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Human rights lawyer and Broadsheeet columnist David Langwallner previews today’s papers.

(Actually fillumed this morning after technical difficulties disrupted last night’s recording).

Yesterday: David Langwallner: Bring Out Your Dead

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140 thoughts on “Saturday’s Papers

  1. Charger Salmons

    Charger Salmons Vax Facts™#32
    The UK has vaxxed an amazing 412,615 people in one day.
    To put that in context it’s the equivalent of the entire population of the cities of Cork,Limerick,Galway and Kilkenny combined.
    One in ten UK adults have now had the first dose.
    A superb feat of organisation and logistics spearheaded by the British Army.
    The UK’s total number of vaccinations delivered now stand at 5,849,899.
    Incredibly 60 million doses of vaccine have already been administered around the world.
    No-one could have predicted these numbers as well as having three vaccines licensed in less than a year since the pandemic began.
    Full marks on the Marvellous-

    1. Joe F

      Well clown man, after todays numbers, the UK has moved up one place so now is 6th highest out of 221 countries listed for deaths per million population (1,410). The next highest is Czechia with 1,411 so UK will pass that tomorrow to become 5th highest. Two of the remaining countries above the UK are San Marino and Gibraltar. Ireland lies in 46th place with a rate of 578 per million. I think even you, with limited brain cells and intelligence, can see that the UK not doing great.
      Bozo doing a mighty job you amadán.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Partially vaccinated actually.
      An additional shot of Pfizer required after 3 weeks according to manufacturers, while the WHO is happy with 6 weeks.
      But Boris knows better, and extends the period to 12 weeks.

  2. Charlie

    1 in every 700 Brits is now dead due to Covid.
    The death per capita rate is now the worst on the planet.
    The UK government borrowings has just hit it’s highest ever level. Couple this with a huge drop in tax receipts.

    But Hey, they’re doin ok with the vaccinations. Bless!

    1. scottser

      Don’t forget the 30% improvement in death rate from the UK variant. 30% less communists, feminists and poor people.

    2. PanicAtTheDisco

      > dead due to Covid
      No, that’s completely misleading, hyterical and causes needless anxiety & panic.

      People died within 28 days (did I hear some hospital using 60 days?) of a positive PCR test which has been demonstrated in various euopean courts to have a false positive rate of between 28% and 97%. Largest rates of infections are in hospitals and care homes.

      Other than a brief period, the deaths per 100k has been lower in Sweden (no lockdown) than UK. Ireland seems to be catching-up with Sweden however.

      Decades of pandemic guidance thrown out the window of the WHO at the request of China.

      Strange how the problem and solution originate from the same place. The solution of adopting Chinese style authoritarian governance in order to regain freedom: a contradiction.

      We have been too casual in surrendering our rights, economy and wellbeing for an illness which is not outside the bounds of a bad flu season.

      Now China is building a Quarantine Camp for 4000 people. Really, is that where we want to go?

      1. bisted

        …was there an ad for a new ratlicker for weekend duty on Broadsheet…we regret to inform you and your lazy friend Paul earlier that you have been unsuccessful…please troll harder…

      2. Charger Salmons

        Regretfully any attempt at reasoned debate about Covid-19 seems to just encourage the pitchfork-wavers on here to mob together and start the abuse.
        It ultimately drove SOQ away.
        This virus has coarsened debate on here and now it’s just a bearpit with the usual suspects baying inanities like ratlicker or whatever playground mockery they can remember from their not very productive schooldays.
        It’s fear of the unknown masquerading as ignorance.

        1. Joe F

          Ah janey clown man I didn’t realise you were so sensitive. But you do give me a good laugh every post you make, this one, “reasoned debate”. That’s one of your better ones clown man. Your idea of debating is when someone asks you a question you don’t have an answer to, you run away and hide.
          Anyway, the number of deaths for UK for today should be out shortly. UK presently 6th highest per million for death rates worldwide. I’ll predict that that will be 5th later today. You have a mighty record at predictions clown man. You predicted Trump would win, you laughed at people last Summer when you were going over to the North of England for a few pints. Saying this lockdown carryon was a load of nonsense. You’re not quite Nostradamus are you old boy.
          PS Would you ever check your spelling and grammar before you press that Post Comment button. Schoolboy stuff.

        2. PanicAtTheDisco

          That’s unfortuntate. SOQ made some very good points, and I found him to be articulate and well reasoned. Does he reside/blog elsewhere?

          If I were to descend to name calling (which I don’t), I would use the term Marxist.

          Many of the restrictions resemble Marxism.
          Face mask:
          Removes identity
          Diminishes individiaulism
          Removes emotion/facial expression
          Clearly divides people who accept/reject party line.

          Social distancing (aka atomisation):
          Breaks social fabric
          Removes festive and cultural identity
          Closes churches to remove religion (to be replaced by devotion to the party/state)
          Bring discourse online to highly controlled/monitored public square.

          Closing non-essential business
          Devastates highly motivated, risk taking, (often local leaders) smallbusiness owners, forcing dependance on state, creating two distinct classes: ruling class and impoverished proletariat.

          The Russians never voted for communism: that required the bolshevik revolution and subsequent Red Terror.

          I fear that is the direction we are heading.

          1. millie bobby brownie

            You’re dead right Charger. SOQ never lowered himself to insults or attacks, or childish phrases like ‘face nappies’ or ‘muzzles’.

            (Which, for the record, I think are every bit as childish as the ridiculous ‘ratlicker’ insult that seems in vogue these days.)

            I think it’s a real pity that SOQ feels he can’t comment here any more. I’ve always said that I feel he adds a lot to the site and enjoy a lot of his commentary (even when I strongly disagree with him – as with Covid-19).

            Queenie, if you’re reading, I hope you’re keeping well and good, my dear.

          2. bisted

            …careful now Charger…you can only jump on one bandwagon at a time…you don’t want to fall of on your head…again…ratlicker is a term coined by Daisy Chainsaw and to be one you’ve got to be an anti-vaxxer…I thought you saw vaccinations as our salvation…our road to de-mask us…

          3. Charger Salmons

            It’s immaterial what my or anyone else’s views on vaccinations are or who termed the phrase ratlicker.
            But the sight of people on here piling on to a poster and making him leave because of his views on Covid-19 is unedifying.
            There’s banter and then there’s straightforward abuse.
            You wouldn’t try it on with stranger in a pub so why do it here ?
            As I say, it’s fear of the unknown masquerading as ignorance.

          4. Charger Salmons

            I never got involved in the whole lockdown/mask wearing debate on here because frankly it’s not something I know anything about scientifically and nor did I think anybody else did because it was something new to all of us.
            I could see arguments on both sides – there was evidence from America this week that Florida and California had almost identical infection and fatalitiy rates yet only California had a severe lockdown whereas Florida was pretty much open as usual.
            Likewise masks – the WHO intially said they made little difference and later changed their opinion.Why they didn’t have any scientific data from previous Sars outbreaks is beyond me.
            In that sense I thought Trump was right to question their credibility – the WHO have been China’s poodle right from the very start.
            But early on I accepted that not wearing a mask made some other people very uncomfortable in shops so I was happy to wear one.
            Why anyone for or against either of these viewpoints should be the subject of so much abuse they felt the need to leave BS is a mystery.
            As is the fact that it is allowed to happen.
            Scepticism is not a crime.

          5. PanicAtTheDisco

            I suspect SOQ has the intellect to give a suffieciently cryptic clue to where he\she is posting, that those that do not name-call, label & bully might be able to decypher.

            Give us a clue SOQ, we miss your analysis. You probably understand better than most the risks we face. It is important to get together an share ideas.

            Kind regards,

          6. Charger Salmons

            Yup, I think we’re agreed.
            The more information that is published,analysed and commented on is good for public understanding of this dreadful virus.
            In the old days heretics were burned at the stake whereas now keyboard warriors trash their every word without knowing any alternative.
            The funny thing is when I went to university rebelliousness and alternative thinking were actively encouraged rather than being deplatformed and pursued like hounds chasing a fox.
            Rather than freeing them from their shackles of ignorance the internet has made these simpletons more controllable by the very Establishment they profess to loath.
            I didn’t always agree with SOQ but I admired his sprited defence of what he believed in.

        3. PanicAtTheDisco


          Regarding skepticism, not only is it not a crime (sorry double negative), it’s very healthy. In business (as I’m sure you know) its called ‘due diligence’, without it, you don’t stay in business for long.

          As for the rest of your comment; I don’t see a need for a science background to raise these issues. They are big, glaring, red flags.

          You would be a fool to ignore them.

          Perhaps, they’re all innocent, but it is our responsibility to verify.

          Trust, but verify.

  3. Charger Salmons

    And of course devestating news for countries across the EU who have been told by AstraZeneca that COVID-19 vaccine delivery will be cut by 60%.
    The company was expected to deliver around 80 million doses to the 27 EU countries by the end of March but it now expects that to be cut to 31 million doses due to “production problems” at a vaccine factory in Belgium run by its partner Novasep.
    The UK’s soaraway vaccination programme has benefited from early approval of the jab and AstraZeneca has its own production facilities in the country.
    I checked to see if RTE’s EU Correspondent Tony Connelly was on the case for this important development which happened earlier today.
    Not a peep naturally.
    Still nose-deep in Barnier’s derriere.

    1. Joe F

      So you just turn a blind eye completely to the death rate from the virus clown man? That statistic not of any importance? You keep bleating on about how superior the UK is to other countries, and Ireland in particular. So, after todays figures, UK is 6th highest out of 221 countries listed for deaths per million population. In a few days, very likely to be in top 3. Bozo doing a great job old boy.

      1. Tinytim

        The british are notoriously poor at dealing with or acknowledging death; in doing so the might will have to deal with that ‘empire’, or their idea of ego is merely corpse bloat

        1. Fergalito

          Sure it takes them weeks to bury their dead. Must be the superiority complex, how can God’s own people not be immortal?

          Once seen who can forget the Victorian obsession with dressing up the dead and posing for family photos with them. Bizarre.

          Two million Brits plunged into destitution as a result of the scourge so far. At least those magnates supplying ploppy school lunches to the underprivileged are getting their pockets filled with taxpayer money. Good ol Tories, always fighting for the 0.1%.

          I know he’s a troll, unfortunate though that some derive delight from what they perceive to be the misfortune of others distorted of course by said same superiority complex.

    2. Gerry

      So, to put it directly to you Trudger Trout:

      Ireland Covid deaths per million 578 (2780 total)
      UK Covid deaths per million 1410 (95981)

      Even generously dismissing half of the difference because of increased urbanisation, population idiosyncrasies or whatever, UK government policy resulted in the remainder — 33,000 deaths.

      I appreciate it’s difficult to see when your head is in your fundament, but do tell us old boy, why we should be praising impressive vaccination numbers while ignoring the unnecessary deaths

      1. Joe F

        I like that – “Trudger Trout”!!
        I’m very tempted to use that in future postings with Krusty, but I’ll leave it to yourself Gerry.

  4. Charlie

    Oh, and Boris announces that their very own mutated strain of the virus could be 30% more lethal. The way things are goin they might have to spray the entire nation from the air before it becomes a desert island.

        1. Bertie blenkinsop

          Form goes out the window and all that.
          They’ve had a bad month undoubtedly but it’s not that long since they were scintillating against Palace.
          It’s that type of season

  5. Charger Salmons

    In Brexit news – DB Schenker, which operates the largest pan-European trucking network, has resumed deliveries to Great Britain after a weeklong suspension because of customs-related delays associated with Brexit.
    The contract logistics and freight management arm of German railroad Deutsche Bahn said it reduced the error rate by educating customers on how to properly fill out customs entries making it possible to get truckloads cleared again.
    Translated it means inevitable teething problems because numpties didn’t fill in the forms properly.
    Still waiting for that much-predicted stack of lorries on the M20 in Kent.
    Not heard much from Dublin port lately either where 80% of traffic was getting through perfectly alright.

    1. Joe F

      I’m just wondering, clown man, why you don’t mention the number of deaths per million population the UK has from the virus. Just to let you know it’s 1,410, putting it 6th out of 221 countries listed after todays data. In a few days, very likely the UK will be in top 3 of all countries.
      What a wonderful job Bozo is doing, you must be very proud of hm.

    2. Tighe’s Cylon

      Sorry, long time lurker. Who is Charger? And does anyone in 10 Downing Street know Boris is posting on What is this jingoistic nonsense he insists on posting? Vaccine delivery is not a competitive sport.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Welcome Tighe’s Cylon.
        Infection rates and fatalities have been a competitive sport on here for months – although funnily enough the UK seemed to be the only country anyone was interested in.
        Just after Christmas that stopped when Ireland’s infection rate suddenly became the worst in the world and the UK the first in the world to start vaccinating.
        Then amazingly people started complaining about me referring to Ireland’s vaccine programme.
        I’ve never compared the UK and Ireland for either, merely pointing out the errors of the catastrophic failure of the EU’s acquisition policy and Ireland’s unwillingness or inability to publish a daily record of its vaccinations.
        SOQ chose to leave here because of the nasty bullying, abuse and pile-ons over his unpopular views on lockdowns that he was perfectly entitled to.
        But Charger’s Vax Facts™ will continue to bring you a daily update on important statistics or indeed the lack of them.
        As the Irish media seems strangely reluctant to do.
        Think of me as a syringe Statto.

        1. bisted

          …don’t know why everyone is getting upset about the availability of something that isn’t even approved for use…do the stuff we can control…like the state of Victoria did…

          1. Charger Salmons

            Some of the snivellers on here would do well to turn their ire towards Dublin rather than Blighty.
            For instance, why aren’t the Irish government sharing information on passenger locator firms with their colleagues north of the border ?

        2. Joe F

          That’s 10 4 old sport. You keep giving your daily “facts” and I’ll keep giving facts. You said Ireland is the worst in the world for cases, here are the facts clown man on that –
          UK currently 26th out of 221 countries listed for cases per million (52,638)
          Ireland currently 44th (37,088)
          I’ve pointed out a few times your schoolboy standard of spelling & grammar, I can add maths to that list if you can’t follow above figures.
          You also say you never compared UK and Ireland figures, what planet are you on? You do it every day about vaccination you clown.
          Death rates per million for UK is 6th highest in world by the way.
          Well done Bozo.

        3. ReproBertie

          “merely pointing out the errors of the catastrophic failure of the EU’s acquisition policy”

          Without ever actually pointing out any errors or catastrophic failure of course.

  6. Charlie

    And finally…

    Millwall fans (F-Troop) are believed to have invited Charger to the wedding but he replied “Sorry lads but ‘er indoors hid the cash”

    This was followed by…
    “We are Millwall,
    We are Millwall,
    We are Millwall, from the Den,
    We are Millwall, super Millwall,
    We are Millwall, from the Den

    No one likes us, no one likes us,
    No one likes us, we don’t care,
    We are Millwall, super Millwall,
    We are Millwall, from the Den…”

    Have a nice weekend y’all.

  7. V aka Frilly Keane

    It’s Paul Hollywood’s National Pie day

    So in pie harmony I’ll be throwing up Frilly Chicken Supper Pie later on

    If ye’re doing the shop – and don’t have leftover Chicken, get in Chicken Fillets, Filo Pastry, Courgettes, Leeks, Carrots, fresh parsley ( but dried will do)
    Larder items, flour, black peppercorns, butter – unsalted ideally, chicken stock
    You’ll need a good sized 2″ deep pie dish – a hob to oven better again
    I use a shallow cast iron round casserole circa 18″ in diameter, and it uses every bit of it. So that should give you the general jist

    1. Charger Salmons

      I’m a Melton Mowbray chap myself.
      A nice wedge of pork pie, a couple of pickled onions and some strong English mustard.
      Washed down with a fine ale like Harvey’s made from Kentish hops.
      Oh I say, marvellous.

      1. bisted

        …developed a taste for the pork pie myself during three years in Bristol but never came to terms with the ale…Harveys (the real Harveys) had a shop where they sold their house claret…as you might say…cheap as chips…

        1. Charger Salmons

          Great city Bristol.
          Steeped in history, a tad wokey but with an excellent social scene.
          Did you ever frequent the cider house down near Brunel’s ship ?

          1. Joe F

            Two things old sport.
            I never knew you were so sensitive, reading your earlier post.
            Also, another person has asked you about infection rates and fatalities.
            You just going to ignore those figures? I would have thought they are quite important? Are you trying to run and hide from something that embarrasses you clown man?

          2. Joe F

            UK 6th highest out of 221 countries for deaths per million population from the virus out of 221 countries listed. I’d fairly safely predict UK will be in top 3 later this week. We’ll see how my predictions work out, compared to yours in the past old boy.

          3. Charger Salmons

            Oh that’s a shame Bisted.
            There’s a lovely converted barge on the river in the city centre serving nothing but scrumpy cider.
            A delightful spot on a summer’s evening.
            The whole former docks area is a superb spot in the summer – there’s even free entertainment when they start pulling down statues of slave traders….

          4. Joe F

            You’ve no answer to the simple question that was asked of you old sport?
            Rate of cases and rate of deaths?
            It’s not rocket science you know, even for a limited person like you.
            Your silence on the matter says it all.

          5. Charlie

            You’re wasting your time. He’s found a temporary friend in bisted and will hold on for dear life.

          6. bisted

            …wha…friend…I hope Charger got as good a laugh from that as I have…I do confess to an enduring liking for England…in fact…it would be much nicer if it wasn’t for the English…

          7. Charger Salmons

            Ah, the old taking the Queen’s Shilling while holding your nose defence.
            We always get a good laugh out of that.

          8. Charlie

            “We”? Said the Millwall fan in Cork. The majority of Englanders don’t “laugh”. They’re some of the most miserable people on the face of the Earth. It’s no coincidence Eastenders, Corrie etc is start to finish hate and screaming. They crave it. It’s part of their DNA.

        1. Charger Salmons

          What ails you sista ?
          You seem an unhappy bunny today what with all the personal abuse.
          It’s almost enough to make a chap threaten to storm off and never come back
          Oh wait, that’s you …
          Their gaff,their rules™

          1. Joe F

            What ails you clown man.
            Why do you completely ignore the rates for cases and deaths?
            Oh I wonder could it be that the good old UK aren’t doing very well on that front.
            For deaths per million, UK is 6th highest out of 221 countries, that will be 5th after today.
            For cases per million, UK are considerably worse than Ireland. These are actual facts clown man, not your “facts” saying Ireland had highest cases. Don’t know where you got that from old boy, obviously you just invented it.

          2. V aka Frilly Keane

            I’ll come and go as I please Charage

            And I’ll never turn a blind eye when unsuspecting private individuals are targeted by anonymous keyboard warriors, and virtual hard men
            Or anyone else that is unfairly targeted by artificially enhanced macho men

            Even if Broadsheet do
            + The plenty of others here who are no different to you when it comes to vindictive and deliberate, organised agenda driven duplicitous commenting, and trolling

    1. Charger Salmons

      ‘ However, it is clear that the rollout across Europe so far has not been a cause for celebration.’
      You can say that again.
      Nothing from this EU shill on the late news last night which is his primary function.
      How many people will read this ?

      1. ReproBertie

        “this EU shill” is clearly doing an excellent job of unbiased reporting as he gets up your nose so easily. Not content with constant ad hominem attacks on him you’ve now decided what his job is so you can castigate him for not doing it.

        1. Charger Salmons

          He’s RTE’s highly-paid EU correspondent.
          This is a vitally important story involving the EU and vaccines that affects every person in Ireland.
          So yes I do think he should have been on the main evening news explaining what’s going on rather than leaving it to a Saturday morning blog.
          The fact the EU doesn’t come out of this well probably explains why though.
          You’re being fooled again.

          1. Joe F

            Any chance of those death and cases numbers for the UK clown man?
            You stated earlier that Ireland had the highest cases, can you back that up with figures please? Otherwise you’re spoofing old boy. UK cases rate is much higher than Ireland, that is a fact. Not sure if you understand what the word “fact” actually means.

          2. ReproBertie

            He’s Europe Editor, not EU correspondent, and I know you love to have a go at him because his Sasamach coverage was so good but I’m not sure that role includes determining what stories to include on the main evening news. You can rest easy though as the fallout of delays in production of the vaccine not yet approved by the EMA is now the second story on the RTÉ news.

          3. Charger Salmons

            I’ve been talking about the EU’s vaccine incompetence for weeks on here.
            You should know – you’ve been doing all the apologising for them.
            Nice to see our national broadcaster has finally caught up with me.
            Read all about it !

          4. ReproBertie

            “ I’ve been talking about the EU’s vaccine incompetence for weeks on here.”
            Without showing any actual incompetence of course.

  8. Paul Davis

    All this vaccine talk and it does not even work against the original variant as it should and now has been confirmed that will work even less well against the new strains.

    Google leaky vaccines and see where that will get us.

        1. ReproBertie

          Did you even read that outdated article before posting it?

          “It sounds alarming at first, neither vaccine is aimed at preventing you from getting an infection.

          “These COVID vaccines are preventing clinical disease, we don’t know if they prevent transmission,” Dr. Beyrer said.

          “So you know, everyone who gets disease has an infection, and the infection causes the disease,” Dr. Moss said. “But not everyone who is infected has the disease.”

          That is where Moderna and Pfizer have aimed their vaccines: preventing people from getting sick.“

          Nothing in that backs up your claim that the vaccines don’t work against the original variant. Since that report was published we have seen data which strongly suggests that the Pfizer vaccine also prevents transmission.

          1. Crocodile Dundalk

            “Did you even read that outdated article before posting it?”


            In otherwards nothing has changed.

            The vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission yet. Therefore won’t affect numbers and considering the pcr testing is unreliable and the risky skipping of clinical trials on the vaccines, Paul’s frustration is perfectly acceptable.

            If you agree with rushing a vaccine through clinical trials and cutting corners in quality assurance and control there is something seriously wrong with you.

          2. ReproBertie

            “The vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission yet.”
            I think you’re a little confused there. The data to confirm that it preventS transmission is not in yet but it is looking very promising. If you have confirmation that it doesn’t prevent transmission then please share it because I’m sure it’ll be news to those studying the data.

            “rushing a vaccine through clinical trials and cutting corners in quality assurance and control”
            You have evidence of them cutting corners in QA and control?

          3. Crocodile Dundalk

            “I think you’re a little confused there”

            Lmao. What a silly choice of words.

            “The data to confirm that it preventS transmission is not in yet but it is looking very promising.”

            Translation : I’m correct. And you’re not.

          4. Crocodile Dundalk

            “You have evidence of them cutting corners in QA and control?”

            Clinical trials can take up to a decade. Performing them over a few months is cutting corners.

            If you claim otherwise, you’re a charlatan who has no experience in the industry.

            ( I currently work in the industry)

          5. ReproBertie

            So you have no evidence to back up your claim that they cut corners.

            What a surprise.

            Pfizer chief executive Albert Bourla said the current vaccine development efforts had been “severely politicized, particularly in the USA. That makes people confused, and they don’t know who to believe or what to believe. What I tell them is that we have not cut any corners. We tested this vaccine in the exact same way that we test any vaccine.”


            No doubt you believe Pfizer’s chief executive to be a charlatan who has no experience in the industry.

          6. Crocodile Dundalk

            You cannot rush clinical trials.

            To do otherwise you are risking a lot.

            You cannot shorten clinical trials without cutting corners with respect to long term affects. That is obvious. Cutting the trial length means shortening the investigation into long term effects.

          7. Crocodile Dundalk

            Pfizer chief executive..


            You do know Pfizer are guilty of largest payout in the history of the industry.

          8. ReproBertie

            “ Translation : I’m correct. And you’re not.”

            Take it anyway you like. The recent survey in Israel showed that the Pfizer vaccine is very likely to prevent transmission. They’re not saying it definitely does yet because they are waiting for more data. I’m surprised someone working in the industry doesn’t understand how the science works.

          9. ReproBertie

            We didn’t cut any corners,” Pfizer chief executive Albert Bourla said Tuesday told a virtual media briefing hosted by the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA).

            The vaccine, based on new technology, has been tested “in the exact same way as we are testing any vaccine that is circulating out there”


            Is he a charlatan who has no experience in the industry?

        1. ReproBertie

          Hence the need for the second dose. We’ve discussed this before.

          Still not evidence that the vaccines don’t work against the current strain.

          1. Paul Davis

            I can assure you that this vaccine will not solve covid.

            In fact, there is a good chance it will exacerbate it.

          2. ReproBertie

            Plenty of evidence that the Pfizer vaccine works perfectly well against the initial strain and the UK variant. For example:

            “Here, we investigated SARS-CoV-2-S pseudoviruses bearing either the Wuhan reference strain or the B.1.1.7 lineage spike protein with sera of 16 participants in a previously reported trial with the mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine BNT162b2. The immune sera had equivalent neutralizing titers to both variants.”


          3. Paul Davis

            Any vaccine that reduces symptoms rather than preventing infection will lead to trouble as there are so many hosts infected there are much more mutations.

            It’s a seriously flawed strategy.

            But big pharma is getting billions directly from movement funding so who care, vaccines are good, right?

          4. ReproBertie

            So no evidence. Just a theory.

            “Any vaccine that reduces symptoms rather than preventing infection will lead to trouble as there are so many hosts infected there are much more mutations“

            And yet that’s exactly how the MMR vaccines work. You need to get your antivax information from a more informed source.

          5. Crocodile Dundalk

            And yet MMR vaccines have never been used before and their long term affects won’t be known as the clinical trials have been drastically shortened.

            So you’re not exactly on solid ground either.

            Clearly not working in the industry.

            Tip:Chalk up on your GMP and GQP.

          6. Charlie

            Ah ok. Paul, forget my previous question please. Just your theory then. That would explain the paranoia. Nuff said.

          7. ReproBertie

            “MMR vaccines have never been used before”

            Are you drunk? We’ve been using the MMR vaccine in Ireland since 1988!

            And you claim to work in “the industry” LOL! So much for your credibility.

          8. Crocodile Dundalk

            Clearly I meant mRNA.

            Unfortunately for you the type o doesn’t diminish the absolution of my previous statements.

            Shortcuts to clinical trials are a recipe for disaster.

            A new technology of production means trialling should have been more robust not less.

            Anybody who claims otherwise should be nowhere near aseptic compounding.

          9. ReproBertie

            All the Googled lingo in the world won’t save your credibility now MMR boy.

            You have nothing bar your unverified experience to weigh up against the scientific evidence and the statements from the industry leaders. Come back when you can prove something.

          10. Crocodile Dundalk

            “You have nothing bar your unverified experience to weigh up against the scientific evidence and the statements from the industry leaders. Come back when you can prove something.”

            As oppose to your fantasy about transmission being neutralised and your citations of Pfizer big wigs as some sort of verification.


            ” All the Googled lingo in the world won’t save your credibility now MMR boy.”

            A popularity game as per usual.

            You can’t justify the shortening of the clinical trialling or the impacts it can have long term. The joke is firmly on you.

          11. Crocodile Dundalk


            As pointless as your last citation.

            You can say anything you want when you put that in front of it. Paper talk.

            It seems you still don’t get it. If proper clinical trials had been performed this conversation wouldn’t be happening.

            Your links merely strengthen my end.

            “While your counter argument is what, not even knowing what the MMR vaccine is?”

            No that’s not my argument. That’s just you seizing on a type o. The original comment related to transmission and the resulting comments referenced clinical trials. MMR was never part of the discussion.

            You can’t garuntee the vaccine prevents transmission. You can’t explain the lack of clinical trialling.

            The supposed “new” technology has no historic trial data so traceability is basically na. The mRNA technique would require more stringent trialling not less.

            If you’re pumping it into people en mass you ought to know simple things like it’s efficacy in preventing transmission, the fact that this hasn’t already been made absolute is a joke.

  9. Charger Salmons

    Looking at the overall data this weekend most EU countries on average are almost a month behind the UK on vaccinations.
    But there is reason to doubt they have the capacity to now replicate the month Blighty has just had due to supply issues.
    By late February the UK should be on 25 vaxxed per 100 population while EU states are likely to be clustering around six per hundred.
    No matter how much Begorrah fronts up for the EU and claims they saved a few bob on vaccines this is a dismal record for a lavishly-funded organisation facing its biggest crisis.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Useless old goat with a puckered face like a bulldog licking wee-wee off a stinging nettle.
      Spent most of his career sucking up to politicians on a channel hardly anyone watches to pay alimony to his eight wives.
      Three more and he could have fielded a women’s football team.

      1. Joe F

        How many wives is your hero Bozo paying palimony to clown man? Must be getting close to Mr King, and I doubt if Bozo finished yet. Can’t see his present partner staying with him forever somehow. Marvelous.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Your Scottish-isms are quite impressive. Thick as mince is another one. ROFL
        Planters language.

        1. Bitnboxy

          @GiggidyGoo – you and Charage are peas in a pod, or rather opposite sides of the same dank coin.

          And both of you like mince,

          Thick as.

          Don’t go pilfering my lines waster.

          1. Mick McCabe

            It’s no wonder Giggidy Goo owns you. Out of 100+ comments today, his is the only one you reply to. He pointed that situation out to me last week, and he’s been proven correct.
            You have it bad I think. You should seek some professional help now before it goes too far. Waiting for Giggidy Goo to post something so that you can spout bile is the sign of some mental issues.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      He’s forever the half-way up / half-way down man. “Might. possible. potential”. etc.
      I suppose the difference between himself and Leaky is that he has more respect for confidentiality of state documents. That’s about it though.

    1. Joe F

      So you’re just going to ignore the cases and deaths clown man?
      The fact that almost 100,000 people have died from the virus in the UK doesn’t bother you?
      Your hero Bozo has nothing to account for these figures?
      6th highest out of 221 countries, will be 5th in an hour or two. Two of the countries above the UK are San Marino and Gibraltar (oh the irony!), combined population of these 2 countries is approximately 66,000.
      Mighty job Bozo.
      I’m just waiting for you to post that the winner of the European U-13 girls tiddlywinks championship held this week is English.

  10. Charger Salmons

    Perhaps more worryingly for the West the new leader of the CDU party in Germany and likely the next Chancellor, Armin Laschet, is a pro-Putin politician in the pocket of the Russians.
    A vocal advocate of Nordstream 2 he has cast doubts that the Russians were behind the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter and is also a strong supporter of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president.
    The idea that the Biden administration would inevitably be close allies with Germany if he became Chancellor is one for the fairies.

    1. bisted

      …sounds unlikely…just as unlikely as cosying up to Boris…maybe he’ll be returning the Churchill bust that he removed from the Oval Office…should have held on to it to present to the Irish government delegation on St Pattys Day for their Black and Tan commemorations…

      1. GiggidyGoo

        You’re courting the ire of Millie now with your St. Patty’s Day phrase. I got lambasted last year for that.

    2. Joe F

      Looks like my predictions are more sound than yours clown man. UK cases and deaths just out, and as I so correctly forecast, UK now up to 5th highest in deaths per million population, out of 221 countries listed.
      1,348 more deaths from virus in UK in last 24 hours. Does that not bother you old boy?
      Over 97,000 deaths now in UK from virus.
      Still, doesn’t seem to matter to you for some reason.

      1. Joe F

        Have you not anything to say on the latest statistics for the UK out just now clown man?
        Another 1,348 deaths in the last 24 hours in the UK and 33,000+ new cases.
        And you bizarrely claimed earlier that Ireland has highest case rate! Ireland is 44th out of 221 countries for cases per million, UK is 25th highest. Rate of cases per million population for UK is approximately 50% higher than in Ireland.
        Death rate in UK per million population is 1,429, making it 5th highest in world, Irish rate is 578, making us 47th highest in world.
        I know you;re quite challenged as regards brain power old boy, but I think someone of your limited abilities can still follow the figures above. Great job Bozo.

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