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  1. Birdie

    “His client intends to become a hermit upon his release and work with animals.” And terrorise them too. Such nonsense that is an insult to his victims.

  2. benblack

    I threaten this historically limp heavenly coalition to eternity in hell – and, if I can find it, splash acid in their faces.

    Where’s my jail time?

    The Echo.

  3. Tommy Bohan

    I don’t understand why Broadsheet insist on putting the “Irish” Daily Mail at the top of all the papers every day? Yet another royal story on their front page. It is more like a paper that is middle England. Maybe Ireland has come to that. There seems to be more comments on here about British stories than Irish ones, yet this is suposed to be an Irish site? That fella Charger Salmons constantly goes on about the Labour party (I presume that is the British one as opposed to Irish one) Why don’t you put the Irish Examiner or Irish Independent in the more prominent top position?

    1. benblack

      It’s ‘The Crown’, dear.

      Bombastic series on NetFlix.

      BTW, all Irish newspapers have British origins.

      We wouldn’t know a blighted potato from a Cork Examiner.

      1. scottser

        The oldest daily newspaper in English still published today is an Irish paper.
        Tin of beans for you if you can guess which one.

        1. benblack

          Would prefer to lick a dry one – that is, a tin of beans – from the bottom of my black plastic bin liner, but there is so much rubbish in the way.

          It’s almost Antipodean.

        2. Ben Madigan

          The (Belfast) Newsletter, founded by Henry Joy McCracken’s grandfather Francis Joy in 1737.

          Hope it’s Heinz?

        1. Joe F

          You absolute clown.
          “…I read it has not be critically acclaimed…”
          Do you actually read what you write?
          And you’re the first to criticize when others make mistakes. What a 24 carat plonker you are old boy.
          Marvellous indeed.

    2. scottser

      The UK is a disaster waiting to happen, hence the fascination. Similarly with Spaffer Salmon – ‘his men would follow him anywhere, if only out of a sense of morbid curiousity’.

      1. benblack

        Perhaps you should call him Oak.

        In fairness, they took all the Salmon and Oak this country had to offer.

        Oh, yes, this country had to offer.

        Alan Dukes speaks Latin on RTE Radio with Claire Byrne.

        *I’m guessing you know this one.*

    3. Charger Salmons

      This is a local site for local people.
      We’ll have none of that nonsense here.
      * shakes pitchfork *

  4. Charger Salmons

    Your Tuesday morning cryptic tease.
    Enter new password:
    Password must contain a number:

    1. Charger Salmons

      Just a bit of fun.
      If you work it out be a good sport snd let it run for a while before revealing the answer.

      1. :-Joe

        No way, I can’t wait.. It’s way too obvious and as a potential future member of F-f/g or the tory scum party I am determined to win… At any and all costs..

        Someone else is already typing this same answer, I would imagine..

        i.e. Gin/Pimms + Lemon + Your favourite website?.. = Some kind of weird and desperately lonely daily ritual fetish party for one? .

        So, do I win the duplo level challenge of deciphering the non-cryptographic algorithm of your mind?..


  5. SOQ

    New health group calls for Nphet to be disbanded

    A group of GPs and other medical professionals who are calling for an end to lockdown and questioning Nphet’s health advice are demanding an urgent meeting with the Government.

    “If Nphet went away, a disaster would not take place. Why hasn’t everyone working in supermarkets got sick? They are dealing with the great unwashed in their thousands every day. These workers have not got Covid in their droves so it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that the same would happen in the general population.”


    1. GiggidyGoo

      I’m under the impression that it’s already been disbanded. There’s nothing to suggest that it’s operational. It’s been 2 months since the last minutes were made of their meetings.
      Decisions been taken by a cabal, with Holohan as the public face.

    2. :-Joe

      Usually, I would never knowingly or intentionally promote listening to newsderp inc. -The corporate/state sponsor of gobalised neo-liberal oligarchy through media.. .

      However listen back to Dr.Ciara Kelly.. Ye, her from the hot press.. About an hour or so ago..

      In a rare moment of unbiased, unpropagandised honest truth for newsderp.. An honest opinion seeps out of the machine.. – To the bitter dismay of shane coleman’s near perfect record of bing a complete sell-out and apologist for the forementioned above.

      As she let’s the truth slip that the health system is so badly mismanaged and neglected for so long by.. anyone?.. Tip= F-?/?..

      So nphet must encourage and enforce lockdown for the health system to avoid crumbling even further but solely for the state(of corruption in F-f/g+eejits) to save face from the embarassment of the reality being laid out for eeryone to see..

      It’s a complete farce.. -In case you hadn’t noticed already when the welfare of all the most vunerable auld folk were ignored, yet again six months ago.

      To be fair to you SOQ, you were one of a small few who stuck to your dissenting opinions and observations of blatent f-f/g hypocrasy from the start..

      Hat tip, nod and a wink to you.


      1. SOQ

        Thank you Joe but I really don’t see it as anti FFG because if SF were in power they would be doing the same, if not worse. It goes against everything I stand for to agree with the DUP but on this issue, they are 100% correct. People still need to earn a living and still need to pay their bills.

        It is dereliction of duty to blindly accept all advice from these ‘experts’ and modellers without even considering the wider costs of lockdowns and alternative points of view- where the hell is Stephen Donnelly?

        At least in Britain Matt Hancock appears with his advisors at press conferences- we just get unelected career civil servants, who have form.

  6. SOQ

    Portuguese Appeals Court Deems PCR tests unreliable

    It deemed the forced quarantine of the four persons to be unlawful.

    “Given how much scientific doubt exists — as voiced by experts, i.e., those who matter — about the reliability of the PCR tests, given the lack of information concerning the tests’ analytical parameters, and in the absence of a physician’s diagnosis supporting the existence of infection or risk, there is no way this court would ever be able to determine whether C was indeed a carrier of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or whether A, B and D had been at a high risk of exposure to it.”


    What is frightening is that this is the test upon which lockdowns are being implemented- which is insane.

    1. Cian

      Either that article is pants, it was badly translated, or the court (if it ir reported accurately) was wrong.

      One point it raises:
      Citing Jaafar et al. (2020;), the court concludes that “if someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the rule in most laboratories in Europe and the US), the probability that said person is infected is <3%, and the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.” The court further notes that the cycle threshold used for the PCR tests currently being made in Portugal is unknown

      is complete rubbish. Jaafar et al. (2020;) does not say “if 35 cycles or higher is used […] the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%”.

  7. Toby

    With all that is going in the world, its pathetic that some people think our biggest battle is for the freedom to stand in the Irish pandemic winter drinking overpriced pints. Sad and selfish little freedom fighters. Have we learned nothing? Oh but democracy and Stasi… Idiocracy more like.

    1. Charlie

      +1 Sad to also think that the pint is probably the most discussed issue bothering such a large part of the community since the beginning of the pandemic. And we then whinge about being stereotyped.

    2. Hank

      Some would say the more alarming thing is that so many curtain twitching people like yourself have become so consumed with the fact that other people choose to meet friends outside for a sociable drink occasionally.
      And for some reason, you’re convinced that this is going to cause mass transmissions of covid.
      You conveniently ignore the fact that many people, who realise the narrative we’re being fed by the powers that be doesn’t tally with the statistics, have been meeting up where they can for months now. And still, the overall 2020 mortality rates to date are slightly lower than the same months from previous years. Crazy, right?

      1. Charlie

        Adults who feel the need to drink on a freezing cold wet evening on the street don’t need a mask. Their potential problem is far more serious. They need councelling :-)

    3. E'Matty

      why are you so frightened of this measly virus with a fatality rate of just 0.23%? Why are you so determind to destroy the livelihoods and lives of hundreds of thousands of Irish citizens throwing countless families and children intom poverty and deprivation? Why do you want to give away all of our personal freedoms and rights to create the illusion of protection against this moderately dangerous virus? Why are you so incapable of undertsanding basic statistics? It’s the frightened unthinking Toby’s of the world who are the biggest problem now.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Freedom.Democracy.The will of the people ?
        That boat sailed on Oct 2nd 2009.
        The Irish goverment has been taking you for granted ever since.

      2. Charlie

        “Give away all our personal freedoms and rights”? Is that you Leroy? Would ye ever go take a hike.

      3. Toby

        Ematty, why aren’t you on Nphet. Those idiots and all the epidemiologists advising us mustn’t have a clue. Can you text them?

  8. :-Joe

    Careful now, that fun-loving wild/mad/(insane?) bunch of puritan-ical’s by the name of “Aontu” are going after people’s right to freak out online because why, why oh why, won’t someone please think of the children and first before everything and everyone else for once…???

    On a similar note about human sexuality, it’s funny how most pro-lifer’s in murica are founf to be more supportive of the death penalty than the approx. 70% “liberal” majority and their collective agreement on dealing with serious issues, seriously.

    A sensible majority who don’t think waiting twenty years for an inevitable problem to get so out of control they must resort to terminating them as adults and that being the only acceptable alternative they can think of the second time round…. Slow learners or eejits’s guided by magical nonsense and superstitious idealogy?..

    It would almost be funny if their delusional influence were not so real and damaging to society.


  9. Johnny

    shaken not stirred, for the current sitting president to have such low legal representation….you can tell a lot about a person, company and often legal argument, by the lawyers, win – loss ratio good indicator too !

    with covid out of control, his petulance is confirming his unsuitability from day 1,for the job,hes just not up to it.
    his lawyers are filling charges, making wild accusations,but now withdrawing pre court.

    A federal judge won’t delay tomorrow’s hearing on Trump’s lawsuit in Pennsylvania because most of his lawyers quit. His remaining lawyer – who’s also a radio host – will have to go it alone and is “expected to be prepared”.

    Trump/GOP started the day 1-20 in court.
    Trump/GOP ended the day 1-24 in court

    -Three of President Trump’s other lawyers in the Pennsylvania case filed a somewhat noisy request to withdraw today, saying “Plaintiffs [that’s Trump] will be best served” if they’re allowed to leave the case.

    “The Trump campaign’s lawsuit seeking to throw out the PA election results descended into farce Monday night. The campaign moved to replace its whole legal team, then asked for a delay, just after assuring judge a new atty was prepared for hearing tomw”


    how he ‘manages’ these lawsuits,is how he governs, its chaos.

    1. Junkface

      I wish they had these court sessions on video for a documentary later. Sounds like bizarre, incompetent, laughable stuff. When is Rudy Guliani going to swoop in, half tanked and tell the judges they are Hilary owned Paedos?

      1. johnny

        …at this point except for the usual crack heads,its getting ignored,tuned out,show dropped.
        just too many dead,people are broke,scared,hungry,civil unrest next.

  10. Lilly

    Anyone know how experts can maintain that having had Covid does not guarantee immunity from future infection, while simultaneously celebrating the arrival of a vaccine? Either your body remembers and knows how to fight or it doesn’t, isn’t that the entire premise of a vaccine.

    1. Cian

      When you say experts are doing these two things – are you suggesting that an individual specific expert is saving thad Covid does not guarantee immunity from future infection, while simultaneously celebrating the arrival of a vaccine? Can you give an example?

      Or that one group of experts are saving had Covid does not guarantee immunity from future infection, while simultaneously (another group of experts are) celebrating the arrival of a vaccine.

    2. :-Joe

      Afaik.. The virus is relatively new and constantly mutating. At the moment there are various strains of similar covid virus multiplying or dividing over time.. So it’s not one single strain of virus and the effects and side-effects for each are not fully understood yet.

      Vaccines are not designed to eradicate the virus directly, their function and purpose is to boost your immune system to prevent the virus from easily infecting you in the first place. So the problem ov infenction is from multiple strains that are also evolving and mutating.

      Over time it runs out of hosts to infect and the rate of infection becomes minimised but like the flu it is now a part of our medium to long term future so newer mutations or more infectious strains will inevitably evolve and require newer and more advanced vaccine’s perpetually over time.

      Well, that’s according to the 1995 film Outbreak and hollywood studios in general, which is where I get most of my deadly virus, end of the world, we’re all doomed information from anyway..


  11. Johnny

    stunning campus, but,but Pepperdine in Malibu….

    “The university has been asked to comment on recent statements made by @ScottWAtlas, a senior fellow at the @HooverInst who is on leave of absence from that position
    Stanford’s position on managing the pandemic in our community is clear. We support using masks, social distancing, and conducting surveillance and diagnostic testing. We also believe in the importance of strictly following the guidance of local and state health authorities.
    Dr. Atlas has expressed views that are inconsistent with the university’s approach in response to the pandemic. Dr. Atlas’s statements reflect his personal views, not those of the Hoover Institution or the university”

  12. johnny

    just finished the IT’s taking read this.

    “Welfare payments related to childcare, health and housing are associated with lower rates of poverty and deprivation, particularly among vulnerable families”

    “Using data from 2017, it found that two-thirds (69 per cent) of households in the Republic received at least one of these transfers while 22 per cent received two or more transfers.”


      1. johnny

        love engage on this paddy,have you had a read yoself.
        are ‘transfers ‘more effective than dead presidents ?
        can poor people NOT be trusted with cash,implications for local and international drug dealers-discuss.

  13. johnny

    resig and fire entire acquisitions dept.
    this is what failure looks like.
    a x rock rugby ‘star’ posing with a pic Phil to add some badly needed street cred,yeah man i love Thin Lizzy..
    his empire built on credit is crumbling.
    he was always a loser and so is his oul lad.

    so THE best investment you got is in your own shares,and you call yourself a real estate player please-pathetic,hang it up,jacking up your own shares,FFS.

    “Hibernia this week completed a €25 million share buy-back programme announced in August, which returned proceeds from the sale of its property at 77 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay to shareholders. It had spent €9 million on this by the end of September.”


    you lying about values and possibly committing fraud too-Dub values are way way off,Mulchacy just took a big hit on his portfolio.

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