Creidim Agus Fanacht


Garda Siochana conduct an Operation Fanacht  checkpoint in Dublin this afternoon

This morning/afternoon.

I’m walkin’ here.


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8 thoughts on “Creidim Agus Fanacht

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Shame they can never seem to find the melter with the Ratlicker Manifesto trailing behind him.

    1. goldenbrown

      and it’s not like they have to try too hard to find him either

      I wonder…what they could practically/legally do him on

  2. TypeONegative

    There’s a regular checkpoint near me that sets up on a bypass road that runs parallel to the M50. Its great, if nothing else because cars regularly go far beyond the speed limit there. I was once very, very closely tailgated by a gentlemen in a modified Audi who bullied me into going his speed, I nearly lost control and was quite shook for a while after.
    In theory its a good spot for a checkpoint because there’s no escape. Problem is, in typical Garda fashion, its up a gentle hill and you can see the flashing lights from quite far away beyond the turnoff for it in one direction, so not sure how they nab anyone breaking the rules coming from that way.

    Not sure what my point is, but what I can say is that the low cost of secondhand Audis is detrimental to society.

    1. Hank

      Bullied you into going his speed? You were in front so you had control of the speed. Either pull over to let him past or just maintain your speed and ignore him.

      1. TypeONegative

        >You were in front so you had control of the speed.
        Of course, but when you’re already going 80 and the car behind is LITERALLY a foot or two behind your bumper and the slightest reduction in speed would cause a crash, in the moment I you think “ok I’ll just put a little distance between us so I don’t die” then he closes the gap again. As for pulling over, there was a barrier and he was more interested in getting his jollies than getting past.

        1. goldenbrown

          years ago my father would always “upgrade” his rear foglamps on any car he owned for such special occasions, also would always have a full towbar fitted

          but next time that happens to ya TypeO just “brake test” the w*.ker (you can usually achieve it without actually braking it by just feathering the brake pedal so it barely if at all applies any friction to the equation but activates the lights)

          I guarantee he’ll neither hit you nor be up your arse after that in his 4 ringed toss mobile

          Audi’s aren’t worst tho for me, in my own experience the charts are:
          1. Range Rover (usually piloted by 5’2″ blond)
          2. BMW 5 series (usually some suited sales tosser)
          3. Audi A6/S5 (per BMW)

          it’s interesting to see the immense difference in the general road sharing behaviours of the above depending on whether I’m in the van or just in the family car

          1. Tinytim

            Just drop a gear and/or engine brake. They aren’t out to get you; they are their own bundle of stress and honestly don’t recognise the situation they ha e put themselves, let alone you, in.
            Let them pass.
            Remember it’s a speed limit, not a speed target.

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