions.

          10. Nigel

            I just said. if you think I’m giving out more personal, financial or prefessional details to someone demanding them as a form of gatekeeping, and ready to weaponise them, you must be bloody joking.

          11. SOQ

            That’s a no then- how nice of you to preach to the rest of us about how ‘selfish’ it is to want to earn a living.

          12. SOQ

            Just wondering Nigel- are you a lecturer by any chance?

            You lecture the blacks on how to be black, the trans on how to be trans, the gays on how to be gay and now- the poor on how to be poor.

            But you certainly are not trying to survive on €300 a week.

  2. Charger Salmons

    It’s inevitable that people are going to get pissed off with the ongoing restrictions but I don’t detect a groundswell of opinion changing against this or the UK government action.
    All opinion polls show people are still overwhelmingly in favour of tough action of the type being taken.
    Personally I would prefer a more localised system of lockdowns but I recognise that I am in the minority.
    As ever it’s wise not to confuse social media with real life.
    And I would prefer more openness and honesty from the government about its plans and intentions – it’s quite clear lockdown in some form or another will continue through to Spring next year otherwise why would their employer wage scheme be extended until the end of March ?

    1. ReproBertie

      “Personally I would prefer a more localised system of lockdowns but I recognise that I am in the minority.”
      I don’t think you are. I was under the impression that the 5 levels system was to allow different counties get different levels. I’m not sure if they were planning to go more local than that but it would make sense to allow counties with lower rates to be at lower levels.

    2. f_lawless

      I wouldn’t be too quick to equate opinion polls with real life either, given their track record in recent years

  3. E'Matty

    I am hoping Christmas will see the majority of Irish people largely ignore the silly restrictions and enjoy some quality time with friends and family. It’s time to end the ridiculous hysteria we have witnessed over this pathetic virus with a measly fatality rate of just 0.23%. The fearmongers and sheep have had their way for 8 months and have wrecked Irish society in their panicked state. Time for common sense and a proportionate response to a moderate virus to be adopted and a return to some semblance of normal life for the majority. It’s time we push the cowards and hypochondriacs aside and stop allowing them dominate our response. I would encourage everyone to spend time with all of the family and friends you wish to over the festive season and ignore the hysteria riddled media reports which inflate and exaggerate every threat posed by this virus. This virus is not a great threat, by any proper measure. The global establishment have tricked huge numbers of the more gullible in society into believing it is. Thankfully, more and more people are waking up to this absolute conjob by the day.

    1. dav

      “The global establishment have tricked huge numbers of the more gullible in society into believing it is”
      May I say your tinfoil is looking very fetching today..

          1. E'Matty

            That you are Dav. People like you, those absent any critical faculties (only having the ability to adopt opinions, never forming them oneself) do need the more advanced type like myself to come on here and educate you. To think I do this absolutely free of charge as well! You are very welcome.

          2. E'Matty

            @ Dav – of course you will. You have no ability to critically anaylse information for yourself so you think following “advice from paid professionals, not online conspiracy theorists” is a really intelligent and reasoned approach to adopt. What an intelligent person does is focus on the information primarily, whilst taking account of the source. You focus solely on the source and decide true or false based on that alone. If I wanted to fool you into believing a complete fallacy, I would only have to get a big figure or voice of authority to state the fallacy as fact. This is also true if I want you to discount information.

            I personally listen to everyone, especially those I disagree with, and then anaylse and research the information to assess what has a basis in reality or not. You’re voice of authority followers (i.e. you believe what is said mostly because of who has said it, as opposeed to any substantive aspect of the information itself). This is why people like you are so easily manipulated.

    2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      You are entitled to your opinion, but one point you made is confusing; ‘the global establishment’ actually want economies functioning normally and people out spending money. So how are lockdowns a form of trickery?

      1. Micko

        That’s a fair point @redundant

        And one I’ve heard a few times. Why would politicians and the global establishment want lockdowns?

        Well I think the simple answer is they don’t, but at tis stage no other solution is possible.

        Not unless they want to admit that the initial lockdown didn’t work and leave themselves open to populist politicians loosing their place in government and being sued.

      2. Rob_G

        To facilitate a new system of “marxist-collectivist techno capitalism”, according to Matty.

        Of course, this explanation doesn’t really cover why “the global establishment” would want to completely kill off the services industry, thus depriving themselves of a huge customer base; this is just one of the many reasons why this explanation, and anyone propagating it, is thick.

        1. SOQ

          And locking the country down for a mild upsurge in a seasonal virus is highly intelligent I suppose?

          Letting everyone go mad around shops for a couple weeks and then locking everything down after a spike again will be positively genius yeah?

          1. Cian

            Locking the country down for a mild upsurge in a seasonal virus would be madness.

            The second wave of Covid isn’t a mild upswing.

        2. E'Matty

          ah Rob_G – Ironically though, you’re the thick one here. What service industries are being killed off can you tell us? You’ll actually find it is the national economy, the high street and SME sector which is being strangled to death. Global goods and service providers, the major corporate and financial giants, are all positively blooming under Lockdown. I suspect you don’t actually know very much about economics or finance. You have a very simplistic view of the global economic order, almost childlike…

          1. Rob_G

            Tourism, for one.

            Perhaps you need to watch some YouTube videos about ‘the A-Z of the service industry’ as part of your “research”.

      3. E'Matty

        The global establishment want ever greater profits and power. Power is truly the main objective, money merely the means to achieve same. When you control the very production of fiat currency, money in and of itself is nothing special. The consumer demand basis for the modern capitalist system is reaching it’s inevitable end. Production capabilities now far outstrip consumer demands. So, the global ruling class have nurtured narratives based on a number of “global crises” requiring a “global solution”, which will of course require immense public expenditure and will see trillions flowing to the ruling class. To address these “crises” (a manufactured perception of crises based on claims of oncoming catastrophe from voices of authority purveyed through establishment mediums of communication under the guise of “science”, the new pseudo-religion) we are being told that a) a greater integration or centralisation of global power and decision making is necessary, 2) the emergence of a supranational (above nation states) legal governance structure to manage the aforementioned centralisation of global power, 3) a much greater merging of public and private capital (expect to hear lots of talk of “stakeholder capitalism”, 4) the mass digitization of every aspect of the world and blanket global mass surveillance to facilitate data harvesting with a view to “responsibly managing our resource use”, 5) a move away from individulism and individual freedoms and rights towards a more “community” collective approach where the “greater good” takes precedence over individual rights and so on.

        Right now, what we are witnessing is a completely exaggerated narrative surrounding a moderately dangerous virus (0.23% fatality rate) being pushed by the global establishment to induce fear and terror in the general populace, on foot of which on a global level national governments (actually it’s their civil service driving this) are each following variations of the same plan. People are to be socially divided, the building of communities and alliances physically is being rapidly eliminated, the complete destruction of the national economy and SME sectors (only the global corporate giants are to remain and dominate in the New World), large scale unemployment (in the non digital economy, digitize or die is the mantra), many never to work again, instead moving into the new UBI system of mass State dependancy. People are now to accept gross State intrusions on their freedoms and rights from their right to move about and travel freely, associate freely, protest freely, freedom of expression, even the possibility of an intrusion on the right to bodily integrity being pushed, with mandated vaccinations (or a policy of exclusion from society if refuse to comply). Indeed, one could ask what human rights and freedoms are safe from interference and imposition when the Covid pandemic or anthropogenic climate change narratives are wheeled out? None. Every right is now on the table ripe for the picking.

        We are witnessing the deliberate attempt to extinguish the idea of humans having intrinsic and “God given” rights (no God, no God given rights). Bill Gates has even stated to the effect that the response of the US was stymied by “freedom” or our desire to “optimise individual rights”. Expect to hear more about the importance of placing the collective above the individual. It’ll be sold as the kindest and most compassionate perspective to hold. Only “greedy, selfish people” will seek to hold onto those freedoms of the individual we have taken millenia to acquire.

        To see the marketing material for this stage of the transition of the global economic, political and social order, just check out the World Economic Forum’;s website where they are hard at it selling the new world. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/06/now-is-the-time-for-a-great-reset/

        You ask, what have the elites to gain from wrecking the global economy? Why, they get to control the transition and resulting new economy obviously. That and the fact we will have handed them absolute power and control over every living thing on the planet to be exercised in an instant in real time. Once this new order is established, it has the potential to last into perpetuity. How do you overthrow an order that knows what you’re thinking before you do? An order under which you cannot possibily form an alliance or group of resistance without the system already knowing. Disobey or become “problematic”, simply switch off your “card”, upon which your ability to enage in any way with society will rely entirely on.

        A cursory look at history clearly shows us the behaviour and psychology of power. Why is it that modern man foolishly believes that those in power today, at the very highest levels, are somehow benign, or even benevolent? It is truly unthinkablethat after all this time, people are still believing and hoping that their leaders are honest and truthful, despite of all evidentiary facts to the contrary. Memories are short it would seem…

        1. Rob_G

          @ Bodge, can we get Matty’s contributions truncated with a ‘Read more…’ – please and thank you.

          1. E'Matty

            Yeah, I’ll concede that one went a bit long alright…though, you may find Twitter is more your thing…

      1. SOQ

        @ Daisy- want to know why NOBODY will stop me visiting people this Christmas?

        A young fella whose mother (my friend) died of cancer because her treatment was delayed by four and a half months.

        My extended family after my cousin died because they were afraid to put her back in hospital after the way she was treated the last time.

        And if I have time, another friend whose brother (42) killed himself last August.

        All Covid related- but keep throwing your offensive slurs- makes you feel good does it?

        1. Nigel

          These things are covid-related, but you won’t take the necessary steps to help stop it spreading before the introduction of a vaccine.

          1. SOQ

            Sorry no let me rephrase that- all related to the CoVid over reaction– all avoidable if the proper services had been available, which they should have been.

            I really get tired of virtue signalling from people whose lives have not been really affected and who’s idea of sacrifices is not being able to have a gossip with their work colleagues.

          2. Nigel

            Which you maintain is an over-reaction in keeping with the outlandish ideas of Trump-supporter US conspiracy theorists, so while I am sorry for your losses, your anger is completely misdirected.

          3. ReproBertie

            “people whose lives have not been really affected and who’s idea of sacrifices is not being able to have a gossip with their work colleagues.”

            You have no idea what people are sacrificing to follow the guidelines from the government in an attempt to stem the virus. You have no idea what people are going through. You make a big song and dance about knowing someone who knows someone who committed suicide on one hand and on the other hand dismiss completely the mental suffering of those who have had no meaningful contact with work colleagues and extremely limited, if any, contact with families in 9 months. I’m sure there’s a word for that.

          4. SOQ

            Are you saying that working form home with a few distanced contacts is the same a someone who has lost their job and about to lose their home Bertie?

            We are all in it together is it? No we are bloody not.

            Some people are very comfortable with the current arrangements so it should be no surprise they are the ones arguing we should have more of it.

          5. ReproBertie

            And you’re doing it again.

            Are you saying only those who lost their job are suffering mental anguish as a result of the lockdown? Are you saying that only those who lost their jobs have made sacrifices?

          6. Nigel

            The fact of the matter is, if less people were working from home, or capable of working from home, it’d be even more of a disaster for the economy, so castigating people working from home while bewailing the economy is just typiicallly stupid and short-sighted.

          7. SOQ


            I am saying those who cannot earn a living are suffering most yes.

            Have we really gone so far into a self indulgent, virtue signalling, coronaphobic twilight world where stating such is controversial?

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          I doubt there’s anyone who hasn’t suffered a personal loss, or known someone who’s grieving a loved one but most of us are trying not to be so selfish about it. Why do you think you’ll be stopped visiting people? The general consensus is we’ll go to level 2 after the lockdown so the only people stopping you will be people who don’t want you visiting.

          Will you take the vaccine to protect others when it goes on general release?

    3. Cian

      In 2019 there were a total of 5,254,747 deaths in the EU (about 101,00 per week).

      Last week over 23,000 people in the EU (+UK) died with Covid.

      This is the 4th highest week for Covid-related deaths so far this year. The three highest were all in April at 25,000; 27,500; and 26,000 deaths.

      Excess deaths are starting to rise over the last 2-4 weeks in the EU.


      1. GiggidyGoo

        Have you the figures for the 5,254,747 broken down into

        Died ‘with’ Flu, but the actual cause was say, heart disease for instance? Or because of old age?

        The word ‘with’ distracts. People could die of a heart attack, but, say, might have only one leg. Does their death certificate state that they died ‘with’ only one leg, and not mention the heart attack?

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Ah, Dr. Mary Favier. NPHET Member.
    She’s mentioned in the last minutes of NPHET. 24th September.
    But how can she be up to date, as there are no minutes available since then?
    So pardon me if I don’t have any faith in heresay.

  5. v AKA Frilly Keane

    I reckon the private sector elements of that NEPHET crowd are all just fed up and have started falling out with all the DoH/ HSE lads, who have been pushing everyone around for months now
    Especially since LeakerGate

    Looks to me like that committee has fallen apart

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