In an interview with Seamus the Dog on RTÉ’s After School Hub, Education Minister Norma Foley will announce a no-homework day for all students.


Between now and Christmas teachers across the country can pick a day to give their students an evening free of homework.

The homework pass will be available to download from from tomorrow afternoon.

Ms Foley says it’s a golden ticket…



Government issues no-homework day for all children in Ireland (

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  1. realPolithicks

    Homework is such an outdated concept, kids spend enough time in school and they ought to be allowed to relax after school.

  2. Mr .T

    Homework is used to make up for the lack of attention children get in school for their learning – in classes of 30+ students there’s very little opportunity for students to get 1-on-1 help with their work from a teacher.

    So with homework it can be pawned off on the parents – great if you’re a well educated or attentive parent, but if not, your child is now at a disadvantage.

  3. d

    hahahah, minister showing the teachers who the boss is !!!! subliminal passive aggresiveness. ask for more holidays and hell hath no fury like a ……..

  4. george

    I’m not in favour of giving kids large amounts of homework nor am I someone who likes to give out about “big government” but what in the hell is a minister getting involved with this for?

    If the government wants to do something nice for kids then how about a children’s allowance bonus for parent’s to do something nice for them. That’d be a proper economic stimulus that will get spent in the local economy and doesn’t require special apps or spending large amounts of money to claim a piddling amount back.

  5. Ragamuffin

    I expect the Dept is scrambling for good PR after their numerous recent failures. How about doing something actually meaningful, like giving students whose family members are shielding from covid access to online schooling? Now that would rightfully earn the Dept positive PR.

    Here’s the online petition demanding Norma Foley urgently provide online learning for students with family members at very high risk (eg cancer, transplant recipients, profound intellectual disabilities)

  6. Charger Salmons

    Of course teachers are in favour of it.
    Less homework to mark for the laziest cohort in Ireland’s bloated and inefficient public sector.
    I’d expect nothing less from the worst minister in a lacklustre goverment.

    1. Joe F

      You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I have very close relations that are teachers and I can see the huge amount of work they do. I see it every evening at home you clown!
      Most of what you spout on about here is garbage but I have personal experience that totally contradicts what you are alleging here.
      If you don’t know about a subject, will you please keep quiet you 100% clown.

      1. Rob

        Is the huge amount of work they do comparable to the hours worked over the 12 months or just in relation to term time?
        2 to 3 months off for the summer, plus another 6 weeks throughout the year.

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