Staying In Tomorrow?


Former President Mary Robinson

On The Late Late Show.

Jennifer O’Brien writes:

Michael J Fox will be speaking to Ryan about the legacy of his best-known films, the work of his foundation – which is researching a cure for Parkinson’s disease – and how he is very much looking forward to turning 60.

Thirty years to the month when she shattered the glass ceiling becoming the first woman to win the Irish presidency, Mary Robinson joins Ryan to reflect on that ground-breaking moment and why Covid has lessons for us in the fight against climate change

The stars of Irish Women in Harmony including Ruth Anne, Aimée, Moya Brennan, Sibeal, Laoise and Erica Cody will be in studio with a very special performance of their Christmas single in aid of ISPCC, Together at Christmas.

Social media sensations The Flemings will be talking about how they have danced their way through lockdown at home in Kerry,…

Ryan will also take a look through the stunning collection of images from Old Ireland in Colour, a book that brings the past to spectacular life by adding colour to black and white photos of Irish daily life between the 1870s and 1960s.

Plus, there will be a performance in studio from Dublin rapper, Malaki, with his unique take on Van Morrison’s Someone Like You.


 The Late Late Show tomorrow at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.


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4 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

  1. ian-oh

    Will Ryan ask Mary why she helped to sanitise the kidnap and possible torture of a young woman in the UAE?


    Hahahahaha, of course not, it will be the usual circle jank! Ryan wouldn’t dare embarrass Queen Mary of Robinson, protector of the poor Sheikhs and Billionaires and druggers of rebellious daughters, holders of the keys to the Library extraordinaire (ily expensive for an auld gaff), head of a foundation named after herself etc. etc. etc.

    AKA joke TV. If I paid my licence I’d be outraged!

    Oh and a ‘rapper’ sodomising a Van Morrisson song?

    They just keep giving reasons why gargling ground glass looks like a more attractive alternative to this effort at entertainment.

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