Lurgy! [Updated]


Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue has tested positive for Covid-19

This afternoon.

The minister’s spokesperson said that a test carried out yesterday returned positive today and the minister is self-isolating at home.

A statement from Government earlier said all Cabinet ministers are restricting their movements. It said that in line with public health advice, all ministers are awaiting a Covid test and result.


33rd Dáil cabinet members with President Higgins

This afternoon.

Via The Irish Times:

A member of Cabinet has tested positive for Covid-19, the Government has announced.

In line with public health advice, all Ministers are now restricting their movements while awaiting a Covid test and result.

More as we get it.

Cabinet member tests positive for Covid-19 promoting Ministers to restrict movements (Irish Times)


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33 thoughts on “Lurgy! [Updated]

  1. johnnythree

    They all have to stay in their bedrooms on Christmas day like the good Eamon says.

    Bets on for who will get caught traveling to holiday home/ break away?

  2. GiggidyGoo

    No sound bites then?
    Michilín was on Claire Byrne this morning, and getting a little agitated at her questioning. He obviously wasn’t isolating.

  3. JesusMadam X

    What ejit comes out with this ” travellers to Ireland since 11th must eat Christmas Dinner in their own room” Everyone knows that will never happen. They treat the plebs like imbeciles

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Yep. What a silly statement to make. I’m sure they have all been eating in their own room since 11th. Colm Henry was on Morning Ireland or whatever it’s called these days today. Great to see the video of it live.
      Asked specific questions, gave no specific answers. Like Michilín, he was getting a bit agitated as the interview went on and you could see the relief on his face at the end of it, that it was over.
      e.g. 20 flights arrived from GB early december with at least one Covid-positive passenger on each flight – what contact tracing was done? Just 5 calls according to the interviewer. the reply was that ‘we are putting in place…’..etc.etc.etc.’

  4. Cian

    Pro-sickness folk are out in force today.

    I’ll bet you’ll be first to criticise the government if/when we’re hit by a second wave in January.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Well, politicians seem to be in the firing line as regards to getting Covid. But, despite him saying early December that he’d take the vaccine on TV, Michilín has now said he won’t. saying the vaccine should be given to those who need it. Well, with the amount of travel and meeting various foreign politicians, and of course local ones, isn’t he one of the first that should receive it? Much as I hate what he stands for, I wouldn’t like him to get sick.

      1. SOQ

        No- he is not high risk of developing serious CoVid-19 which is the main criteria- even if infected.

        Also the vaccine manufactures are making no claims about SARS-CoV-2 transmissivity so he may be vaccinated yet still contract and transmit at will.

        Well not at will but you know what I mean.

        Also- Happy Christmas Gigs xx.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Happy Christmas to you too SOQ. I’m amazed you have stuck the onslaught you’ve been subjected to. I wouldn’t mind but you back up your comments, but those that like to attack almost invariably don’t and have a go at you, rather than the subject matter. I hope they have a long hard look at themselves over Christmas.

    2. Boj

      Does “pro-sickness” = “ratlicker” around here? Genuine question…
      All these shades of labels to keep up with.

      1. Nigel

        Ratlickers – pro-covid
        Ratlovers – pro-STDs
        Ratwatchers – voyeurs
        Rattalkers – veterinarians
        Ratsingers – popes.

          1. Boj

            he he..nice. I dunno what I am is all. Just trying to see what ‘folk’ I’m part of. I think I’m anti-sickness….but with questions. Is that a thing?

          2. E'Matty

            @Boj- ” I think I’m anti-sickness….but with questions” That’s easy. Questions. You’re not allowed those. You’re supposed to obediently and unquestioningly follow the supposed “experts”. That is one very clear rule online. Questions are the kind of thing a ratlicker would come out with. Sorry to break it to you like that but on the other hand, welcome to the Club!

          3. Boj

            …but this then gets ya called pro-sickness…oh its all very silly. Many thanks for the membership offer but theres something about a stranger online welcoming me to a club which is quite creepy. Doesn’t feel like the right path….haha. Saying that it is always better to dig(especially in Ireland) and find something than to not dig at all. Happy trails.

          4. SOQ

            Not allowed Boj- first question about a new tech rushed vaccine and you will have anti-vaxx’ force tattooed across your forehead in large block letters.

          5. Boj

            Quite an apparent trend during recent referendums also. It’s all very counter productive imo. Happy Christmas to ya!

      1. Cian

        true. but our second wave was small (relative to Belgium, Italy, Spain, UK). I suspect the January wave will be a lot higher and a lot more deaths.

        1. E'Matty

          What? Like the usual rise in elderly deaths that happen around this time every year? Winter eh? Who’d have thought more old people would pass away in the depths of winter. I will see your prediction of a rise in ‘Covid deaths’ and raise it by an additional prediction that we’ll see an amazing reduction around late April coming into May (weather dependant). Its almost like we’re predicting the normal seasonal death rates we see year in year out. I wonder would Paddy Powers take a bet on it?

  5. Micko

    “Under rules for essential workers, Mr McConalogue did not have to restrict his movements on return to the State. The rules state that those who travel overseas for essential purposes and restrict their movements – aside from that essential purpose – while abroad should not be advised to restrict their movements on return. A spokesman for the Minister said he therefore did not have to restrict his movements.”

    Well, Im certainly glad that’s cleared up!

    Four journalists worked on that article…

  6. E'Matty

    These stories of cabinet Covid cases always seem to arise just after the government have announced another awful set of restrictions. It’s the same the world over. An easy sympathy vote and deflects attention from these ridiculous measures with a “We’re all really in this together” bit of BS branding.

    Clearly nobody fearing for the Ministers life, so very very dangerous is this scary virus. But wait, the UK have announced yet another scary ‘more transmissable’ Mutant strain. This time from South Africa!

    1. ce

      Bill Gates, The Queen, and the Bilderberg/world dominating pedo Group have all been informed of your concerns and will endeavour to make their conspiracies less obvious in the future…. must try harder

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Sure it’s a never-ending pot of gold for them now.” Why another lockdown? – sure there’s another mutation in (pick an area, country, continent or whatever). Fill the Pfizer (or whoever) coffers. We’ll have a nice knees-up at the next Bilderberg meeting.”

      Plus there’s all sorts of new legislation in effect now that can be rolled out on a whim for almost any situation the State would like to control.

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