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Auto Da Fé – November, November

Continuing our series of underrated Irish music since 1960, reader Lovely Hurling sounds the fanfare for 1980s New Wave acolytes Auto Da Fé, who formed in Holland and were led by former Steeleye Span singer Gay Woods and keyboardist Trevor Knight.

November, November was their debut single released in 1982 and produced by one Phil Lynott.

Lovely Hurling writes:

“Not alone does Gay Woods have one of the sweetest voices ever committed to vinyl, I think they have one of the coolest Irish band names.”

Nick says: Auto Da Fé for the people.

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One thought on “You May Remember This

  1. Sanbar

    I saw them in the mIssasippi rooms just across the railway tracks in Bray in the 80’s – They were brilliant – reminds me to dig out and play the vinly 5 singles and1 smoked cod
    The missasippi rooms brings back great memories , the Bogey Boys , Freddie White ,The Negatives?, The Atrix treasure in the wasteland , across the road there was another venue i think it was called the dug inn … i saw Rhythm Kings there , what a show they put on
    Have a look up of Stepaside around the same era …the last resort
    Thanks for the memories

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