27 thoughts on “Take Me To A Random Forest

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      Merry Christmas to all, it’s béen a rough auld year, let’s all be good to ourselves and each other :)
      Thanks for the laughs, the disbelief, the head shaking, the smirks the information, the tunes, a bit of company some days and the entertainment.
      I joined this site when I lived in France to keep my finger on the pulse and for the banter, didn’t think I’d still be checking in now I’m back but I couldn’t leave this motley crew.

  1. Brother Barnabas

    happy christmas everyone – esp all at BS Towers; thanks for putting up with us. and esp too to SOQ – sorry for telling you to fupp off yesterday. I regretted it.

  2. millie bobby brownie

    Happy Christmas to my internet family. May we always fight, squabble, tease, torment and adore one another like a real family does.

    Thanks to all the folks in Broadsheet Towers for humouring (and encouraging) the madness, particularly this year, difficult and divisive as it has been.

    Merry Christmas and I’ll see yiz on the other side, drunk on turkey and Christmas pud xx

  3. Gabby

    You all merit a Happy Christmas and more optimistic New Year after all the cranky, slick, underhand, overhand, supportive and downright denigratory remarks youse have had to endure throughout this inimitible and hopefully unrepeatable covid lockdown that swooped upon us early in March. I raise a glass or two from a 7-euro bottle of Chilean rosé wine that my local grocer marked down a few days ago to get rid of old unwanted stock before the staff returns to load up the shelves as New Year’s eve approaches. sláinte-salud-prost.

  4. Shayna

    It would be remisce of Shayna to not say, Nollaig Na Shona Daoibh. Also, Up the Dubs! (I’m not really meaning that bit – The whole Tyrone thing?). Great site, great comments and commenters (you know, who you aren’t). Go raibh maith agat BS! x

      1. V AKA Frilly Keane

        And yerselves too Clamps
        Great craic with Santy there I’d say

        The real tree this year is lovely alright
        But feck – the allergies are hard core
        The sneezing etc. My face is destroyed. Especially in the evenings
        But not complaining
        Really enjoyed the last few days here
        I haven’t even opened the door of the office since Tuesday evening.

        Back to it on the 29th – it can all wait till then

  5. Clampers Outside

    Susie Dent’s word of the day… ‘confelicity’ – joy in the happiness of others.

    Confeliciies to all :)

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