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Yung Shakur – Swing

Lovely hurling.

On the eve of the All Ireland Senior final in Croker, Waterford rapper Yung Shakur (top) drops some heavy beats and slick rhymes in support of The Deise in their historic battle against The Treaty county this weekend.

We love the namechecking of Waterford legend John Mullane too.

Will Limerick take the L? Watch this space.

Nick says: Swing when you’re winning.

Yung Shakur

Thanks Clampers Outside

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19 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Bort

    Finally the GAA – Drill mash up we’ve all been waiting for! I like it, love to see it. Made me a bit emosh and I’m not even from Waterford.

  2. JEH

    Sound! Simply not enough references to hurling and Michael Collins in contemporary rap. Been sayin it for years. Look it up.

  3. Toby

    In ten years our Gaelic and hurling teams will be things of even greater beauty. The grace and athleticism some of our new Irish are bringing … Imagine Sean Og and Lee Chin x 20… And then the Camogai… Be still my heart!

  4. Boj

    That’s a slick vid, very good. Unfortunately I struggled to make out a lot of what he was rapping. Pity, cos I liked it, and black people!!

  5. Micko

    Rap not really my thing, so can’t comment on the tune – but very good vid.

    And even more proof that being Irish is about our shared culture and not about where your parents are from.


  6. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

    I loves The Deise Boi!

    Easily one of the best GAA songs ever.

    Really cool to see our multicultural country embrace our beautiful game.
    Great pride in seeing this vid, and the boy can hurl.

    Even Prince Charlie can hurl.
    Like everyone can hurl.
    Well almost everyone
    Lovely Hurlin!

    Still hard to beat Gagaga Galway.
    Even though that was just an add.
    Try getting that outa yer head.

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