Keep The Meter Running


Yesterday evening.

FREE NOW, the ride hailing app, held a special drive-through Santa’s Grotto to ‘bring some cheer to taxi drivers and their families this Christmas week’.

Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

9 thoughts on “Keep The Meter Running

  1. d

    “keep the meter running” haha. deep. great headlines from broadsheet. tks for some great newstories for 2020.

    My faviourite, which i cant find is the one of photos in January 2020 where it showed Chineese in funny masks when covid first struck.

  2. osullysilly

    we should all be paying closer attention to and being a hell of a lot more concerned about minister for injustice Mcetee (parish pump Helen) ‘s ‘hate crime’ laws

  3. Micko

    Brought my little one up to see Santa in Navan the other day.

    Was pretty cool, literally as it was outside and freezing. But the whole Santa thing was outside and nice, the kids were able to sit beside Santa and everything.

    Very good

    1. osullysilly

      still all part of an agenda to get us to do everything distanced or online

      I reckon it time this medical dictatorship ended dont you? 631 in icu last year, no emergency declared and none of this ridiculous UBER compliance

      1. ReproBertie

        “still all part of an agenda to get us to do everything distanced or online“ the commenter argued online.

        1. Sillysocks

          Ur not the sharpest are u? not many places to show public displeasure with the situation when we r in effin level 5 lockdowns are they? if they can use the web and tv/radio , propaganda in shops then I can challenge corrupt Holohan and this dictatorship by the same means

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