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    1. V AKA Frilly Keane


      Ya codding me
      Twas Leo and that PR lad that couldn’t believe their luck

      Ursula put an end to their gallavant – and did one for the Mná all right
      But Mairead was the better candidate ( v Simon C) anyway
      No harm no foul

      Make no mistake poor Phil was set up by his own party
      They were the ones driving the story over those few days
      And knew well Phil would end up buried under an avalanche of his own hubris
      Remember his resignation presser? “I’m happy with my decision”
      F’ing eejiit knew Leo pushed him into his own pot hole
      He was gutted ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ

      1. Bitnboxy

        Mairead is known as quite the operator and was apparently seizing the initiative well before the final nail was plunged into Phil’s political coffin. Quite the achievement by McGuinness who is not known for being very popular both with the party faithful and the grandees. Still, I admire her pluck and no doubt she’ll do well in her role and around the Commission table. There are mutterings she is in von der Leyen’s inner circle..

        @Giggidybot In sharp contrast to Mairead and her abilities, I have got to put you in your place. I am hoping the scumbag Shinnerbotting will be dialled down for 2021 and if not that your repertoire of tired insults at least gets expanded, if that is in the realm of your “talents”.

        1. V AKA Frilly Keane

          Doesn’t surprise
          I never assumed Mairead was ever part of other’s circles
          Other than her own old media dears, hacks n’ lovvies

          In fairness she’s done well out there
          AFAIC there was a pretty well organised FG coup against Phil
          She took advantage, of course
          And got there herself in the end
          By hook or by crook. Shur’ why wouldn’t she.

          She had done the graft out there anyway
          And was a better candidate than Simon C
          Even Barnie Rubble could tell you that

          BTW, Bits
          Oddly enough I originally viewed GooGoo as a wandering traveller over from Gript – particularly their ( then anyway) views on immigration
          Which I personally found – and still do, extremely tasteless and intolerant. And faced into it myself, and extracted reactions only fit for a transition year parents WhatsApp group

          They definitely have a poor memory recall as to when they started posting here and about what they’ve posted
          And who they championed and sided with here
          Johnny Keenan even quoted them one time on bs.tv

          Which makes me think it’s now a shared Account
          Possibly a Mr & Mrs, via the household tablet
          Don’t care tbh
          A chameleon definitely – so someone who has to keep changing their colours shouldn’t worry anyone

          So just lay’ve them at it Bits

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Ah. V you’ve resorted to your previous self I see.
            ‘‘Twas this time last year you wrote a libelous post here about a Dublin hotel, which after I tipped Bodger off, was removed. You denied outright a number of times that you wrote it and threw your toys out of the pram, doing you’re usual ‘i’m outta here” routine.

            Actually you bordered on a similar repetition relating to a hotel in Co. Louth recently.

            We have been pretty civil to each other these past few months, but you do realize that I fight fire with fire.

            Glad that you’ve tied up with Boxy. You were made for each other obviously.

            Memory recall isn’t one of your strong points.

          2. Rosette of Sirius

            In other ‘alternative news’ news, Voat has gone the way of the dodo. There’s always Parler but still, will this affect the Kraken and ‘It’s Coming’ posts?!

            Let see…

          3. Bitnboxy

            Very interesting Vanessa and confirms what I know of GiggidyGoo.

            I recall that GiggidyGoo a few weeks back was having none of my send up of Grift Media and was quite upset when I derided the tawdry background of Niamh Uí Bhriain (daughter of notoriously abusive Una of wife swopping sodomite fame) as Grift is a front for Youth Defence. There is then Giggidy’s anti-vaxx position which is dialled back from the Goo’s strident anti-HPV stance. Added to this is the light-touch homophobia, the SCU conspiracy nonsense – I was accused once of being some sort of SCU operative on here, which to be fair delighted me. You can add Giggidy’s the old-style comely maiden armalite and ballot box schtick to get the full if deranged picture.

            And of course there is GiggidyGoo’s angry abuse (classic Youth Defence) but at this stage it is more harmless than anything and yes of course, I have my fun with the poor créatur behind the account. I see poor Giggidy’s blunt claws came out for you with some more grandiose delusions. Bless.

          4. Bitnboxy

            What a searing denial GiggidyGoo!

            5 minutes ago you declared you would never again reply to me?

            Do one.

          5. GiggidyGoo

            You’re not the sharpest Boxy. 5 minutes? Can’t add/subtract, and can’t understand what’s written. This conversation isn’t over yet. Try understand what’s written.
            Terrible to have to teach for free online.
            Did I upset you by bursting your bubble about the existence of Santa? Ho Ho Ho. ROFL. LOL. Never mind, mummy will make it better. There there there.

            I know you can’t help yourself when you see a post from me. I could sense your frustration at trying to hold back the past couple of days, but like clockwork, out you come. Aha ha haaaaaa

            (I have plenty of time today to converse by the way)

          6. Bitnboxy

            Within minutes, back like a bad smell frothing at the mouth.

            “This will be the last conversation I’ll ever have with you Bitnboxy”! What happened to that?! ROFL.

            Oh I am sure you have plenty of time today and every other day.

            Back under your anti-everything dank rock. Grift somewhere else. My work today is done…maybe ;-p

            Mince, thick as.


          7. GiggidyGoo

            Naw. You’ll be back.

            The epinephrine is gushing through your veins, resulting in an overwhelming desire to write something intelligent, but that something never appears.

            It can’t.

            But you know that. ROFL! And still you’ll wait and be triggered (under what username, we don’t know) by my posts. LOL.!

            The conversation isn’t over, but it’s the last one i’ll have with you. (There you are now, a little explanation and a hint about how to read and understand – do try take it in)

            No sign of any links yet. Ha haaaaaaa.

          8. V AKA Frilly Keane

            Memory recall isn’t your strong point Goo
            But I can see for sure now that it is you that has resorted to your previous self
            I have never hid. Ever
            Nor being forced to wear different masks that have a habit of slipping

            As to your old reliable *libelous post
            Broadsheet themselves were invited
            Multiple times in fact
            To point out what was wrong on that post
            And yet they remain silent – handing you continued use of it as a riding crop.
            Work harder Goo. Don’t be so lazy and hackie – Find something new to whip me with.
            The Red Cow Inn people know exactly who I am and where I am – so I have no problem addressing it myself if they have an issue with me
            Hence my mentioning them by name again (unlike you who seem to insist on identifying a completely different premises btw)
            Fair enough – their gaff their rules

            Meanwhile I have no clue what this thing about a hotel in Louth is
            But since you’re so good at resurfacing a post from over a year ago, you would do well to resurface some of your own from 2018
            Including your plus one’s

            Nice to see you back to yourself Goo
            True colours n’ all –
            I’m now even more convinced of your real set up and motivation – which we all know change with whoever is organising the latest demo or rally or protest group
            Or whatever personality that’s stirring it up in political circles

            No worries. This is the internet, there’s room for everyone
            So have at it
            The more the merrier

            I have zero problem standing over every word I have posted here
            Or what Broadsheet have published
            Vanessa / Frilly here and on the YouTube
            You would also do yourself a favour to note I engage very little of the posts and posters here. Those that I do, are well established, and predate your “arrival.”
            Same with the threads
            So you’d be very wrong to assume I’m tied up with anyone
            It’s pretty clear now I don’t participate in any organised opposition
            I walk my own talk. And form my own opinions. Independently. I don’t need some trending viral to trigger me, nor do I wait to see what the gang says. Or what the latest anti whatever- you’re- having- yourself is to piggyback on.

            Fight fire with fire
            •́ ‿ ,•̀ •́ ‿ ,•̀ •́ ‿ ,•̀ Thanks for best laugh this week Goo

            Tis gas really. The Free Speech screamers, Alt White Truthers and Anti- Maskers, are in fact the biggest beneficiaries of deletions, staged moderation and cancellation. As well as being the ones that insist on it.

            Funny ould World when everyone is seen for what they truly are

            *I think you mean defamation btw. Happy to help.

          9. GiggidyGoo

            Funny that eh Frilly? You vehemently denied you wrote anything about the hotel. I never mentioned the name of it. And here you are, a year later, admitting you wrote about the Red Cow Inn. You even clarified that we are talking about defamation.
            And all about a post that you said you didn’t write.

            BS are under no obligation to confirm or deny what was written, either by you or myself. You were the one who went off in a strop telling BS to remove all of your posts and your Frilly Keane articles. I don’t have to rely on memory mind you. (What premises did I identify by the way?)

            Now, you choose to attack me every so often here. With assumptions. My set up and motivation? Sure aren’t you great. (Did you miss that by they way…. ‘with assumptions’)

            Here’s where you were bordering on – defamation – as you say, again, until you had to draw in your horns.

            So, re-surface my posts that you have a problem with.

            (And, it’s not all about you babee)

            Deletions are your forte. Live with it.

            Latch onto yokes like Boxy, you deserve each other.

          10. V AKA Frilly Keane


            I’ve never denied writing a post about anything
            And that link you provided introduced three posts of mine
            None of which mentions premises in Louth
            Or are actionable

            I am actually qualified and licenced to make those Professional assertions
            And post those queries, knowing exactly what the answers mean btw
            And given my position in financial services governance and the promotion probity
            I can hardly call it out in RTÉ, the FAI, TDs, Ministers State and Semi States/ Quangos and others, and then turn a blind eye to it elsewhere when tis presented to me.
            That would make me two faced, an empty shirt
            A fake, a chancer – another opps the mask slipped
            I walk my talk
            Every f’ing word of it – myself. I don’t need to round up others.

            We have your measure
            Tis actually the other way around
            And sorry to have to tell ye
            I’ve actually known for a long time

            I’ve come through several skirmishes and rallies from organised opposition, special purpose logins and posts
            Yet I’m not the one hiding, changing handles, purging or demanding people get cancelled

            And don’t you ever call me a baby throwing toys again
            Not you

            Of all people not you
            You can’t even define or recognise “defamation” yet you think your qualified to make assertions with it

          11. GiggidyGoo

            V. You sure are, regularly, a baby throwing your toys out of the pram. Somehow you think that a ‘threat’ to leave BS, to have your Frilly writings removed to try get your way isn’t throwing the toys out of the pram? G’way for gods sake.

            “I am actually qualified and licenced to make those Professional assertions”

            Will you ever get off the stage. Licensed to make assertions? 008

          12. V AKA Frilly Keane

            Would you ever cop on to yourself Goo
            You’re there calling out lads on their ‘intelligence’
            And you’re going on like you know it all
            About everything and anything
            And everyone. Everywhere

            And you don’t.
            You keep harping back to a post of mine – a single post btw. In about ten years worth of them, saying it was defamatory
            And how you asked Broadsheet to delete it
            Who the f do you think you are
            It wasn’t defamatory
            It fact there is a lot worse here about me
            And you have the nerve to call me a baby and still say ‘ye’ have the measure of me

            You know what
            You’re a Paddy Holohan podcast in the making

            Let’s have it – make it happen lads
            If this Goo wants to call my remarks about a premises who got done for tax offenses
            Let’s see what they are capable of putting their own voice and face to

          13. V AKA Frilly Keane

            No I am not
            And what you’re doing is passive aggressive bullying and harrrassment
            A bit like someone who tries to win an argument just by shouting louder and longer

            You clearly said I posted something defamatory over a year ago. One single post. That you decided, with all your brainpower and skills. Was going to get Broadsheet sued. So you advised them to delete it. The post was about something I witnessed myself + 00s of others in the Red Cow Inn btw. See that’s how sure I am about naming the premises. You’re too quick and too thick to post several times since the name of a different premises. You
            Not me
            I have repeatedly asked Broadsheet themselves to clarify exactly what was defamatory – not a word from them.

            Today you posted about something about me defaming a business in Louth
            The backup you provided – a link to a historical thread
            1. None of my three posts contained within mentioned anything in Louth.
            2. None of my three posts contained within were in anyway risky

            What you are admitting to is Broadsheet moderating and deleting posts to order

            I am not the one here on this thread that is all over the shop
            But feel free to keep trying to prove it
            Pretty sure you’ll be getting a dig out soon enough anyway

          14. GiggidyGoo

            V. You are both a coward and a liar. You insisted and were adamant last January that you didn’t post about it. You were doing the shouting down at the time, crying to BS to confirm, or not, that you did in fact post it. You tried the ‘remove all my posts and articles’ line.

            And what do we see now? – you’ve finally admitted it. After all of your attempts to discredit me. Take that away now. You’ve discredited yourself. Not exactly intelligent now was it? Your comment was ‘shure that goes on every weekend’ (at that particular premises)

            You’re squirming and twisting. With all of your bluster and attempts at bullying, you finally outed yourself as the coward and liar that you are.

            I’ll wait for the Text Art and the ‘auld Irish’ phrasing’s as deflection and bullying attempts. The fall back. The kudos recipe has already arrived.

          15. V AKA Frilly Keane

            What ever gets you through the the day here Goo

            I am adamant I did not post something defamatory enough to cause Broadsheet legal angst
            You are adamant that I did

            I never denied the post
            Just your interpretation that it was – with your legal expertise n’ all, deciding it was, libelous actually. And you’ve repeated it – again and again
            Like a regular slapping around
            From a thick ignorant bully

            Again. Since you are unable to absorb actual facts.
            I Never denied the post. Only your repeated insistence that it was defamatory aka in Gooplish. Libelous

            Is there any other way to spoon feed it to you in smaller bits for you to absorb
            I have only ever denied YOUR interpretation that it would have got Broadsheet sued.
            Does that help?

            I am not squirming and twisting
            You are – inventing defamation about a premises in Louth to add to the single rock you’ve been throwing at me from a whole lifetime of Broadsheet
            Who’s the one really Squirming and twisting huh?

            And now you’re calling me a liar – well prove it – go on
            Prove it
            You call me a coward – grand so
            Prove I am any less of a coward than you
            Go on Goos Prove it
            Walk your talk now Goos

            Or will you be asking Broadsheet to delete posts that punch holes into your nonsense again?

          16. Rob_G

            What’s this – Giggidy was having a go at other posters for ‘scraping ‘ the site, and now he’s invoking arguments from one year ago – what an inconsistent muppet…

          17. GiggidyGoo

            Rob – it was a saved item that was denied at the time, but which would eventually be proven. I referenced it.
            Back to bed with you now.

          18. GiggidyGoo

            @Rob_G. It was a specific one that I noted at the time and herself was throwing strops and calling me a liar for suggesting she wrote it. She outright denied writing it at the time. It took 12 months mind you, but the truth finally came out – through herself no less.
            Not exactly scraping the site is it?

        2. GiggidyGoo

          When you eventually (if ever) get a dose of intelligence, please don’t hesitate to come back. Don’t be too benign about it.
          In the meantime, this is the last conversation I’ll have with you.
          Troddle along not. Did Santy bring you something nice? There’s no such thing. Ha haaaa. ROFL LOL etc.

          1. Bitnboxy

            Oh GiggidyGoo, how many times have you tried to shun me but come running back frothing at the mouth?! I take it all with a pinch of salt.

            Glad that Bitty made you see red today. It’s my talent!

            Unlike you, I don’t need to insult your intelligence because I know that you know that you’re like mince, thick as.

            And you’ll be back again cursing me to high heaven! ROFL

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Not too shy about abuse yourself Rosette. Obviously you’re another member of the Church of the Assumption.

          3. Rosette of Sirius

            A quip here and a little jibe there is nothing compared to the mania you post with a frequency that borders on obsession. Case in point – the thread above with V. Seriously. Cool the jets. It’s Christmas.

          4. SOQ

            Pretty sure that comment says much more about you than anyone else Rosette of Sirius.

            Does someone being anti establishment- meaning old skool left wing- really bother you that much?

          5. GiggidyGoo

            Rosette – I give as good as I get. Look back and see did I start this today.

            You stuck your oar in pretty snappy too. Problem?

    2. Otis Blue

      Hogan cuts a woefully unsympathetic figure. A bruiser feted by the Cumann backwoodsmen with little in the way of tact or genuine ability. The hoor was undone by his own arrogance. No more, no less.

      Stick a fork in his ass, turn him over he’s done.

      1. V AKA Frilly Keane

        Ah I’d say he’ll pick up some Chair gigs
        And then some

        The Blueshirt that gets paid to put words into Politicians mouths
        Brian Hayes
        Knows it’s in everyone’s interests’ to now make sure what Phil wants Phil gets

        That’s what today’s big read is really for

        I’m back

  1. Ger

    He’s right, if he got justice he would have been convicted for not giving hse his address when he moved around the Country. Now that was a criminal.offence!

  2. V AKA Frilly Keane

    On a more important Stephen’s Day matter
    What to do with leftovers

    Turkey Lurkey Murky Curky

    Pull apart your bird. I only use the white and juicy buttery meat. (Turkey Crown). Skin and other bits get set aside for the dog’s treat box)

    Per half Kilo of Meat – so adjust ish to suit
    2 Onions (I use red)
    2 tbls minced Garlic
    And inch of fresh Garlic root – grated
    1 tbls ground Cumin
    1/2 tbls ground Coriander
    1tsp’ ground Cloves, Brown Sugar, Fish Sauce
    1/2 tps’ Chili powder, Garam Masala, ground Turmeric
    1 Cinnamon stick
    1 Bay Leaf
    1 tin of Coconut Cream or Milk
    400 mills of stock. I use chicken plus whatever gravy that’s left over from yesterday to make up the numbers.
    And oil for frying – whatever you use for Currys, basically anything not olive or artificially flavoured
    Plus some Flour to create a roux base

    – Fry onions, then add garlic & ginger till equally soft and transparent. Mid to low heat
    -Add all your Spices except Cinnamon stick and Bay Leaf. If you’re using flour, I do, start with a level table spoon here. And toast your Spices etc for a minute or so. Not more than two.
    – Add your stock. Bring it up to a simmer. Now check if it thickens, you may need to readjust your roux.
    Assuming you’re happy with your sauce.⬆️

    Add your meat. Feel free to add chunks of hang. (I don’t. I keep it for something else. I share with ye another time)
    Stir and settle the meat in.
    Add the Sugar, Fish Sauce and Coconut whatever milk or cream – whatever is in the press.
    Stir gently. Turn heat down to a whispering simmer. Add your Bay Leaf and Cinnamon Stick. Cover and let it do its work.

    Serve with toasted Naans and whatever rice you can put together
    You can be very luxurious with the rice. Add all sorts. Again whatever is in the press. Here it will be on bowl of chili and lemon grass. And another with lime pepper, and another sticky jasmine. They all freeze anyway. So no waste.

    Garnish with shreds of fried shallots and freshly chopped Coriander.

    Enjoy. And don’t be put off by the brown stew colour. Nor be hesitant about adjusting the spice ratios. Or be afraid to rack it up to match the total weight of your meat.

    This will freeze beautifully. And may well be nicer after a full defrost.

    And it’s a curry you can enjoy with red wine btw

      1. millie bobby brownie

        That sounds epic V. Trying that out later. I’ve a rake of food left and if I eat one more ham sandwich I might explode.

        Jaysus but it was a great feed.

        1. V AKA Frilly Keane

          Very proud of the ‘savoury’ output this year Mill
          So much so we haven’t even let rip into the Army pudding, of the Frilly Christmas Puddin’ Cake.

          If any of the expat Langers are around stay tuned for New Year’s Day & Cork Battenburg

          Btw. I’ve a great quiche for those hang bits. Get in Guyere, fresh asparagus, a jar of antipasto artichokes and a fresh tub of crème fraiche

          I’ll throw it up tomorrow. Bank Holiday Monday Papers

          Btw. Just on that Turkey Lurkey Murky Curky, the heat creeps up, it takes a few mouthfuls to realise the full blast, it’s the Cumin so mind your doses of Spices. Don’t let the tasting spoon fool you into topping up the Chili.


  3. SOQ

    OMG !!!

    According to Sky News- the new 76% more infectious mutant ninja virus has reached Sweden?

    Meanwhile in Nashville…

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Sweden used to be your posterboy for how to manage a pandemic, not any other country, so your movement of the goalposts is duly noted!

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            The fact is that your Swedish covid utopia failed so you flail and shout “look over there!!” instead of acknowledging the failure.

          2. SOQ

            Sweden, a country with a high level of at risk people, followed 100 years of public-health policy and balanced the costs against the benefits.

            They kept their society open and as per https://www.euromomo.eu/graphs-and-maps/, if you could be bothered to look, they haven’t done too bad at all.

            The full collateral cost of this thing will not be known for quite some time so I suggest why you ask why you have such an emotional investment in a social experiment which was never tried before.


          3. Richie

            SOQ referring to Sweden back in October: “History will judge but I think that if not the world then certainly Europe will be grateful for their management of CoVid-19 because they are the living proof that all of this lockdown bullpoo was not necessary.”

          4. bisted

            …still believe this SOQ character is an invention of Bodger and his taste for the absurd…most bizarre for me were consecutive comments when the snake oil remedies were being championed and there was one being supressed because it was being championed by Trump and another supressed because it wasn’t favoured by Trump…

          5. SOQ

            Nice that you are keeping notes Richie but was I wrong? It will take another year for the carnage to be totaled up so let’s wait and see.

            That you are all so obsessed with Sweden, while ignoring what is going on in Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia is a pretty good indication that proving this criminally reckless experiment right is way more important than what is actually happening.

            One thing I am certain is that despite you fake lecturing on communitarianism, not one of you is suffering. You are not one of those sitting waiting for a knock from the bailiffs or that screening appointment to finally arrive.

            Your lives are not affected by this madness which is why you can afford to spout patronising platitudes like ‘we are all in this together’.

  4. Paulus

    Normal service has been resumed I see:
    An unusual feature of BS is that it’s not the trolls who are the most annoying; (some of the trolls actually have a sense of humour).
    No, the most annoying participants here are the narcissists.

    1. Clampers Outside

      Myself and Nigel are enjoying the Christmas…. separately, obviously, but in matching PJs…. mmmmmm-maybe…
      who knows :0)

      (merry Christmas Nigel)

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