29 thoughts on “Gives You The Trots

  1. Cian

    A perfect embodiment of the colonization of Africa:

    The white minority rises to the top and settles over the black majority.

  2. Scundered

    Ahhh the organisation of halfwits who behave exactly like the monsters they say they will protect you from.

    1. Kolmo

      One grouping wants to divide society along inhumane racial lines as a method of seizing power, abusing disaffection to fan the flames of division, actually killing people, the grouping you mentioned want to put a stop to that, which is more admirable?
      Writing a stiff letter to the Irish Times or tutting at them won’t stop the creeping, death-cult mayhem of fascism.

      1. Captain Pants

        The brutal Stalinists of the Soviet Union also called themselves Anti Fascists. The Stalinists of East Germany called their Berlin Wall ( created to prevent people escaping their socialist paradise with violence) the ‘Anti Fascist protection barrier’.

        Maybe the names that political groups call themselves don’t mean much. i oppose the Law and Justice party in Poland, but I’m quite fond of actual Law and justice.

        1. Kolmo

          I think in this case, the name can be taken at face value, they oppose the very evident infiltration of fascistic groupings into Irish civil discourse, I have never met anyone who has any positive thing to say about stalin and his brand of mass murder.

          1. Captain Pants

            I oppose Fascism too, the question is what they’re FOR. From what Ive seen it is mostly a hodepodge of various repeatedly discredited illiberal left stuff from the mid 20th Century.

            in any case, what they believe in is not as important as how they act – and from the evidence of the past 6 months in the USA, it does not look good – burning down small businesses (often those owned by people of colour), getting violent with anyone that disagrees with them (by no means limited to fascists), forcing diners in a restaurant to chant Black Lives Matter or get beaten up.

      2. Scundered

        Kolmo, the things you accuse the enemy of us exactly what Antifa are doing, multiple deaths over this year whilst they continue support for a racially supremist organisation that believes in treating people differently depending on skin colour. They are the very definition of racism and intolerance. Time to wake up and call this stuff out as it’s not what it says on the tin, for either of the organisation’s, it’s all marxist marketing.

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