Repossession a new twist in Iveagh Market planning row (RTÉ)

17 thoughts on “Your Only Man

  1. Jdawgs

    This truly is fantastic news. I don’t know what Martin Keane was really up to but 17 years was too long to let such an important piece of a heritage site go to seed. Plus with the reputation of Blooms Hotel, Gogarty’s pub etc I wouldn’t of had too much faith in any venture here. Would of been cheap high profit Paddy Whackery at best.

    1. Bitnboxy

      Agree. We have been likely spared what could have become a crass emporium styled “The Iveagh Quarter”.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Let a listed building rot until it’s declared unsafe, bulldoze it in the middle of the night and throw up a glass fronted carbunkle of hotel rooms/co-living/student accommodation (aka future tenement slum)

  2. Gavin

    13 years sitting idle, a huge development space doing nothing for the community, nothing for the city. How is DCC so powerless and its left to some old guy to move things.

      1. V AKA Frilly Keane

        But I’m inclined to doubt it
        Since DCC is capable of raising funds for whatever it wants

        I’m open to being convinced otherwise
        But until then
        I’m looking at the Council Chamber itself
        And the different influences and weighted votes that have pickled it for years
        Particularly where social and public amenity, public interest developments and investments
        + PPPs are in the mix

    1. Junkface

      Corruption and the property market run deep in Ireland. There’s so many derelict buildings all over Dublin, wasting space.

  3. Madam x

    The nice thing about Rory Guinness is he has all that money but his values are very grounded. Old money and a heritage he knows how to protect

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