Staying In Tonight?


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Indeed and you probably are.

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29 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. Charger Salmons

    Here’s a possible discussion point.

    This headline in today’s Irish Times.
    ‘ Covid-19: Europe warned to prepare for surge in deaths due to British variant. ‘

    Remember the outrage when Donald Trump described the original outbreak as the China virus ?

    I only suggest it because I presume you’re not going to be chatting about the massive chasm between the UK’s vaccination progress and that of the EU’s and why it has happened.

    1. Joe F

      You’re some clown. Still no mention from you of UK death rate, up one place now to 7th out of 221 countries listed, 2 and a half times the Irish rate (currently 46th highest) . If counting last weeks figures only, then UK is highest out of 221 countries.
      Cases per million in UK is presently approximately 1 and a half times the Irish rate.
      You very conveniently just ignore these rather important facts clown man.
      PS Are you actually capable of writing a full post (more than 1 sentence qualification) without either spelling or grammar mistakes?

      1. millie bobby brownie

        Okay, Joe, we’ll try this again.

        Ignore him. Your response does not annoy him – far from it, it only encourages him in his more inflammatory and exaggerated comments.

        Years and years this nonsense has been going on, and I for one have a headache. I’m off to bed.

          1. Bertie blenkinsop

            Bit of a sickener alright.
            Real shame to lose the home record so meekly although, in truth, it’s been coming.
            And FWIW, I agree with Millie… stop giving him the attention he craves.

        1. benblack

          Sleep tight.

          “inflammatory and exaggerated comments”

          Backed up with links to the Irish journalistic mothership – the Irish Times.

          Do trolls dream of Charger – electric, or otherwise.


          1. Charger Salmons

            Lady Charger once tried the old ” I’m off to bed with a headache ” routine.
            We laughed about it later once I’d sorted out the front desk for the state of the room.
            Wahaay !

          2. sidhe

            she has a point, in fairness

            he writes some faintly damning remark about Ireland and inevitably half the commenters here wade in to put him in his place, and he gets more abrasive and obvious in his remarks about Ireland, and so on

            even when he has a valid point to make, it is usually peppered with disparaging remarks, and like a red flag to a bull, people respond like they can’t even help it

          3. Charger Salmons

            Could you point out the damning or disparaging remark I made about Ireland in my post suggesting a topic for discussion ?
            The problem as I see it is that some posters are so crazed with frustration because I refuse to engage in their inane and pointless jibber jabber that anything I post just tips them over the edge.
            Full disclosure – one of us is laughing at their moronic stupidity.

          4. sidhe

            in that post above? none

            you have in other posts made good points worth addressing, which are usually hammered in between some jibes about the Irish or Ireland, which was more what I was referring to, and then what follows is the usual circus, and here we are now, talking about it again

          5. benblack


            If he presented the facts inaccurately, then, of course, I would take issue with those inaccuracies.

            However, years and years have proved that he does not misrepresent the facts on any given matter.

            I don’t get(as an Irish person, not that this should matter) the hatred – and that’s what it is hatred.

            *Unless I’ve been conned and this is an account created by Bodger to encourage discourse, content, clicks and advertising?

            Which I do not believe, BTW.

          6. sidhe

            I don’t disagree with that at all

            he makes valid points and some great contributions, but i think that his tone is deliberately pitched to aggravate many of the other posters, which encourages him to further exaggerate his tone, which is something of a pity: the original point raised by Charger is lost to petty point scoring – and that is something he is as guilty of as the posters here who butt heads with him daily

            that said, when you filter out the petty jibes and insults from Charger’s debates with certain commenters, you can often find a very interesting debate. this is a much less frequent occurance than the latter unfortunately

          7. Charger Salmons

            I am not a cunning ploy by Bodger.He’s genuinely far too woke to be me.
            I’m also not Kate.
            Or any of the other usernames that people claim I am.
            These are just manifestations of the ludicrous nature of some of the juvenile discourse on here.
            Back to my original point – watching Prime Time now and not a single peep about vaccines.
            The media response is pathetic which is why I bang on about it so much.

          8. benblack


            Jibes = banter.

            This is a satirical website.

            That is, intelligent, but often obscured humour – which may offend – it is hardly out of place.


            Please, stop – not picking a fight with you, just trying to defend someone who has been abused here.

            You’d all freak out if this was happening to ‘man’s best friend’ and their evil owners.

  2. scottser

    Meanwhile in brexit news, a truck full of crisps bound for the north has been delayed for two days because the haulier can’t prove that the spuds originated in the UK.
    Obviously not the real McCoys.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Not up to the haulier to prove anything about the origin. It’s up to the exporter or importer to do that when necessary. I’m sure the shipping manager will have it Taytoooed across his forehead for future shipments. In the meantime the haulier will tot up a nice amount of demurrage.

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