American sports journalist Irvin Muchnick discusses new developments in the George Gibney case.

Yesterday, The Sunday Times reported that Gardai are investigating two new complaints of child sexual abuse against the former Irish Olympic swimming coach now living in America.

The former swimmers ‘living in different countries’ contacted authorities after listening to the Second Captains/BBC Sounds podcast Where Is George Gibney?

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7 thoughts on “Where Now?

  1. seanydelight

    Fair play, Irvin. Not sure what to make of the SC thing, but your work has always been appreciated by this commentator at least.

    1. ian-oh

      I’m in awe at his dedication. We need more people like Irvin for matters like this. I always try to catch his articles on here, always worth a read.

      He’s owed a few pints from me at least if he’s in Ireland anytime in the future?

      EDIT: Minor point Bodger, but you have it spelled ‘Irivn’ on his name on the hyperlink to not a big deal but thought I’d point it? Sorry for being pedantic!

        1. ian-oh

          Normally I wouldn’t care, tis an easy mistake to make but I have a lot of grá for Irvin!

          Yer alright yerself too Bodger.

  2. Lilly

    What a pity that the Horgan team didn’t bring Irvin on board as a consultant, a lost opportunity. The good news is Justine McCarthy’s book is being reprinted as a result of renewed interest generated by the podcast.

    Why has the official who brought Susan to the UK for an abortion not been named? Also, I’d be interested in hearing John’s thoughts on which religious group is protecting Gibney. It’s time for the Irish people to demand that the DPP stop making excuses and finally take action on this. As Justine McCarthy said yesterday, if they can seek the extradition of a chef over five ‘stolen’ paintings, they can surely seek the extradition of a man accused of multiple counts of child abuse.

  3. Lilly

    I listened to episode 9 of the podcast this morning. It’s fairly flimsy. In a nutshell, several people have come forward with fresh allegations of serious sexual abuse by George Gibney. Presumably, Garda investigations are underway. Let’s hope that the next we hear of Gibney is that he’s homeward bound following extradition proceedings.

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