You May Remember This


In Motion – In Daylight

Continuing our series of underrated Irish music since 1960, reader Lovely Hurling bigs up 1990s Dublin shoegazing supremos In Motion, who were led by ace tunesmith Alan Kelly (vocals and guitar), Alan O’Boyle (guitar), Liam Ryan (drums) and John Duff (bass).

Their magnum opus was The Language Of Everyday Life, released on the Dead Elvis label in 1994. Kelly then went on to make two more pure gold masterpieces as The Last Post. Belfast label Bright Star Recordings released Love Lost and Dry Land. The ultimate underrated Irish songwriter?

Lovely Hurling writes:

“This is the epitome of floppy fringed, jangly, shoegazing that was me in the early ’90s. Now the fringe is long gone, there are only rattles instead of jangles and I can’t see my shoes anymore. Their album The Language of Everyday Life is a forgotten gem.”

Nick says: I second that In Motion.