Licence Revoked



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28 thoughts on “Licence Revoked

  1. Stephen

    Repeats of tv programs made 50 years before I was born.
    So repeats from 1934 (I’m not even that old), I don’t think so.

    RTE’s first broadcast wasn’t even until 1961

    1. SOQ

      The acting in Fair City has dramatically improved since they started their muzzle virtue signalling in fairness.

  2. ReproBertie

    Ireland V England, Dublin V Meath (and the Bloody Sunday commemoration before it), Tipp v Galway, Tipp v Cork, Cavan v Donegal.

    I think that was pretty good value for the €3 I paid this week.

    Also, there was nothing on RTÉ that I had to rewind and pause just to read the text.

    1. V AKA Frilly Keane

      RTÉ is great for Sport
      You won’t get better broadcasting anywhere
      Or better commentators
      Thats better that Saturday Sports on R1
      Particularly during the summer

      I reckon they should dump N2 & 2fm and make them Sports / live events channels
      Ok, there’ll be repeats
      But shur’ who doesn’t want to see see great events and games again and again
      I’d say I’ve watched the 99 hurling final at least 30 times
      Same for all the 03 Munster C’ship matches

  3. Micko

    Not the biggest fan of RTE and hate paying the licence fee as it’s mostly rubbish I wouldn’t watch, but they do employee a couple of thousand people in house, as well as an uncountable amount of outside media and people indirectly. Countless designers, cameramen, artists, publicists, journalists etc

    Myself included, so- it’s a hard one for me.

    Look – We’ve already completely FUPPED the arts this year. Let’s not throw RTE under the bus too.

    Maybe next year or 2022. Then they can go under the wheels – but not this year.


  4. Whatevers

    That ad is absolutely atrocious and I’m one of RTE’s biggest critics.

    Anyhoo, a reminder: When buying your next new TV, consider that you’ll pay RTE €160 for every year you own the TV. Instead, how about selling the old TV and buying a monitor, Streaming Box & IPTV subscription. You will save yourself thousands of euro in the long term

    1. Dhaughton99

      I’ve got a 44in monitor I got out of a bookies shop, which was closing down. A bit of William Hill burn-in at the bottom but beats paying €160 a year.

      1. Fergalito

        They’re hardly going to please all of the people all of the time.

        A lot of our shared cultural experiences – okay, those of us of a certain vintage more so – were through the prism of RTE so it’s difficult to entirely devalue what they do. They produce some great television at times and like one of the comments above states they provide employment and an avenue for those with an interest in communications to make something of a living in that arena.

        Their archives are truly impressive providing a unique window into the fabric of how our society used to be and how it has evolved. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater before the feathers have been plucked and the tar buckets filled. 44c a day isn’t exactly daylight robbery either though perhaps a licence for a TV is bit antiquated an idea in this day and age..

        1. Morning George

          Can you name 15 good homemade productions over the last 40 years.I should really ask for 1 every year ,that wouldn’t be asking too much.Employment is not a good reason to for me to part with my money as I don’t have any terrestrial channels,only netflix and that’s primarily for the kids.I have often wondered what access do the Irish public have to the RTE archives.Do people have to wait until it’s repackaged and rebroadcast.Ideally the entire archive should be digitised and access to all given to all license payers,as they have paid for it.

          1. ReproBertie

            “Can you name 15 good homemade productions over the last 40 years.”

            1. Love/Hate
            2. The Sunday Game
            3. Against the Head
            4. Eco Eye
            5. The Young Offenders
            6. Ireland’s Fittest Family
            7. Neven’s Irish Food Trails
            8. Other Voices
            9. Home School Hub
            10. Nationwide
            11. Creedon’s Atlas of Ireland
            12. Scannal
            13. Wild Cities
            14. Rebellion/Revolution
            15. Cloch le Carn

            That’s only in the last decade and without looking at the excellent children’s TV and the many investigative current affairs and historical documentaries that are

          2. Morning George

            I haven’t seen the majority of your list,but I only had google ‘Ireland’s fittest family’ to realise taste is really going go make it difficult for me to appreciate your 15. ‘Irelands fittest family’, are you messing?

          3. millie

            I really agree with you ReproB about the kids stuff on RTÉ. It’s generally of a very good quality, and I’ve noticed they’ve put an increased emphasis on Irish in many of their kids programmes too. Say what you will about their other programming (Clare Byrne Live is top of my shitlist) but RTÉ do kids TV really well.

          4. ReproBertie

            No I’m not messing at all. You didn’t ask for 15 programmes that would appeal to you. Ireland’s Fittest Family is a real favourite in our house. A family friendly fun show that encourages fitness. What’s not to like?

            Had you watched those listed you’d see it’s a very mixed list.

          5. Gavin

            1. Love/Hate
            2. The Sunday Game
            3. Against the Head
            4. Eco Eye
            5. The Young Offenders
            6. Ireland’s Fittest Family
            7. Neven’s Irish Food Trails
            8. Other Voices
            9. Home School Hub
            10. Nationwide
            11. Creedon’s Atlas of Ireland
            12. Scannal
            13. Wild Cities
            14. Rebellion/Revolution
            15. Cloch le Carn

            Exactly why I don’t pay for it, id say at a real push there is five there I’d watch, and I’d have to be laid up with a serious hangover with no other options.

          6. ReproBertie

            Again, Morning George asked for “15 good homemade productions over the last 40 years”, not for 15 shows that we can all agree are top class.

          7. Fergalito

            I can – subjective of course and I’m not sure what your point is?

            In no particular order and focussing on TV and not radio output of course…

            -No Disco
            -Other Voices
            -Young Offenders
            -Questions and Answers !
            -Clock le Carn (excellent viewing)
            -Reeling in the Years
            -Blackboard Jungle (cos i was on it !)
            -The Sunday Game
            -The Late Late Show
            -Come West Along the Road
            -Paths to Freedom
            -Soupy Norman

  5. dylan

    What is the alternative- INN, News international, newsmax, or our own version of OAN run by the Iona institute?

  6. Madam X

    How many more scandals must we endure? How many more biased reports dressed up as facts must we endure? How many more repeats of repeats must we endure. There’s only so many Father Ted episodes we can endure!!

    1. ReproBertie

      You could always switch over to Virgin Media for repeats of Britain’s Got Talent or a repeat of the Best in Britain awards.

  7. jimmyv

    People like to give out about RTE but don’t want to pay for better shows (blah blah the big “star” salaries… won’t make a dent in the cost of a decent production).

    The news, sport and documentary stuff is good. Loads of people watch Fair City…

    Mad that the FG Government hate them for the investigative stuff and don’t want to fund them, and both the Gemma’s and the socialists hate them for being the establishment and want them binned. They’re bollixed.

    1. Gavin

      They’ve had more than enough time to get their collective thumbs out of their asses, its an incestuous organisation that turns out rubbish, don’t watch it, don’t want to pay for it, its time it got its coat.

      1. jimmyv

        Don’t know Gavin,

        Seems like the same begrudgers who give out about everything give out about it Just remembered I watched a thing about Bloody Sunday the other night that was class.

        I remember having a laugh at Blindboy when he was giving out about RTE for not giving him and his mates more shows, and then he was shocked when RTE considered closing the Limerick studio (which he’d use for interviews)

        Point is it’s a service, and people watch it and like it. Giving out about it just makes me feel like an agro teenager

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