‘As Early As Today’



More as they get it.

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7 thoughts on “‘As Early As Today’

  1. bisted

    …has anyone asked Charger…so it’s the May deal and a few pilchards…trouble is, it has to be ratified by the other 27…good luck with that surrender monkeys…

  2. Rosette of Sirius

    Well they do have just over a week left on their impromptu Brexi-fy two-week free trial left to experience life after Jan 1.. They did manage to spin up their lorry parks fairly quickly but the impending humanitarian disaster stemming from thousands of drivers without a truckstop to get fed let alone piddle in is reverberating around Europe’s transport community. It’s since taken charity from a number of community groups and foodbanks to step in and assist. It’s farcical.

  3. Punk Rocking Chair

    The only good that will ever come from Brexit will be that Charger goes silent.
    And it looks like it’s already happening.

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