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    1. Charger Salmons

      You missed a very good letter in the Irish Times.
      Funnily enough my immediate thought was of the knuckle-dragger who spent most of yesterday on here insulting his Irish cousins and pouring bile and hatred into every post about the Troubles.
      He doesn’t have a scintilla of the common sense and intelligence of either the letter writter or the person of whom the letter was about.
      Thankfully in modern Ireland these bovine idiots are in a rapidly diminishing minority.


  1. Toby

    Kate Middleton seems like good craic. She could save that crumbling institution yet. There’s not a gaffe in her.

    1. george

      Its hard to make a gaffe when you hardly ever say anything. I mean what gaffe was she going to make when talking about emojis?

  2. :-Joe

    newsderp’s coleman and dr.kelly(Yes, a doctor no less..?) continuing the farce, the virtue signalling, the marionette show in the most blatent and bizarre piece of corporate support-for state and establishment propaganda theater I’ve witnessed in a long time…

    Trying to equate yet another deleted tweet by SF to supremely chief-justice Woulfe’s recent ignorance of his own legal lawmaking and attending what can only be called another typical shady private establishment political backroom meeting at best Otherwise, another cabal cess-pit party for insider trading and corrupt political deal-making.

    The deleted tweet related to the 1916 Rising and “the troubles” of the, well they never really went away since..did they?..
    both almost solely caused by the influence and actions alone of imperialiast britain alone.

    A.K.A ” The Crown” for all you dim-witted west-island-tory-f-f/g-monarchy supprting eejits…

    Anyone warching the famine documentary instead of the banal reinvention of history as soap opera of the crown?.. A piece of work based on reality and furthering our understanding of real events largely caused by imperialism, economic elitism and even related to the abhorrent ant-human philosophy and psedo intellectual science theory of eugenics.

    “Up the RA!”.. frankly pales in comparison…


    1. Charger Salmons

      The Famine or the Crown ?
      I was watching Against The Head.
      Just for the lolz.
      Lady Charger and I then enjoyed a late supper of some smoked salmon on sourdough toast.
      How was your evening ? Not very good by the sound of it.

    2. millie loves leather

      I’m sorry, but was there a point to that rant or will I need the Rosetta Stone to translate?

      1. Junkface

        That’s what I was thinking. The internet sure has done wonders for the everyday rant. I think the jist was: if you watched the Crown, you are a fake Irish person, but if you watch the Famine you are a much more real Irish person, who pees Guinness.

          1. :-Joe

            I’d say you you must be joking, not at all.

            Just people taking a swipe for one reason or another…
            – It’s all fair game on here..


          2. :-Joe

            Ahh. ok .I’ll take your word for it..

            Truth is, either way and I’ve been there on more than one occasion but it doesn’t burn at all.. Never known anyone to have that problem because of stout on it’s own that wasn’t looking for a patsy..
            – In case you or anyone else were wondering about my experience with toilet habits…

            Also, for a long time now and reluctantly at first, said-brand is just corporate muck to me.

            Buy something else from preferably an Irish business or any international independant minded business without an anonymous market and shareholder demand for perpetual eniromentaly catastrophic profits from greed.
            – I felt obliged to throw that in there and I wouldn’t want to disappoint Junkface and Milllie who will like it too…won’t you folks?


        1. millie loves leather

          Can’t I be both? The Crown is very entertaining TV and the Famine was an absolutely harrowing watch. A really great documentary from RTÉ.

          Can confirm that the Guinness does indeed burn. Am off to sing a jazz rendition of God Save the Queen now. Slán!

          1. :-Joe

            Sure, it’s obviously a no if you think you need the rosetta stone to decipher it…

            Just leaning on the opposite end of the see-saw to try and help restore a bit of balance..
            – If you really didn’t understand my “rant”… (long pause, ye sure..) then that might spin cryptically way over your head.


    1. Charger Salmons

      I have a very nice fez I acquired on a trip to the Anatolian Peninsula some years ago.
      Occasionally while attending a dinner party with friends I match it with an ancient velvet smoking jacket that has been in my family for generations.
      My sartorial choice of the cad and bounder is invariably a precursor to an excellent evening of ribaldry and tomfoolery.
      The games we play.

    2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      not to defend charger ( insert list of offensive comments he’s guilty of here )but there’s those who get a lot more personal, spiteful and nasty on here so why would they ban him before those ?

      1. Charger Salmons

        Janet – ask yourself this question.
        Do you really think the wokeflakes who moderate BS would tolerate a litany of racist,sexist,bigoted comments for months on end ?
        Or perhaps it’s just the permanently offended who feel the right to dish out insults on a daily basis but squeal like a stuck pig when there’s some incoming.
        Have we got so thin-skinned that we can’t take a bit of bantz ?

        PS: Lady Charger likes the cut of your steamed clootie jib and is going to have a crack at it this weekend.
        Would brandy sauce go well with it or be too rich ?

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          well a brandy sauce would be englishing it a bit, but sure do your worst ;)

          1. Charger Salmons

            I’ll let you know how it turns out.
            I’m a school dinners custard man myself but Lady C is partial to a nice brandy sauce.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            i think it would be a nice gesture to treat Lady Charger to a steamed clootie (and, in my experience, don’t mind her protestations that she’s ‘done’ – push on through to the second and third wave; that’s where the real fun starts). i’d imagine the poor woman puts up with a lot – and it can’t be easy – so surely deserves the occasional treat. is she bed bound?

        2. Toby

          You’re a bigot. It’s not bantz. You mask it in your jolly japery, but you are a racist brit. And the same treatment of any other people would not be tolerated. Bigot.

          1. Junkface

            A racist brit and a bigot no less!! Woooooooooooo….. scary Toby just wolfed the heck out of this thread. Throwing insults too. Beware, Brian Boru is back from the dead!

            …a racist brit. Jayzus

          2. Cú Chulainn

            He’s not a Brit. He’s living in a care in the community facility in Cork. Where’s he’s from. Mrs. Salmons is a onanist toy that can be bought in all adult shops. The orderlies confiscate his phone at midnight, or when he gets overexcited, and give it back to him in the morning because they rather he spends his day annoying strangers and not them. He plays the part of a panto villain and should be treated as such. Except for when he overreaches, in which case he needs disciplined, which, with boring predictability, he likes.

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