This morning.

Get My Sh!t Together.

A new potty mouth-titled RTÉ Player series presented by Carl Mullan and Pamela Joyce (top facing camera).


Available now on RTÉ Player, this three-part feelgood series follows Carl and Pam as they go though challenges to try and kick 2021 off in the right way. They know they are not perfect, they know they have bad habits, but they want to start the year off positively so embark on a number of challenges in a bid to get their sh!t together!

With episodes entitled Digital Detox, Get me a Routine, and #BeKind, the series offers a different take on the usual ‘new year, new me’ or new year resolutions approach, looking instead at the small things that people can do for themselves or for others while having a bit of a laugh at the same time….


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6 thoughts on “Be The Sh!t

  1. Kim the Cardassian

    RTE out of touch with reality. Of all January’s this is not to own to be peer pressuring people in to “getting their shit together” given many people are in a survival phase

  2. goldenbrown

    RTE should make a new hard-hitting current affairs programme to replace that Claire Byrne Live magazine slot….get Today FM’s Pamela Joyce on board to anchor it

    they could call it Pamela Joyce Live

    EP#1 – I’m a homeless person, Get Me Outa Here!
    EP#2 – Mothers and Babies, Get Your Sh!t Together!
    EP#3 – (something something so long as it trivialises a serious issue and has an exclamation mark in there)

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