This morning.

Ships carrying haulage containers pass by Poolbeg Lighthouse as Ireland leaves an 11-month Brexit transition period….

Those responsible for transporting goods to or from Britain by ferry are required to create a pre-boarding notification (PBN) on the Customs RoRo Service before the goods start their journey, and in advance of vehicles moving to the departure port…

So there.

Revenue’s advice to minimise customs delays in Irish Sea (RTÉ)


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15 thoughts on “Roll On

  1. ReproBertie

    Revenue on the ball as usual. No surprise that the department responsible for collecting money is the most efficient.

    1. paul

      The few dealings I’ve had with Revenue have always been very pleasant (the last one was regarding my tax status post-wedding). Their front-facing business is the template that other Departments should follow in a lot of ways.

      The two people I know who have worked with Revenue (both retired now) are sharp as tacks but extremely fair. One worked with customs and the other won’t say where they worked as they were involved in a lot of high-level and high-value cases. It seems that, from my experience, the Department just attracts and maintains good, hard-working employees.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Kinda simplified, that report.

    From Ireland.
    a) A Customs Entry (SAD) must be created. Done by the exporter, or the transport company or a customs agent. It must (they say) be done prior to the loading of the truck.
    b) That SAD generates a MRN (Movement Reference No.) which must be passed to the transport Co.
    c) The transport Co. then goes online and creates a PBN (Pre Boarding Notification)
    d) Once a PBN is created, it is sent to the driver who produces it to the ferry company


    e) An import entry (simplified at the moment) has to be done in the UK
    f) a MRN (Movement reference No.) is generated
    g) A GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement Service) reference is generated which allows the truck to proceed.
    h) GVMS is sent to the driver

    Similar Great Britain to Ireland (different abbreviations)

    This week will be slow. Once imports/exports ramp up next week, then any problems will surface quite quickly, especially at Dublin Port.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Less of the old now :-) Could be a Man or a Woman either.
        I do have an professional interest in it, especially goods via Dublin Port as it’s not a great place to spend a day waiting on trucks (or containers) to get cleared.
        Even my summation is fairly basic mind you.

        1. johnny

          GiggidyGoo,the boys had a nice route on/off the QE2,went quiet last few years,whats the outlook for international smuggling,mugs game all the action online,or?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      They contain trucks and trailers. Roll on, roll off (Ro-Ro)Those ships wouldn’t be for containers. Shipping some trailers on the open deck could be to do with hazardous chemical shipments that aren’t allowed below deck. Normal trailers of course can still be shipped open deck.

      Container ships however are for actual containers that are lifted on and off (Lo-Lo) by crane.

      Those clever people in CLdN have the best of both worlds, in that they can take normal roll on roll off cargo, but they also can load containers, doubled up, onto a special low trailer/platform, and wheel that onto their ship.

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