Behold: the Lazzarini Pagurus – also known as the ‘Crabamaran’ – a 25 metre catamaran with rotating cylindrical screws that allow it to navigate not just water at 24 knots but coastal sand and mud at 35km/h.

Powered by twin 890bhp diesel engines (the extensive solar panels power the internal systems and electrics), the Pagurus’ twin hulls are configurable with bathrooms, kitchens, cabin space for eight guests and four crew.

The main deck is big enough to park a Cybertruck which is loaded and unloaded by an integrated crane platform.

Yours (not that you’d ever think to ask) for €24.7 million euro.


5 thoughts on “Hot Keels

  1. Harry

    All these expensive yachts seem to have feck all deck space. If I owned one I’d have loads of friends and would need more deck space.

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