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  1. alickdouglas

    They look like complete plonkers.

    But farming practices need to be tidied up if we are to avoid further pandemics in the future. Plenty in the west have been happy to point the finger at China, but you only have to look at the incidence and spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza today, and the previous spread of Q fever through the dutch goat farming industry (sounds like a Monty Python sketch) to realise what a bloody shambles farming is in from a disease control perspective in Europe.

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      The birds at Castletown House currently have bird flu, two of the cygnets kicked the birdie bucket with it

  2. bisted

    …somehow this reminds me of the time the eco-warriors released the mink into the wild…probably the greatest environmental disaster ever in Ireland…

  3. goldenbrown

    those lads would want to be careful
    (I’d imagine there’s a lot of hyper-stressed truck drivers out there right now)

  4. johnny


    “A spokesperson for The Kepak Group said it was providing support and advice for staff who needed to self-isolate and was working closely with public health teams.

    They said : “The Group is working tirelessly to protect its staff as well as ensuring the continuity of secure food supply during this pandemic.”



    “The number of cases in a Covid cluster linked to an Aberdeenshire food plant has risen to 86.
    NHS Grampian said a further eight cases were now associated with the Kepak McIntosh Donald plant in Portlethen.”


  5. Just Sayin

    Meat plants have cold dry air, which is ideal for transmitting a virus in aerosol form.

    Fortunately scientists tell us covid is transmitted via droplets which only travel up to 2 meters.

    Hence social distancing and face masks are effective against it.

    If it were transmitted via aerosol then masks/distancing would be useless, and places like meat processing plants would be hotbeds of infection. Luckily we havn’t seen anything like that!

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