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  1. Charger Salmons

    Boris Johnson has become the first world leader outside North America to get a telephone call from new POTUS Joe Biden.
    Mr Johnson spoke to Mr Biden in a 35 minute phone call from his office at 10 Downing Street. The pair discussed “a very wide range of subjects”, sources said, describing the conversation as “very warm, friendly and wide ranging with agreement on key issues”.
    A Downing Street spokesman said that the pair “also discussed the benefits of a potential free trade deal between our two countries”.
    On hearing the news French leader Napoleon Macron kicked his wife’s Zimmer frame from under her in anger.
    And Mehole Martin later called Boris to ask if he could put in a good word with Joe to see if there was any chance of the three going for a few scoops and a good oul’ sing-song outside a chipper.
    Reportedly Boris responded by asking “ who is this and how did you get my private number ? Bloody prank calls . “

    1. Joe F

      Bozo is doing a mighty job clown man. Figures for cases and deaths from the virus released earlier today show the UK now 5th highest out of 221 countries for deaths per million population. Almost 100,000 deaths now from the virus in the UK. But of course you just turn a blind eye to this old boy. Bozo doing a mighty job alright. Marvelous.

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          They’ll announce calls to commence talks about talks about hosting a what-have-ya junket to Camp David to start the ‘Unity Poll’ talks before the Biden Whitehouse have Boris’ over

          Maybe even a Presidential visit to Mayhoo announcement before Brexit trade talks get a look in

          Air Force 1 can rock in and out of Knock there over a weekend, no bother

          Now there’s something for the nannoracks and actibots plus all the idle Q Deep State (of Affairs ⊙.☉) researchers analysts & militias

          No of times Air Force 1 has landed on an Irish Runway
          Versus UK

          1. Charger Salmons

            Oh dear, you’re making a fool of yourself again.
            Cornwall’s Carbis Bay in June is wonderful.
            Biden will be there for the G7 conference which the UK is hosting.
            Glasgow is less attractive but Biden will also be there in November for the hugely-important UN climate conference.
            Also, Blighty usually throws on a full State visit with all the trimmings for a new President.
            I’ve no doubt at some stage he might pop in on the way home for the obligatory Guinnes shot though to keep Irish-Americsn vote happy.
            The BOGOF Taoisigh Mehole and Varadkar will be swinging handbags to see who gets the first handshake …

    2. Charlie

      Wow, you’re all over the comments shop today. Are you aware of your alcohol intake? Particularly Friday-Sunday? Joking aside, Call 116 123

      1. GiggidyGoo

        The DIT are way behind. UK companies have been setting up in the EU these past 3 years, solely so that they can have unfettered access. These are companies which import from, say, the Far East. Up to now, they cleared their goods into the UK and then could sell them freely throughout the EU.
        They set up in the EU, and now import goods into the EU directly for the EU market, and much smaller amounts into the UK for that market.

    1. ce

      Triple Crown – Well done sir! Bringing more cheer to Sunday than anybody could imagine, keep up the good work!

      1. Charger Salmons

        You’re welcome.
        I do like to spread a bit of good cheer in these difficult times.
        Remember the old saying – a wise man has something to say, a fool has to say something.
        Send in the clowns ? Don’t worry they’re here…

        1. Joe F

          Any reason you posted the poll with the Tories ahead by 1%, but no mention whatsoever of Bozo’s approval ratings clown man? The last poll I read about his approval ratings had him at 20%, that was last week, with a prediction he would lose his own seat! Very selective in what you post old sport.

    2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      Great – that guarantees an independent Scotland and a united Ireland. I hope the Tories keep winning! The longer Bozo, Patel, JRM and Co. are running the show, the better.

  2. Charger Salmons

    Charger’s Vax Facts™# 33
    There are now seven different Covid-19 vaccines being used around the world with 60,490,112 doses being administered in 61 different countries.
    In the 24 hours before 4pm yesterday the UK administered a record 480,069 doses bringing its overall total to just over 6.3 million.
    Ireland’s official total has remained unchanged at 121,900 for three days.

    1. Joe F

      Could you please tell us how many deaths from the virus in the UK clown man? Oh no, I don’t think you want to know about that, do you? Wouldn’t look good for Bozo to be saying that too loud. Anyway, some real facts, after todays figures, the UK is now the 5th highest out of 221 countries for deaths per million population. What a shocking fact for Bozo. Almost 100,000 deaths from the virus in the UK. Still, Tories 1% ahead in the polls. That is more important to you than the 100,000 deaths. Wow. What are his approval ratings by the way clown man? Last week I read they were -20%. Marvelous.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Hope you’re enjoying a libation too Bodger old sport.
        Whatever gets us through this awful time.
        Best wishes to all my loyal readers …

    2. Charger Salmons

      Charger’s Vax Facts™ # 34

      India only started its vaccination programme this week.
      It has ALREADY vaccinated more people than every EU country bar Germany.
      The USA, with a similar population to the EU, has done two and a half times as many.
      Whichever way you cut it this is an extraordinary political failure by the EU.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        you do realize Indian government is completely corrupt and not adverse to massaging figures, I’d trust that as far as I could pay them backsheesh to fling me

        1. benblack

          Just wondering, Janet, have you been following ‘Dix Pour Cent’?

          Binge-watched the first three seasons over weekend – love it!

          1. bisted

            …watched a thing called ‘Paris’ last night and the week before on one of the English channels…seemed to be mostly round your old Manor…explained what a Bobo was and guess where was the epicentre – Chez Prune…

          2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            lol, what can I say, when I left they lost the run of themselves ;)

          3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I love how the actors are send ups of themselves and the agents so sneaky :)

    1. Joe F

      Just as a matter of interest clown man, why have you stopped the last few weeks from posting Bozo’s approval ratings? You were very liberal in letting everyone know that he was so popular and his ratings were well in the positive. Funny now, you have gone so quiet about that. You’re so predictable. Just to let you know, in case you haven’t heard, he’s -20% in approval ratings from last week. If you wish to contradict me with one of your “facts”, be my guest clown man.

  3. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    An Taoiseach’s (vague, dithery) indication on RTE Radio was that numbers need to go to 100-200 and it will be ‘towards the summer’ before lockdowns are lifted.

    There was further dithering and happy Corkonian-elbowing and bro-love with Brendan O’Connor but we got this…

    There is a hold-up on the AstraZeneca vaccine, which smells like profiteering by supply control. In fairness, Martin’s comments hinted on that when he indicated an EU investigation. If you listen back you’ll see.

    1. Lilly

      What did she say about Phil Lynott?

      It’s hard to have an ounce of sympathy for the nuns but I suppose they grew up in the misogynistic pressure cooker that was Ireland at the time too. It’s hardly a natural lifestyle choice to go and live with a band of women and swear off sex, relationships and procreation for the rest of your days. They were clearly brainwashed in their droves to become brides of Christ.

      It can’t be just a coincidence that nunnery numbers have drastically dwindled. It’s probably a great career choice these days for an enterprising woman with a penchant for large buildings with polished hardwood floors.

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          That kinda talks to the standards of Journalists and those that call themselves Journalists
          Same for their commissioning editors and publishers

          Beyond the tasteless and undeniable bigotry of Brenda Power’s tweet
          It’s also Factually incorrect

          Just in case (。◕‿◕。)➜ Phil was born well out of reach of those State Sanctioned and Funded Death Traps

  4. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Quarantine all international arrivals is what is needed in Ireland. Stop the soft pedaling. There is no point in locking down if you keep letting the virus in. It has worked in Oz and NZ.

    1. bisted

      …the clamour of vested interests will eventually drown out the medical advice from NPHET and the voice of Tony Holohan…politicians sacrificed education to ensure profits for a few…they have gambled on vaccination but internal turf wars look like stymying that effort so far…maybe after lockdown five or six they will act but with arch sceptic Leo coming up there is little chance…

      1. Cian

        Who exactly are the chosen few?
        All the old “chosen” (pubs, hotels, builders, churches) have been sidelined and ignored.

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      Yeah. I’m barely arsed anymore. Oopsie. I said arse. That’s a couple of months on the naughty step for me.

    2. Toe Up

      The Trump train has derailed and the Qanon fad is gone(on), so they need a controversialist to engage comment activity.

      1. Charger Salmons

        It’s funny that you think discussion about vaccines – which just about everyone in this country is desperately waiting for – should be controversial.
        That’s why this government can get away with whatever it wants.

    3. V aka Frilly Keane

      Maybe Charage is the reason SO’Q has suspended the SOQ Some Old Queen avatar

      He had too work too hard to find space for him and his latest self & agendas, in between all the Chargers

      Or some of his back catalogue, like the porno / gay escort scene links n’ posts, for example, have come back to haunt him
      Can’t see the Emperor being to impressed

      I doubt very much he was ‘ run off’ as JR said to Dr Marcus
      Whatever tis SO’Qs at – tis all of his own making anyway
      ‘ certain of it

      1. millie bobby brownie

        I think SOQ bore the brunt of a lot of frustration that other commenters felt – mine included, at times – with the uncertainty of the Covid-19 situation, and we cling to certainty in crisis. But, as I said yesterday, he was well able to dish it out as well as anyone else here, and a lot of the time it seemed (to me at least) that he relished the debate, so to say he’s been ‘run off’ is a bit of a stretch. As you say yourself V, there’s room enough here for everyone’s viewpoints.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Yes, there is room enough here for everyone’s viewpoints. The problem with some posters however, is that their viewpoints are solely on other posters, and not the stories being commented on, or on the points that other posters make.
          The attacks that SOQ had to put up with….many were attacks only on him if you look back…. it’s no wonder he’s removed himself from it. Using ‘frustration’ to excuse the almost non-stop as hominem attacks on him doesn’t cut it with me. You had a queue of attackers , one after another, demeaning his viewpoints, in each thread, points which were usually accompanied by sources.

          What you now have is wall-to-wall Charger Salmons (No. 1 in Google results).

          Threads started on today’s papers by him.

          Papi’s comment about gaff and gaffe isn’t too far off the mark.

          Getting what’s deserved?

          1. scottser

            Yeh, I thought the tans were going to keep all their fish? Shame they keep throwing that rotten salmon back to us, it really does stink the place out.

          2. benblack

            SOQ was pilloried for daring to question the official Covid-19 narrative. He supported most of his posts with links to highly respected experts in the field – Professor Carl Heneghan, of Oxford University’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, being one of many.

            He wasn’t seeking certainty in a time of crisis, he was seeking the truth in a time of bizarre politicisation and hysteria surrounding a public health matter.

            And, strangely enough, anyone who questions the narrative – which is supported very strongly by an unquestioning media machine – seems to meet the same fate.

            I hope he comes back. He was a very valuable commenter and certainly directed me to information I may not have otherwise become aware of.

            The Broadsheet record is evidence of his contributions and the abuse he received.

        2. V aka Frilly Keane

          I never understood the reaction to SO’Qs Covid posts/ research / advocacy and promo’ing other alternative research & channels etc

          Then again I really haven’t engaged with that whole scene

          Yet it was obvious that SO’Q for a long time was very much Anti-Scare Mongering, and arguing the damage lockdown was doing on a Human level, ie Mental Health
          Rather than the rentagob+mob Anti-Masker, Vaccines are really 5G Controlled Bots designed to refuel on your Spinal Cord Juice contingent
          Think I might have said so myself

          But SO’Q has gone through a number of Genres here over the years Millie
          At lot not his best moments
          And they’re littered all over Broadsheet
          100s of posts over the years

          He has knowingly posted untruths here, and deliberately repeated them. And has doxxed and participated in doxing

          So it’s only to be expected that there are regulars, commenting and lurking that will not trust what he has to say about anything

          You’re right
          There’s room for everyone, the More the Merrier

          But he’s no stranger to asking for commenters
          And columnists btw
          To be cancelled

          But for what it’s worth
          He used to be the best craic here on Sundays, one time

          A great lad for knowing where such n’such pictured in the Papers got their frock, shoes etc
          Let’s have that Same’oh back
          And maybe that Charage offal wouldn’t stick and mess-up the page so much

          1. Oro

            I’m confused by the gay porn / escort links and what’s being inferred by their mention. You’ve said it a few times is there any greater context? Do you think the subject matter Is unbecoming of the site or something? Or did he post it in a way with some kind of weird dynamic?

            I agree with you SOQ posted a lot of lies. On purpose. And was a terrible one to play victim. Extremely traditionalist and conservative (very misogynistic I thought) and invoked his own homosexuality as a mechanism to shirk responsibility for his own statements (I’m gay too I’m allowed say it I think lol). I think anyone saying that he suffered any ‘attacks’ is forgetting how he enjoyed to provoke and did so in a very trollish and dishonest way, wanted to be treated with respect but offer others none.

            His (what he considered to be) triumphant PWN re the death of another commenters’ friend from covid and using hearsay from nurses was really something. Fits in the grand tradition of the Irish sanctimonious overbearing man archetype. Them being gatekeepers of reality and what’s important, one rule for them and different for everybody else.

            Excuse the rant!

          2. V aka Frilly Keane

            What’s confusing about He posted links to Porno stuff

            Been a while in fairness

            But Take a look through some older threads that resurface under the ‘related’ tags

            Some interesting stuff there
            From a lot more that SO’Q

  5. millie bobby brownie

    Hope everyone is enjoying the snow today. Kids have been out screaming and lobbing snowballs since 8.30 this morning out my way.

    1. benblack

      Made a mini-snowman with the snow that had accumulated outside my neighbour’s yard this morning.

      He arrived shortly afterwards – and not aware of my childish exuberance – I pointed out my pride and joy. He politely acknowledged it.

      Upon re-entering his vehicle, I heard him mutter FFS.

      I blushed, self-consciously.

      True story.

    1. Nigel

      I expect once they’ve dismantled all the services for trans kids they’ll start on those for adults.

      1. Clampers Outside

        That sounds like a churlish conspiracy theory to me.

        You simply cannot accept the proven, both in legal and medical terms, facts that it is child abuse that you support.

        You’re an abusive idealogue who puts patient care last when it should be number one. And that’s demonstrated repeatedly in your comments. Sad.

          1. Clampers Outside

            “… to justify it”…

            Justify what? You support the way GIDS/Tavistock operated… And knowing full well there were failings of care, you continually supported that abuse.

        1. Oro

          It is not ‘proven in legal and medical terms that it’s child abuse’ that’s just a lie. I don’t think Nigel is a doctor so why he would be involved in patient care is beyond me. Out of interest what about trans people is it that you hate so much?

          1. Clampers Outside

            Check the legal, by looking up the Bell case against GIDS/Tavistock where the judges ruled the “experimental” procedures needed court approval for dealing with children. This is a change in how they operate, a change imposed by legal ruling in the case. (there are other changes, this is just one example… Look the case up).

            Then for the medical, check the report on Tavistock / GIDS that made them change the way they operate.

        2. Oro

          Replying to this post b/c something up with my emails – that doesn’t say anything about child abuse or prove either in a medical or legal way sorry, you’ll have to do better than that. You never answered my question about why you hate trans people so much?

          1. Clampers Outside

            The detail behind both points does say a lot about both.
            See also… https://twitter.com/hannahsbee/status/1353986641136939008?s=19

            Regarding your accusation of hate, please show me one hateful comment. Please note also that all my comments are informed by listening to trans persons and their opinions on the current state of Trans Rights Activism and its’ rejection of science in a preference for a pseudo-science based ideology.

            Do your research Oro. Look at both sides. Maybe start with the book ‘Gallileo’s Middle Finger’.

  6. Tommy Bohan

    Who is/was SOQ? I don’t post here that often
    Can anyone fill me in on what happened recently.
    Were they forced off or what?

    1. ReproBertie

      Since the start of the Covid pandemic SOQ was posting that lockdowns don’t work and that we should be following Sweden‘s example. As the pandemic continued he posted more and more outlandish claims including:
      – facemasks could cause cancer because they are washed in laundry detergent
      – facemasks have not been shown to work in any country (links to studies disapproving this were provided)
      – one of the vaccines causes Bell’s palsy

      His claims were usually shown to be incorrect or taken out of context to push a viewpoint. He would ignore these counter arguments and then post the same claims the next day or on the next Covid thread. This went on for months in pretty much every thread on lockdowns and Covid.

      We’ll leave the US election fraud claims aside for now.

      Apparently people not slavishly accepting his claims drove him away.

      1. Paulus

        Well explained: I had one exchange with him way back where he became very aggressive and irrational. I simply ticked the Avoid in Future box and left him to it from then on.

        1. benblack

          You’ve only heard one person’s opinion, Tommy – a biased opinion at that.

          Search the Broadsheet archive and read the threads – and, then, make up your own mind.

          Covid-19 started in March ’20, serious questions were being raised end of April/beginning of May

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Search back a bit Tommy. You’ll find that Repro is giving one side of the story. Benblack above gives the other.

      2. f_lawless

        “facemasks have not been shown to work in any country (links to studies disapproving this were provided)”

        Can I ask which studies which studies you are referring to? I know you repeatedly referred to a Canadian study but when I pointed out the obvious flaws with it, I didn’t get a response:

        December 14, 2020 at 12:14 pm

        Would there be any point in pointing out to you that the study (I assume) you’re referring to by the Department of Economics at Canada’s Simon Fraser University (a) isn’t peer-reviewed and (b) seems to be cherry-picking data endpoints to fit a conclusion? The period chosen for the study was July to August, yet by the time the paper was released in late September, according to official statistics, “new cases” were clearly on the rise and have steadily continued to rise since.

        The assumptions made my the economists who authored that paper now look extremely weak. The fall and subsequent rise in cases is better explained by the seasonal effect. Rather than flawed observational studies, why not look to more robust scientific evidence to form your opinion – the randomised control trial carried out in Denmark, for example?”

        You also have repeatedly stated empathically that there’s no evidence at all that the Pfizer vaccine can cause Bell’ s Palsy. but it seems pretty clear there’s a reference to it in the official UK government information leaflet for the Pfizer vaccine:

        “Package leaflet: Information for the recipient

        may affect up to 1 in 1,000 people – temporary one sided facial drooping”


      3. ReproBertie

        No. We’ve been through the face mask thing a dozen times and I have no interest in doing it again. Your questions on the Canadian study were answered but clearly not to your satisfaction. I don’t care. Search the archives if you really care.

        The Bell’s Palsy is a red herring and SOQ chose to ignore the details.
        “Four volunteers developed Bell’s palsy after receiving Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine. This is true, but that’s about how many people in a group the size of the trial would be expected to develop it in that period of time. There’s no evidence it’s linked to the vaccine.”


        To be honest I’m sick of the constant need to counter the same anti-vax stuff over and over on this site so I have to remember that you can’t change the people around you but you can change the people around you.

        1. Crocodile Dundalk

          “To be honest I’m sick of the constant need to counter the same anti-vax stuff over and over on this site”

          Lmao. Poor you..

          Popularising shortened clinical trialling and shady traceability for vaccines has a habit of coming back to bite you in the derriere.

      1. Charger Salmons

        He should have just followed my lead and instigated a Chump’s Corner where I imprison all the tiresome, unoriginal and dull posters in much the way you would ignore dullards and oafs in real life.
        Then sit back and watch them compete for your attention like unwanted runts in a litter.
        A couple of them have driven themselves demented – posting up to 15 replies a day to my erudite and witty posts begging for some sign of recognition.
        It’s been going on for months and it’s hilarious.
        They never ever get the hint and it’s very amusing.


          1. Cú Chulainn

            We are living care in the community for Salmons.. I’m sure SOQ will return.. interesting comments and always questioning.. and if a little ratty sometimes.. well, the clue is in the name. We shared this one evening long ago: if you’re reading SOQ, chill.. take care: kiasmos live: https://youtu.be/4fHw4GeW3EU
            There are a couple others could take a chill pill and enjoy..

        1. Joe F

          Good morning old boy/troll/keyboard warrior. So are you going to keep ignoring the wonderful job Bozo is doing with the virus in the UK? 5th highest out of 221 countries for deaths per million, heading closer and closer to the top spot, something you seem obsessed about with the UK. Nothing something to be very proud of. Almost 100,000 deaths from virus in UK. But as long as Tories are 1% ahead in the latest poll that’s all that matters. Much more important to be posting on that rather than the fact that the UK is nearly the worst as regards deaths per million from the virus. Things are pretty bad here, Ireland currently 46th in rate per million, with a figure of 593. The UK rate is 1,429. I know you’re not that sharp, so I’ll do the maths for you, UK rate is almost 2.5 times that of Ireland. Bozo doing a mighty job.

          PS check your spelling and grammar before you post, especially when you are giving out to others about their spelling and grammar. I don’t know when I last saw a post from you without a spelling or grammar mistake. Back to senior infants for you clown man.


        2. Papi

          Imagine being called out consistently on racist, misogynistic, bigoted posts?
          The cheek.
          Poor charger. Poor poor charger.

      2. ce

        I for one question the lockdown restrictions – they are idiotic… and we are finally slowly moving to something prehaps slightly resembling a proper quarantine regime – but I don’t question the danger of Covid, the usefulness of facemasks, and the efficacy of vaccines that have been through full clinical trial (granted running sections of the trials simultaneously…. cause, you know emergency…) – big difference

        1. Crocodile Dundalk

          Clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          Clinical trials are spread over time to analyse amongst other things, long term effects, adverse or not. Performing clinical trials after the release is bunk science and blatantly irresponsible.

          1. ce

            I would agree that it is definitely not ideal – but vaccines, generally (yes, generally), don’t have long-term effects and we’re in an emergency. What was done was not bunk but yes has some risk.

            As to I don’t know what I’m talking about – any Island that does not use it’s natural advantage in dealing with a pandemic and is relying on vaccination as a solution to all of it’s problems is idiotic… that much I do know.

            Do you have a suggestion for how we should proceed?

          2. Crocodile Dundalk

            “What was done was not bunk but yes has some risk.”

            No it was 100% bunk. And insanely risky. To say otherwise is psychotic.

            “Do you have a suggestion for how we should proceed?”

            No matter what the situation, you cannot fast track clinical trialling. With a new technology like mRNA, the auditing and trialling would be longer and much more stringent.

            Everything about this is reckless and irresponsible.

          3. ce

            mRNA is relatively new, but not totally novel, it’s been around for a while – but never used in humans…. except for the fact that now millions of people who have taken it with no side effects beyond effects associated with other vaccines – time will tell if we all turn green and grow more nipples in 5 years, or we’re eaten by our own DNA.

            Not all of the Covid vaccines are mRNA based

            Trails are fast tracked for a variety of reasons all around the world

            You have every right not to take a vaccine

            But, for the sake of argument, let’s assume all the science is bunk and we all decide not to take a vaccine, what do you think we should do instead?

          4. Crocodile Dundalk

            “mRNA is relatively new, but not totally novel, it’s been around for a while – but never used in humans…. except for the fact that now millions of people who have taken it with no side effects beyond effects associated with other vaccines”

            And long term adverse effects?

            “Trails are fast tracked for a variety of reasons all around the world”

            No they’re not. That’s illegal.

            “But, for the sake of argument, let’s assume all the science is bunk and we all decide not to take a vaccine, what do you think we should do instead?”

            The science isn’t bunk. Vaccines, like anaesthetics, should be tailored to the patient. Mass delivery without careful analysis of the end users unique physiology and medical history is a recipe for disaster.

            That would mean more stringent trialling which I have absolutely no problem with because I’d know the product was manufactured to the highest possible standard.

            That is the whole idea of clinical trials.

          5. ce

            “And long term adverse effects?” unlikely, and personally I’m willing to take the risk – you don’t have to take it. I walk outside of my house everyday and breathe in crap from cars and god knows what else, drink water out of victorian era water pipes, drink too much in general, did lots of other recreational things (with rigorous manufacturing standards!) when I was younger etc. They all definitely have long term effects, can’t imagine what the mass catastrophic long term effects of mRNA might actually be that would be more than everything I (and others) have done before. Given the long term effects I’ve seen with two people who’ve had Covid – they are cathastrophic – I’m personally quite happy taking vaccine … but that’s me and you don’t have to

            Speeding up trials –
            “No they’re not. That’s illegal”
            Trials are speed up for a variety of reasons, sometimes phases are run concurrently, early regulation applications etc, like now and Ebola vaccine is another good recent example.

            I fully agree that there is a long term risk to what is going on now – to say there isn’t would be a lie – but in the grand scheme of things I think the severity of the risk is overblown.

          6. Crocodile Dundalk

            “can’t imagine what the mass catastrophic long term effects of mRNA might actually be that would be more than everything I (and others) have done before.”

            Read the PIL attached to any drug. The cytotoxic drugs for instance, one potential side affect is fatality. I’m pretty sure you’re not ok with that, and it’s inclusion means that people who are physiology incapable of taking it have taken it and died.

            ” personally quite happy taking vaccine”

            Its a free country, and it ought to stay that way.

            “Trials are speed up for a variety of reasons, sometimes phases are run concurrently, early regulation applications etc, like now and Ebola vaccine is another good recent example.”

            Nope. I’m afraid you’re wrong there. And that ebola outbreak turned into a military mess so who knows what happened with the trials. Either way it’s not really comparible.

            ” but in the grand scheme of things I think the severity of the risk is overblown.”

            How can you possibly know in all fairness???

          7. ce

            There are drug that are fast tracked all the time without complete trials – and yes technically trials that are meant to be complete after the fact, but that doesn’t always happen, sometimes for very good reasons sometimes for not so good reasons… And of course, in some instances there are certain conditions for which there are simply not enough people with said conditions to conduct a proper trial on. Running phases concurrently rather than sequentially happens in emergencies, has become a thing recently.

            Certainly there could be long term problems in how trials are changing in the future – there are already there are examples of serious serious ones – but in some of these instances that are emergency situations, people have to make calls.

            “” but in the grand scheme of things I think the severity of the risk is overblown.”
            How can you possibly know in all fairness???”

            In fairness, I don’t, I’m taking a guess/making a call in the full knowledge that I might be wrong, but there are very few – so far – short term effects on folks in the trials and real life situations of the 5 main Covid vaccines likely to get approval here. Long term – I think the 40 a day I smoked for 15 year will do more guaranteed long term damage than something that will make my body produced an immune reaction to a disease. As I said I could be wrong… I’ll let you know

  7. Tarfton Clax

    Flicking through tbe comments on Saturday’s and Sunday’s papers today. It’s almost unreadable. The same people insulting each other and posting the same comments reworded again and again.

    It’s becoming more trouble than it’s worth to read now, which is a shame.

    1. benblack

      Personally, V, I found her recital boring, clichèd and so 1980’s.

      Fake, yes, fake is how I found it.

      Out of time and out of place.

      All of you delighting in her gesticulation as if you’d never seen it before!

      Talk to the hand, Biaatch!


      A sign of the next four years.

      1. ce

        + 1

        Good luck to the woman, she has a great career ahead of her regardless of what I think – but god awful lazy clichèd nonsense – although she’s not actually in power, I’m more worried about the god awful lazy clichèd nonsense from the new pres and his crew… hope they actually achieve something and not simply make the same mistakes as Democrats and mainstream Repubicans have been making for the last 30 years.

        I’ll still take this god awful lazy clichèd nonsense over Dump.

        1. millie bobby brownie

          Agreed. She’s a very good speaker and the poem for the inauguration was good, but clichéd. Perhaps that’s what the Americans need right now, I don’t know. In her defence, she’s only 22 and I don’t know many people of that age who are capable of nuance, beyond what they learn in college.

          I would say she has an interesting future ahead of her, regardless of what David Quinn thinks.

          1. benblack

            How can anything be good, but, clichéd?

            If it’s clichéd, it’s bad – in an off-Broadway theatre, it’s cringe-worthy – but a presidential inauguration – speaking to all nations of the world – it’s woeful considering how low the bar was set.

            Never mind irrelevant D.Q tweets.

          2. millie bobby brownie

            Is a cliché an inherently bad thing? If a movie, for example, follows a familiar format or uses popular tropes and is essentially a cliché, does that make it a bad movie?

            There are countless movies which fall into that description, and not all of them are bad. The same could be said of any number of books or poetry, or almost any text we consume.

          3. benblack

            When the world was waiting for something new, Millie, and we got an African-American spouting some rap/poetry in the year 2021 that ‘The Sugar Hill Gang’ would be ashamed of, and the response to her powerful linguistic rhymes and intellect – I jest – could be best appreciated and remembered by the movement of her hands, gesticulating some tired old trope of modern day America – U2 had more creativity and do cliché perfectly because they create it.


          4. benblack

            Sorry, Millie, I’m going to have to quote it all to make my point.

            “Is a cliché an inherently bad thing? If a movie, for example, follows a familiar format or uses popular tropes and is essentially a cliché, does that make it a bad movie?

            There are countless movies which fall into that description, and not all of them are bad. The same could be said of any number of books or poetry, or almost any text we consume.”

            This is not a movie, a novel, a poem, or any text we consume – it’s life, and life is real, always authentic and always alive, never contrived and never clichéd.

            But always true.

          5. millie bobby brownie

            That’s a really great point. And it’s true. Life never adheres to clichés, not in the way they’re portrayed in media or text.

            But regarding my original point, Amanda Gorman read her poem The Hill We Climb at the inauguration – as seen in that clip above. It may be real life, as you say, but it is also a text to be consumed, so in that respect, I’d say yes – it is subject to cliché, in the same way other texts are too.

            Anyway, that’s just my take on it.

          6. ce

            “it’s life, and life is real, always authentic and always alive, never contrived and never clichéd.” – in fairness, my life is a bit of a cliché… maybe I’m the only one

          7. benblack

            Still doesn’t make it true, though, does it, Millie.

            And life can only exist in was is true – everything else is a poor reflection or imitation of the original.


            Life as we know it, is not life.

        1. benblack

          None of us named or associated ourselves with your poster-boy, V.

          So, hardly suckered.

          Or, are we the Broadsheet alt-right white Hard Men?

          Such a cunning trap, V.

      2. V aka Frilly Keane

        cliché poetry – ha!

        Yet tis this gaff that hosts Kevin Higgins FFS

        This is about a 22 year old writer and academic
        Not even a popular fiction writer, with a former career as a child star, and a sex tape
        A Poet type of writer
        Blowing industry pros, 000,000 + selling, back2back live 00,000 seater stadium tour gig ovation getting,
        Oscar performing, World name established Superstars,
        Garth Brooks, J Lo and Lady f’ing Gaga
        People with merchandise and perfume called after them

        Mega stars, who you heard of and knew about when Trump was inaugurated
        got upstaged by a poet that 99.9999% – probably more
        Of the planet
        Never heard of

        Yet an anti woman’s rights over her own body Man
        Half her age
        Whose wages are paid by religious Interests who have rules that discriminate against its own members
        A man who took issue against equal marriage
        Makes it about her own lifestyles
        But shur’ that’s grand, this is man’s talk
        Make it about cliché
        Like woke ‘ism, and silly young ‘wans and their prochoice notions

        Not more clichés from David Quinn, surely

        At least ye didn’t try and ‘splain it off with a sly Mother & Baby
        illegal adoptions, slave labour, human trafficking snort

        So there’s that

        And here’s the gas thing
        David Quinn only talks like that from behind a screen
        Whether tis Social Media or the telly

        He’d poo poo himself before saying all that to anyone’s face
        Least of all any one who’s been to Harvard
        Or in front of the World’s Cameras

        David Quinn big noo noos
        As long as no one can answer him back

        Hey Broadsheet, he’s so yere type
        Lately anyway
        All He /Him

        I loved her movement and dancing words
        Hand in hand, word by word
        Bate the other three going on like they were after saving the planet
        Like only for them there’d be no inauguration
        More self importance than Donald Trump himself

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            I don’t hide
            Never have
            I’ve stood over, and up for every post and column I originated

            And I’ve been here pretty much since the start
            So what’s this
            Not a peep all day, pops head up when thinks coast is clear*

            Seriously WTF Folks
            Despite it being pretty creepy, since the FK doxxing was a long running campaign amongst more than a few of ye, + burner logins

            Am I being tracked and traced again by the local ProLife Latter Day Patriots, Make Ireland Holy Again, anti Immigration cranks and Q’wans

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        I can expect that from him
        Shur’ we all can

        But that useless flaccid nothingness but an irritating creak on the stairs,
        a man who’s never created anything in his life
        Only copied and mimicked words from some historical nonsense
        Owned by an organisation that is run by a man in a dress , who he has to kneel in front of and kiss the man’s jewellery
        David Quinn just wanted to bring that girl down a peg or two
        Cock his leg and mark his ground

Comments are closed.

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