Somewhere To Change



Controversial Dry Robe enthusiasts joined forces with conservative ‘Towel Traditionalists’ to call for an end to raw sewage dumping in Dublin Bay –  demonstrating that effluence can also affect the affluent.

SOS Dublin Bay, a volunteer group, used their towels and dry robes to spell out the figure “18,611” on the beach, to represent the number of people who recently signed a petition on the issue.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

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6 thoughts on “Somewhere To Change

    1. millie bobby brownie

      Still love the ugg boots for schlepping around the house in of a wet Sunday. Ultimate hangover footwear.

      1. Paulus

        I remember a chiropodist rightly cursing them for causing so many young girls to have a poor gait.
        (They lack vital support behind the ankle).

  1. Dhaughton99

    I rang the EPA 24 hour hotline on Saturday because travelers were pouring 3 50 gallon barrels of black oil into the stream beside the Labre park halting site. They said they will forward my complaint to the DCC but will take a few days. Have pictures and video but didn’t seem too interested in it. Also rang the Gardaí and they were on the ball and sent a car to try catch them.

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