Level Heads [Updated]


Thanks Alan Bracken


Taoiseach Micheál Martin at Government Buildings tonight where he addressed the nation on exiting from Level 5




From top: Simon Harris, Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science; Stephen Donnelly, Minister for Health

This afternoon.

Government Buildings, Dublin 2.

Cabinet Ministers arrive for a meeting where it is expected they will confirm the lifting of Level 5 and the re-opening of all shops and gyms from next Tuesday, against NPHET advice.

Earlier: Life, Gym


This afternoon.

Minister for Justice Helen McEntee arrives for cabinet amid a continuing storm over Séamus Woulfe’s Supreme Court appointment.

Earlier:  Howlin Woulfe


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32 thoughts on “Level Heads [Updated]

  1. d

    im no blueshirt or FFer. But cant see a solution.

    Ireland is such a small country. in TCD/UCD, the college societies have lawyers and politicans mixing together. They continue as comrades for years to come. This facade of the separation of powers doesnt happen. . Only other way to select a judge is merit. but how do you compare lawyers against each other to select the best without political influences. Bring in a recruiter from outside Ireland

    And if you were to get judges with a SF or PBP ALA, would there be any. not as many working class people representing SF in Kings Inns as there would be for FG. Paul Murphy being the exception. He was an amazing law student in early 00s, passionate about his political cause even back then.

    1. paul

      that’s the issue, how do you officially cast judgement on the highest law in the land. Eliminating applicants would be much easier though; experience, time spent in certain roles, cases delivered on, and serious mess-ups in their past. That would whittle and would make the ultimate decision easier. It would also mean that you’d probably end up with a good candidate no matter.

  2. Fanacht

    Here’s hoping these elected officials finally realise that imprisoning the Irish people under bogus and unlawful ‘lockdown’ orders is an act of treason against the nation they promised to serve.

    Otherwise, they should all ‘consider their position’.

  3. Dr.Fart

    FG and FF are really delivering that “change” they promised to deliver throughout the run up to the GE. As ex-EU Commissioner, little Phil Hogan said “isn’t that what you tend to do on the run up to elections?” Yet the same mindless clauds will continue to vote for them next GE. They lost a lot of voters last GE, but they’ll gain them back because the electorate are stupid and forgetful.

  4. frank

    Frankly I’m squarely of the opinion that all of this should have been ended 8 months when we knew it was not the ‘tsunami of death’ as expected.

    But to be devils advocate for a moment… why ignore NPHET advice now? (it was also ignored 8 weeks ago then reversed but stay with me) what on earth can be their logic for ignoring NPHET now when they are no where near the target of <100 cases per day.

    This is about opinion polls not about public health. Neither FFG nor NPHET have an ounce of credibility.

      1. frank

        but of course Micko!
        However to suggest that type could ‘down tools’ is conferring some type of skill. A risible notion!!!
        Happy Christmas Micko. You’re a good egg. I hope you and yours pull the best out of it.

        “And when we were all fallen to the earth, I heard a voice speaking unto me, and saying in the Hebrew tongue, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks”

        Keep kicking against the pricks Micko.

          1. bisted

            …Micko…off course I’m OK…and you…still asking questions…if you hadn’t told me you weren’t a right wing wingnut…well…

          2. Micko

            Right wing wingnut – . he he he! What does that even mean?

            You guys call anyone who don’t agree with you right wing.

            It is adorable.


      2. scottser

        As a public servant myself Micko, I’m sure I speak for many of us when I invite you to go and doodle-pipkins yourself.

  5. Joe

    A cabinet meeting! I wonder will rotisserie taoiseach Leo Varadkar bother to have his gimp Mehole Martin at it, as for Eamon Ryan he will give him his instructions and the minutes once he has finished wiping his rear with them!

    1. Micko

      Science? Have you not heard the “we have to be seen to be doing something” theory man!

      Total BS. Only in busy areas?

      Sure what’s a busy area anyway? That’s debatable.

      And it’s only an 80 quid fine now.

      So just like speeding.

      Plus you have to be caught first.

      So exactly like speeding – heh heh :)

      1. SOQ

        One hand they keep saying that we are grown ups and should practice common sense and then they make these completely unenforceable rules. I am sure the poor guards are rolling their eyes as to what is coming next.

        I wonder is there a medical condition which covers this- the need to create silly rules and regulations? Because if there is, some of these control freaks definitely fit the bill.

    2. BS


      Honestly SOQ you need a break away from it all, maybe stay away from the news etc for a while, its clearly not doing your mental health any good.

      NPHET sent a 32 page letter to cabinet…maybe read its recommendations.

      wont be long before we see big aul SOQ on the steps of the four courts with Waters and Go’D shouting the word constitution over and over again

      1. SOQ

        For someone who thinks I am- whatever- you spend an awful lot of time telling me?

        Go away you gas lighting troll- you have absolutely nothing to say and absolutely nothing to offer.

        1. BS

          I have nothing to say?

          Ok anti-vaxxer, anti-science, knows more than the health experts and vaccine makers about risk assessments. You lost most respect a while ago but going alex jones and calling for people to be hung from lamp posts got rid of the very last semblance that you were a sane individual. people like you need their internet taken away from them, you’ve watched too many badly produced unresearched videos on youtube and facebook and you feel entitled to post your opinions.

          1. SOQ

            You know I lost respect how? Because you think so? You who has posted half a dozen times under this username while having a go?

            If it is within the parameters of what broadsheet.ie decide is acceptable then I am perfectly entitled to post my opinions- and if you don’t agree then either argue the point or check the exit sign.

            People are really suffering and the strong language needs cranked up- but I am pretty certain you are not one of those suffering- are you?

            Go away you silly boo

    1. ce

      Yeah, it makes those 1930’s nazi’s look like amateurs – it’s a slippery slope to North Korea… or even those hell holes of Australia and New Zealand, with their relatively normal ways of life … like, Australia, sure it doesn’t even exist, totally made up place

  6. SOQ

    Just wondering- web pubs- take away- is that not just an off license?

    For some reason I always assumed you needed a different license for off sales- anyone?

    1. Just Sayin

      AFAIK an on-premise licence automatically includes off-sales on the same terms as an off-licence. i.e. up to 10pm (so those bottles/cans purchased at closing time for take away were always illegal)

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