I Feel The Need


Last night.

Naas Roads Policing Unit stopped this veh-icle on the N7 after it was tracked traveling at 161kph in a 100kph zone. It was found that the driver was an ‘unaccompanied learner’.

That’ll learn him/her.

Name that jammer, anyone?

Yesterday: Crazy Golf

RollingNews @GardaTraffic

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One thought on “I Feel The Need

  1. daveo

    i heard stats show that big increase across the world in speeding offences when Fast and Furious films come out.

    i thikn the human brain is alot less developed for u20s. evolution doesnt expect many offspring before 20 so the risk awareness side of teh brain doesnt develop. That or trying to impress a member of the oppose sex in the passnger seat.

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