Everybody Was Kung Flu Fighting



Last night.

Nine O’Clock News on RTÉ One.

Any excuse.

Thanks Bertie Blenkinsop

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15 thoughts on “Everybody Was Kung Flu Fighting

  1. goldenbrown

    ah go easy on her

    she’s only a PAYE perm

    now if she was a tax efficient Ltd. on the big bucks my expectations might be different…

  2. d

    marvellous, she will never get the chop. never seen her off the cuff comments. is she dim or is she in on the joke.

  3. Cobweb

    She had to fight her way in to read the news…….there was a retirement party blocking her path!

  4. ian-oh

    Jaysus, if that belt was any higher it would be a noose!

    Actually, maybe I shouldn;t say that due to the amount of loons who think Sharon is part of some global satanic cabal!

    Lets go with a lovely scarf instead!

  5. Nullzero

    Isn’t a karate outfit technically called a gee?

    So Sharon showed off hers on live TV last night

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